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Gematria Shows Another Side of "Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison: Forces Question, "Did The Novel Foreshadow 9/11 in 1952?"

This is a picture of the first edition of Invisible Man. The one-eyed human figure
on the dust jacket is one of many clues about the true purpose of the book. 
Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison is remembered as being one of the greatest novels of the 20th century. It was an instant best-seller when it came out in 1952. Saul Bellow and other authors hailed it as an artistic triumph.

Invisible Man won the National Book Award in 1953, and it's always been one of my favorites, as well. When I think of his theme of reason overcoming hate and misunderstanding, I agree with Ellison. Invisible's quest for truth and identity in the world of mid-20th century white America had a powerful effect on  me when I read it for the first time.

It tells the story of a young Afro-American  man who comes of age in the South during the era of Jim Crow. After a humiliating ordeal in the famous Battle Royale scene, Invisible gets the chance to attend a college that reminds one of Tuskegee Institute, which is where Ellison attended.  Circumstances lead to Invisible's expulsion, so he travels north to New York.

 This is where he eventually meets with the Brotherhood and their leader, Brother Jack. The Brotherhood is, of course, Ellison's name for the Communist Party, USA, which was active in civil rights at the time. Brother Jack recruits Invisible after he watches him deliver an improvised speech to the neighborhood. He speaks out against a landlord and the police for evicting an elderly black couple from their home in Harlem.

His career takes off from there but too much goes wrong. For one thing, Invisible meets up with his nemesis, Ras the Exhorter, the local Black-nationalist chieftain.  Ras is short for Rastafari, a title of rulership and a lot more as we'll soon see. Ras is as much an adversary of the Brotherhood as he is the enemy of the white world in general. Whenever he sees Invisible or any of the other Party members speak out, or if they attempt to organize in the community, Ras and his goons are always on the scene to disrupt and disperse.

Even though Ras wants everyone to believe he's a great leader of his people, his puppet role is a familiar one. He goes along with the old British West India Company scheme, repackaged all over again. It's identical to the the East India Company and many more divide-and-conquer strategies throughout history "Do nothing. Have nothing done. Let no one do anything." Call out the local chieftain and his yahoos to bust up any assembly set on changing things for the better.

Over time, Invisible sees that Brother Jack and the Brotherhood are also, not what they seemed. No dissent within the Party is tolerated and no one is above suspicion. Personal jealousies, infighting, psychological manipulation through group pressure make it impossible for Invisible to believe in the Party's propaganda anymore. It's also curious that all the bickering and backbiting makes their organization less effective, less of a threat to the status quo that they proclaim to be against.

It all eventually catches up to Invisible at the race riot in the climax of the novel. Though the smoke and glare, Ras the Exhorter sheds his nice guy persona. Ras the Destroyer emerges on horseback in the midst of his throng with their shotguns and bats. Ras gives the order to have Invisible lynched for collaborating with the Party. In his final plea to the crowd Invisible says to them,
No!... They want this to happen. They planned it. They want the mobs to come uptown with machine guns and rifles. They want the streets to flow with blood: your blood, black blood and white blood, so they can turn your death and sorrow and defeat into propaganda. 
Those lines break the game wide open for the reader. Ellison helps us to see that Brother Jack and Ras the Destroyer represent the opposing enemy camps of the controlled-opposition racket. What the book does not say, at least openly, is that Ellison himself appears to have been just as caught up in this game as much as his characters.

The gematria of Invisible Man is and its connections to September 11th are pretty plain to see here.

 Ras in English Reduction = 11 (9+1+1)

I just want everyone to be clear on this one. In English Reduction gematria, you reduce letters that are double digits according to their alphabetic order. You do this by adding up their digits until you end up with a single number like this.

R  = 18 ( 1 + 8 )  =  9 |  A  =1 S = 19 ( 1 + 9 ) = 10 ( 1 + 0 ) = 1

So, in the sum and the way the letters break down, there are multiple connections to 911 already. It must be noted that Ras is portrayed as a radical Black nationalist and not as a true Rastafari.

Still, we have to acknowledge that the Rastafari, recognize the once and future king of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie as the Messiah. For that reason, they follow the Coptic calendar which is based on the ancient Egyptian calendar. The Coptic New Year is traditionally celebrated on September 11th. If you click on the screenshot, it will take you a BBC article that shows this.

Now, Selassie always pointed out his unease with being considered a human god by the Rastafaris. Furthermore, I certainly am not implying that they're are responsible for the 9/11 attacks. The vast majority of Rastafari practice the religion of kindness and universal harmony. However, Ellison or some other players behind the scene undoubtedly co-opted  Rasta symbolism into the predictable pattern of subliminal propaganda based on numerology and gematria.

One of the purposes of this propaganda seems to the predictive programming of the police state and martial law that we see taking shape before our eyes.  This process accelerated in the aftermath of the 911 attacks. Here's a few more numerical connections that bear this out.In English Reduction, all of the following words and phrases add up to 33: race war, police, false flag, jihadis and MASONRY to list a few.

33 is the master number of Freemasonry as it marks the highest publically acknowledged level of the Scottish Rite, the most powerful branch in the United States.

Police State in English Reduction = 44
Military in  English Reduction = 44
Manipulated in English Reduction = 44
Influence in English Reduction  = 44

44 is also known as the "kill number" because kill = 44 in English Ordinal gematria. 44 also pops up again and again in stories connected with death and assassination.

Zach Hubbard goes into a lot of detail about 44 on his blog, here.

I think this connection is important too.

Ras in English Ordinal = 38
Death in the English Ordinal system = 38
Martial Law in English Reduction = 38 

When you first come across Ras in the novel, his full title is Ras the Exhorter which adds up to 76 in English Reduction. That's a pretty important number in American history. However, it is his title at the end of the novel that cinches up the 911 connections.  When Ras calls on the mob to lynch Invisible for siding with the Brotherhood, Ellison names him Ras the Destroyer.

Ras the Destroyer in English Reduction = 74 (9+1+1+0+2+8+5+0+4+5+1+2+9+6+7+5+9)

What's important about 74? The World Trade Center was built virtually right on top of the 74th meridian, as can be seen in the screenshot on the right.

Cross in English Ordinal = 74 which is another part of the code of the cover that I'll get to in a bit.

Now that we know about this connection, it's a good time to go back and analyze the cover design of the first edition and compare that data with Ellison's birth numerology.

Ralph Ellison
Born: March 1, 1914,
3+1+1+9+1+4= 19
3+1+19+14+= 37
Birth Numerology 19/37

For starters, Ellison was 37 years old when he was finishing up the book in 1951. This kind of syncing is far from uncommon when you look at birth numerology of artists and works that they are famous for. But let's keep going with 37 and see where it takes us.

On the front cover, there are sections in orangish type and others with white type. Once when I was looking at it, it hit me. I already knew that invisible equals 47 in English Reduction. That's when I realized that the different colored type wasn't just for looks, it was part of the gematria coding that is found throughout the novel. 

The first lines looks like this INVISIBLE

"Invisi" in English Reduction = 37 (9+5+4+9+1+9)
"Invisi" in  English Ordinal = 82 (9+14+22+9+19+9)

The author's credit looks like this BY RALPH ELLISON

"By Ralph" in English Reduction system = 37 (2+7+0+9+1+3+7+8)
"By Ralph" in  English Ordinal system = 82 (2+25+0+18+1+12+16+8)

That's another consistent string of correspondences and 37 pops up again in a big way in the famous Prologue of the novel. That's where we find out that Invisible has strung up 1,369 light bulbs in his basement apartment. That's pretty weird on its own but 1,369 is a special number, a very special number. The square root of 1,369 is 37, so 37x37=1,369.

When you spell out the founding date of the United States 1776 in Roman numerals MDCCLXXVI and decode using Jewish gematria you get 1,369.  

Ellison's birth numbers with the traditional "life lesson" method by breaking apart the numbers for the birth year into single digits you get 19. From what I've found so far in the novel with name, phrases and keywords, the connections involving 19 are not as numerous when compared with 37. However, in sacred geometry there is a strong relationship between these two numbers.

The diagram on the right shows what are known as star pairs. These are numbers that create symmetrical hexagrams and hexagons. When they're laid out with dots according to math formulas, many biblical scholars believe 19, 37 and 1369 describe symbolically the Creation story of Genesis through the gematria of the Hebrew Language. . 37 and 19 are both numbers that create a perfectly symmetrical hexagram surrounding a hexagon. An inner hexagon of 19 dots with six triangles of three dots each adds up to 37.

Here's one way of looking at this. 19 + 18 = 37, 19 +  (6 x 3) = 37, 6+6+6 =18. Also, 37 is the only number that will divide into 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999 without a remainder.

The chart on the right from this article does a good job of laying it all out.

And since we're still on the subject of stars, and before I move onto the next part of the cover that needs to be decoded, let's not forget that,

Invisible in English Reduction system = 47 
Star of David in English Reduction = 47

Star of David in English Ordinal = 119 
All Seeing Eye in English Ordinal = 119

One the cover there are two stylized human heads with a shadow of one person that seems to be speaking at or through the mouth of the other person that's more in the light. One of the main figures eyes is missing. Imagine that! The ole' one-eye salute.

Picture of first edition copy from 1952.
There's also a cross. The horizontal line appears to indicate the flow of communication is coming from the shadows, or the invisible realm if you will.

The angled vertical line is pointing to three letters, VI at the top and E at the bottom. When you put them together, get the enigmatic VIE. In English, vie means to "compete or strive with great effort to achieve a goal."

In French it means life, as in the most famous French phrase in the world C'est la vie. It translates for us into phrases like "That's life."

Are these the impressions that shadow man is telling the one-eye saluters of the world in 1952?

"Here is our goal," "This is your life,"  If things go badly, "Oh well, that sucks for you?" 

That's pretty much the level of  expediency the Club works on.

The way VIE is used here reminds me of the way the password to the party,  fidelio, works in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. One word says it all.

VIE in English Reduction system = 18 Looks like another reference to 666    6+6+6=18
VIE in English Ordinal system = 36      "         "          "          "       "       "      36 is like 3 sixes

Although I normally look at English Reduction or English Ordinal, with VIE being so prominently placed I looked a couple of other methods..

In Jewish Gematria, VIE =714 which didn't really say a whole lot to me. So I decided to decode 714 and this is what happened.

Seven hundred fourteen in English Reduction = 99 which is 9 x 11 and has 9/11 packed within it.

With English Sumerian gematria, you get the number 216 from VIE. That's very. very close to the year we're in now, 2016. I don't really know what that part means yet, but I'm going to keep looking.  And to top it all off 6 x 6 x 6 =216.

After I thought about for awhile, I think VIE may be saying something like this.

Jewish Gematria = 714, which is like 7/4  "VIE" in English Gematria = 216,  sorta like  2016. 

Independence Day = 74. 
Independence Day Two Thousand Sixteen = 150.

It looks like 150 may be important this year.

OK, here is where the original article resumes....

Everything that spins off from 37 got me to thinking what does the gematria of "thirty-seven" have to tell us?

Thirty-seven in English Reduction system = 57
Thirty-seven in the English Ordinal system = 165 

57 is a number that has been coded over and over again in entertainment and products. It also has several, mostly negative connotations in American street slang. But for our purposes, 57, in strictly numerological terms, is restless. Five is thought to be a number associated with change and spiritual ferment. In Tarot, the archetype for 5 is The Hierophant. It's interesting that...

The Hierophant in English Reduction = 75, the reverse of 57. 

He is the gatekeeper of the path to initiation.The two kneeling novices are paying their proper respect to the high priest's authority. It's a very formal and ritualistic scene that's pictured on the card.

So, getting closer to where I started, consider this.

37  is the anchor number of the novel. When you write it out, It has gematria of 57.

57 is the reverse of 75, and  with the Hierophant we should expect  for Invisible Man who, as it turns out, also adds up 57, to have numerous clashes and compromises with authority and power in the novel. That's pretty much what the book's about.

Invisible Man spends much of his time in New York going back and forth between Harlem and Lower Manhattan.

Harlem in the English Ordinal system = 57
Lower Manhattan in English Reduction system = 57 

He would make most of the trip on the subway.

Subway = 19/91.

You can even see the back and forth motion between the reduced and ordinal gematria of the word, subway.

In the novel, Ellison mentions that the subway passes along underneath Lenox Avenue, which was the name of the busiest street in Harlem.It was the focalpoint of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920's and 30's.

Lenox Avenue in English Ordinal = 138.
President of the United States with the s exception in English Reduction = 138.

 S is unique because you have to reduce twice to get to a single digit. Therefore, with s you have the choice of using 19, 10, or 1.

Later the street was renamed Malcolm X Boulevard.

Malcolm X Boulevard = 67/193
Six-pointed star = 67/193

In closing, I think it might be fitting to go back and consider how thirty-seven breaks down to 165 in English Ordinal.

Divide and Conquer in English Ordinal = 165