Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Water, the Magically Simple Liquid We Haven't Figured Out Just Yet

Water seems like such a simple substance, liquid, clear, tasteless and odorless. It has a hydrogen atom with two of oxygen. What more is there to know? Well, there's quite a bit more! When a person decides to make personal health and well-being an individual responsibility, the first consideration is water. We all understand how water is the source of all life and how life cannot exist without it. I go a step farther by adding that one's quality of life depends on the quality of the water one consumes. As pointed out in the other blog posts on this topic, water pollution from industry and fluoridation wreak havoc on human health. There are numerous, reliable methods to avoid these pollutants through various types of spring waters, bottled waters, filters and distillers, and they all have their merits. Yet, there are many factors to consider when beginning a personal hydration and purification program. Not all water is the same. According to Dr. Gerald Pollock, one of the most knowledgeable researchers in the biophysics of water, "In terms of the water that we drink, it's really a complicated issue....We haven't a clue how water works."

The photo on the right is a distorted water crystal from a polluted lake,
and the one on the right is from a clean mountain stream. The more defined
 and ordered the water is, the more useful it is to the body. 
That's a startling admission! Still, according to Pollock, the confusion really stems from the mystery of how water seems to structure itself with surprising complexity on an atomic and molecular level in response to various stimuli. That might seem like a mere "That's cool!"tidbit of scientific trivia. However, what Pollock and other researchers are finding out is that water is more than moisture and hydration for the body. Water is not only the source of all life, it is the architect of all life.

"How can that be?" you ask. If you are not familiar with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, then I strongly recommend watching the video on the left. You will see that living water, the kind of water that comes from pristine mountain springs, the healing waters of  Lourdes and the Ganges river, and the water we infuse with our own positive thought patterns is very different from ordinary water. The microscopes and cameras do not lie. The water does not lie. When we look at water with this understanding, it shows us what our hearts already know. Our thoughts have power. Whatever we're thinking, that's what we're sending out into the world. Thoughts and images of tenderness and beauty quicken the life force of nature within and around us. Those full of hate and strife destroy that connection.

While, the full implications of these discoveries have yet to be assessed, the potential of this science, from our vantage point seems to be limitless. As you can see in the video I've linked to here, when red blood cells are not receiving a proper negative charge in the watery plasma that surrounds them, they tend to stick together in globs and chains. When the red blood cells are packed together too closely, this prevents them from getting a full load of oxygen to deliver to the other cells of the body. As shown by the doctor in the video, when a person drinks even a small amount of structured water, the red blood cells separate, which increases the amount of oxygen getting to the body. More oxygen to your cells means more life, more energy and less disease. Still, its important to keep in mind, the dramatic results of this experiment only scratch the surface of the full promise of structured water.

Structured, negatively charged water seems to be a crucial component of all cellular processes. It also appears that nutrients and minerals are absorbed more deeply, waste matter and worn-out electrochemical material are ejected more thoroughly and efficiently in a medium of structured water.

Photographs taken by Dr. Emoto's team of researchers show how water is 
affected by unseen vibrational energies. The crystallization of water,  as 
found in snowflakes, occurs when water comes in contact with positive energy. 
Negative energy ravages and disrupts that process. 
Of all of the strange and wonderful kinds of knowledge I've explored recently, none generates more cynicism and ridicule as does structured water. I believe there are good reasons for this, other than the fact that left-brainers, ironically in this case, have a hard time believing their eyes! When the world realizes that water records vibrational energy, it will spell the end of several parasitic cartels and monopolies. The pharmaceutical and medical industries will have to learn to survive with fewer sick patients. The lawyers will have fewer opportunities to cash in on crime. The arms dealers, warmongers and world manipulators will have a much harder time convincing humans to kill each other in their wars. The old divide-and-conquer playbook of the governing class will be totally obsolete. However, I think the biggest threat to the status quo of woe is this; we'll eventually learn in more detail what water is telling us. The big lies, hoaxes and deceptions that have blinded the human race to our true spiritual origin and destiny will be blown out of the water, for good.