Friday, March 18, 2016

Part 1: Paint Your Wagon Decoded: The Gospel of No Name City & No Name, CO - Gematria Revealed

The movie "Paint Your Wagon" has always fascinated me for different reasons over the years. First, I think it was Jean Seberg's corseted cleavage that I was most interested in when I was in my pre-adolescent years.  That's when I first saw the movie on TV in the 70's. It's a film full of anomalies and campy quirks.

There's some funny bits in the film but what makes it most unusual  is that both Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood sing in this musical. To my knowledge, they're the only singing roles either ever did.

That was a big risk that ended up with some spotty results. Also, the movie called for an elaborate set of real buildings to completely replicate the look and feel of a California gold rush settlement, out in the middle of nowhere. It was filmed in the wilderness of Oregon. The cast had to be flown in daily by helicopter. The budget was blown to smithereens. "Paint your Wagon" was a notorious boondoggle before it even made it to theaters.

Still, all was not lost.With its legendary screen stars, a few musical gems,  elaborate sets and the bohemian, counterculture attitude of the film, "Paint Your Wagon," has had some success over the years.

All of that is fine and well, but it's the connections that are revealed through gematria are what my real focus is here. When you look at what the movie is saying with a critical eye, it  reveals quite a bit about how the world actually works. The place to start is to point out the video above that's from the movie and some of the lyrics here

The Gospel of No Name City
No Name City
No Name City
The Lord don't like it here
No Name City
No Name City
Your reckonin' day is near!

Well, the music may be rosy and jubilant but the lyrics are full of emotionally charged words about divine judgement and apocalypse as punishment for sinful ways. Ever since 911, this song has vaguely reminded me of New York because of the name, No Name City..."New York City?".. "Get a rope,"  and all that jazz. So, on a lark one day I plugged in "No Name City" into a gematria calculator and I got this number.

No Name City in the English Ordinal system = 119 (14+15+0+14+1+13+5+0+3+9+20+25)

Since the song is about judgement and punishment I thought, hmmm let's see how "Reckonin' Day adds up

Reckonin' Day in the English Ordinal system = 119 (18+5+3+11+15+14+9+14+0+4+1+25)

We always have to keep in mind, that inversions, mirror images, reflections, and anagrams are big part of the masonic game. 119 is a reflection of 911. The year that Paint Your Wagon was filmed was 1968. That was the year that the 911 Emergency code was first introduced. It was also the year that construction on the World Trade Center began.

The number 119 in simple gematria for No Name City matches up with Exit 119 for No Name, CO, originally a ramp to nowhere, thus the title, No Name.

I know that coincidence and chance are often good explanations for many unusual occurrences. However, the chances of the gematria for a somewhat obscure song about a make believe place and the exit number for an originally non-existent town are very slim.

Here's more reasons why 119 is important to the Architects of America, the Brotherhood,

All Seeing Eye in the English Ordinal system = 119 (1+12+12+0+19+5+5+9+14+7+0+5+25+5)
Star of David in the English Ordinal system =119 (19+20+1+18+0+15+6+0+4+1+22+9+4)
King James Bible in the English Ordinal system =119 (11+9+14+7-10+1+13+5+19-2+9+2+12+5)
Orthodox in the English Ordinal system = 119 (15+18+20+8+15+4+15+24)

At this point in history, I don't see much need in elaborating on what the All Seeing Eye is--and look! Here it is on the Great Seal of Colorado

Colorado in the English Reduction system = 38 (3+6+3+6+9+1+4+6)
Colorado in the English Ordinal system = 83 (3+15+12+15+18+1+4+15)

Evil Eye in the English Reduction system = 38 (5+4+9+3+0+5+7+5)
Evil Eye in the English Ordinal system = 83 (5+22+9+12+0+5+25+5)

It adds a whole other layer of meaning when you look at how the gematria and the iconography are linked together so undeniably. Both Colorado and Evil Eye are perfect reflections of each other in both major systems of gematria. To top it all off, there's an image of the All Seeing Eye in the Great Seal of Colorado.
I ought to say here that I'm not singling out the people of Colorado. I've never been there but it's obviously a beautiful state with wonderful people, I'm sure. Colorado is probably no different than most other places with its portions of good and bad. I'm just sharing what the numbers and the symbolism reveal on their own. Ultimately, I'm not the one who can answer the questions that come up, and I'll have to leave that part of the interpretation for a later post.

Right now, I want to show you two photographs, The one on the top is East Eagle Creek in Wallowa-Whitman National Forest in Oregon, where the movie Paint Your Wagon was filmed. From today's perspective it's like a mirage. No Name City is thrice-past removed: a dream, a song and a prophecy of doom all in one. Any trace of the boomtown that never was has long since...vanished.

The picture below is of the Colorado River where it passes through the area of  No Name. As a matter of fact, this area was the scene of a movie as well, Vanishing Point, which came out less than two years after Paint your Wagon. In the movie, you can even see No Name Exit 119  as Kowalski evades the cops and heads down toward the canyon.

The similarity between the two landscape scenes is remarkable. It's almost like they segue into each other. I have to assume that the virtually identical settings is not an accident. There are probably many other points of convergence in the symbolism linking these two areas. However, that will have to wait until later.

What the Parson says immediately preceding the The Gospel of No Name City is very revealing.
In these lines, the Parson has just discovered that Marvin and Eastwood's characters have come to an arrangement with Elizabeth, who has fallen in love with both men,  Rumson and Pardner. Here is the Parson's reaction,
You think the Lord was some boy in a raggedy old sheet years ago? You're wrong. He's here now and he sees you! Ye godless jaspers! Who are you? Freemasons? Rosicrucians? Heathen emissaries from the dens of Babylon? Boozers! Gluttons! Gamblers! Harlots! Fornicators!
So, now we have an openly admitted masonic connection. That doesn't happen very often. These lines were not in the 1951 Broadway musical that Alan J. Lerner had originally written. However, for some reason, Lerner and Paddy Chayefsky added them in for the Hollywood film version. I can't find absolute verification whether or not Lerner or Chayefsky were public Masons, but what I'm revealing here should lend credence to the idea that they were both in the gang, so to speak.

I need to cover this item. In doing the gematria for Reckonin' Day   I dropped the final g. I figured that on the frontier in the nineteenth century, dropping the final on -ing endings was common. For instance, in novels that contain regional dialect of the time, it's also very common, as seen here,
 "We oughtn't to ben there for another half hour to the least, accordin' to my reckonin'."                                                             -- from Stampede to Squaw Creek by Jack London 

While knowing this was a perfectly valid way to go about it, I still decided I would need to analyze for the correct spelling of Reckoning Day, as well. So here's what added up

Reckoning Day  in the English Reduction system = 63 (9+5+3+2+6+5+9+5+7+0+4+1+7+0)
Reckoning Day  in the English Ordinal system = 126 (18+5+3+11+15+14+9+14+7+0+4+1+25+0)

The picture above is still taken from the scene where the Parson is in the middle of his performance of  "The Gospel of No Name City."  Did you notice the horns and the letter R above his head when you watched the video? When I saw the number 63 come through on the calculation for Reckoning Day, I knew there was a connection. R is the 18th letter of the alphabet. 18=6x3 and that's another way of coding 666, just like the number 63 is. This is demonstrable subliminal programming at work.

If you just saw this picture for the first time without any context, one would have to think that a raucous party was taking place. The emblems of paganism and even satanism are cleverly placed here so that they're hiding in plain sight. The bead designs embroidered on the Parson's buckskin jacket aren't crosses as one might expect for a preacher. Instead they are downward pointing triangles. This kind of triangle has several specific types of symbolism associated with it. In Freemasonry, it represents the power of the goddess, the feminine, receptive principle. Since the Parson is standing next to a wooden carving of a half-nude female figure, that symbolism is appropriate.

And the barber pole with the roguish slant? I don't think I need to explain about what's being implied here. Let's just say that with the strategically positioned barber's pole we have fitting symbolism for the active male principle as well.

In Masonry, the upward pointing triangle is represented by the compasses and the downward triangle formed by the builder's square is the feminine. The Masons are obsessed with dualism and opposites because their power depends on us being trapped between them.

Behind the Parson and between the female and male symbols, stands a man smiling from ear to ear in a smokestack hat. He obviously represents the power of Masonry, that operates from behind the pulpit and the throne. The reason I think this is the case is because of the placement, timing and symbolism of the scene.

Their greatest tool of control is the 

Holy Lie = 86

designed to keep the world in

ignorance = 86

It's all based on the

illusion = 111, 666


force and fear = 96  (The number of Freemason, and Three-ringed circus)

The Masons put the system in place. It's called the 

Church = 61.

The Brotherhood uses the false dualism of 

body vs spirit =61 

to induce 

guilt and shame = 53 

in the name of 

religion = 53. 

They control the



Heven and Hell = 111, 666


divide and conquer = 84.

They consider the 

whole wide world = 77 


human race = 84 

along with their

eternal souls = 44 (44 is the number for kill, which is encoded all throughout the history of                                         death and assassination)  

to be their 

lawful property = 73 (73 is the number for the word sacrifice)


birthright = 119.    (Hmmm there's 119 again!)

They  us to just

believe = 33 (The master number of Freemasonry)

in the

orthodoxy = 144 


Yahweh and Satan = 144.  (Along with 666, the main numbers of Revelation)

The stakes are either

reward = 33


torment = 33

forever and ever = 77! ("If we're lucky that is!" - according to the Masons)

Amen! = 33