Saturday, March 12, 2016

Racial Division Propaganda Closes Out Black History Month with Several Connections in History

On February 29, 2016 the poison program of racial division was advanced by a high school skit gone bad in Barrington, IL. 

In this article, I’m going to use numbers, dates and history to show that these stories are all part of a strategy.  It’s meant to drive the American people further along into racial division and a possible race war, if we don’t wake up.

For those not familiar with numerology, it’s the symbolic study of numbers. One of its sister sciences is gematria, the study of  numerical symbolism encoded within letters, words and phrases. Gematria is used to reveal and conceal messages and signals to those "in the know" and to condition and confound those who aren't. In gematria letters are assigned a number and  then added up. What often emerges are meaningful numbers that can be decoded into a story. There are many sites on YouTube that show how to use this skill. I've included links below. It’s been practiced by elites for thousands of years and the globalist media is all about coding news and manipulating behavior through this ancient form of subliminal programming. 

Since 1976,  February has been designated Black History Month.February 29th only happens every four years, therefore one should be able expect the news to be filled with inspiring feature stories on legends from black history.  Not on this day! Instead, the American people were served up more hate and animosity.
For instance, the mock slave auction in Barrington, Illinois that supposedly just happened last week.  The way it was reported, a couple of jolly jokers from the Barrington High School Latin class tried to reenact the scene of an ancient slave market for a Classics Study convention at a local hotel. Naturally, people were shocked and uncomfortable with their performance. The whole thing would appear to be the result of clowning around by some teenagers. Hardly the stuff of a national news story. In defense of the blurred-out bunglers, slavery in the Roman Empire was not the result of racial prejudice of whites against blacks. The Romans were equal opportunity enslavers. Yet, in the propagandized media environment we’re in now, that aspect of the story was also blurred. In fact, it was bumped up to front line agenda-promoting status. 

However there’s another dramatic performance associated with leap year that actually involves an Oscar. 

Hattie McDaniel was the first African-American to ever win an Academy Award. That was on February 29, 1940. That was precisely 76 years and a day ago from this incident in Barrington.  Seventy-six is of course a very important year in our nation’s history. It was in 1776 that our country was founded. As stated above, Black History Month itself was established in 1976. 
Hattie McDaniel, the Academy Awards' first African-American recipient
 in Gone with the Wind. She won Best Supporting Actress for
 her role as "Mammy."

However, the most revealing connection with the 1940 Oscars is this. From what I can tell in the dozens of news articles about this skit, the only parent the media talked to goes by the name of Danielle McDaniels

It just seems a little funny. Of all days for this story to break, it had to be on another four-year leap day on February 29 exactly 76 years from the date for the first ever Oscar awarded to an African-American. The similarity between the two names Hattie McDaniel and Danielle McDaniels is uncanny to say the least. The movie that Hattie McDaniel won Best Supporting Actress for in 1940 was Gone with the Wind. Of course, it remains one of the most divisive films in American history, because it romanticizes slavery and the parasitic culture of the Old South. 

With 1976 being the first year for Black History Month, the names syncing-up, the allusions to other racially-charged episodes in history, I think coincidence has been reduced to a low order of probability. This year’s Oscar's was the scene of more racial tension as no African-Americans were even nominated.  However the propaganda doesn’t stop there.

Barrington, Ill is basically an affluent white-flight suburb of Chicago.  The racial makeup of Barrington is about 85% white, 15% everybody else.  However, the most famous name associated with Barrington belongs to the city Barrington, IL was named after, which is Great Barrington, MA. The African-American writer and sociologist W.E.B.Dubois haled from there. 

Now here's where things get a little difficult for me. The most racially hateful word in the world is "nigger." I don't like saying it, and I don't like writing it either. I consider it a weaponized word that has no valid use in civil society. But in this kind of language forensics, I'm going to have to analyze it to show how these people who lurk in the shadows have been playing all of us for a long, long time. 

Nigger in the English Reduction system = 42 (5+9+7+7+5+9)
Freemason in the English Reduction system = 42 (6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5)
February in the English Reduction system = 42 (6+5+2+9+3+1+9+7) 

The first African-American to play in Major League baseball was #42 Jackie Robinson. The movie about his life is also named 42.  There is a reason it was called 42 and there’s a reason that number was put on his jersey.  

Now we know the real reason why February was chosen as Black History Month. 

In the media, this incident was reported as being a “mock slave auction” Here’s the breakdown on that.

Mock in the English Ordinal system = 42 (13+15+3+11) 

Slave in the English Ordinal system = 59 (19+12+1+22+5)
Negro in the English Ordinal system = 59 (14+5+7+18+15)

There is a discernable pattern going on with the number 59 when it comes to African-Americans. Going into detail on that will take more time that I have for now. However I'll provide a couple of connections here.

Blues in the English Ordinal system = 59 (2+12+21+5+19)
Strange Fruit in the English Reduction system = 59 (1+2+9+1+5+7+5+0+6+9+3+9+2)

"Strange Fruit" is, of course, the title of Billie Holiday's alarmingly graphic song about lynching.

The first novel ever published by an African-American woman titled Our Nig, by Harriet Wilson was released on September 5, 1859. or 9/5/1859. 9/5 is even a reflection 5/9!

The media said students from a "Latin class" staged a "mock slave auction."Also, it was white students who offended people in the audience who were black. 

Latin class in the English Reduction system equals = 29 (3+1+2+9+5+0+3+3+1+1+1)
Black in the English Ordinal system equals = 29 (2+12+1+3+11)
White in the English Reduction system equals = 29 (5+8+9+2+5)
Auction in the English Reduction system = 29 (1+3+3+2+9+6+5)
Africa in the English Reduction system = 29 (1+6+9+9+3+1)

Although the convention took place in Itasca, IL, the news article noted that it was African-American students and parents from Kenwood Academy who were naturally  the most distressed. The number matches between Kenwood Academy and Freemasonry, the probable source of this agitation

Kenwood Academy in the English Ordinal system = 139 (11+5+14+23+15+15+4+0+1+3+1+4+5+13+25)
Freemasonry in the English Ordinal system = 139 (6+18+5+5+13+1+19+15+14+18+25)

Kenwood Academy in the English Reduction system = 58 (2+5+5+5+6+6+4+0+1+3+1+4+5+4+7)
Freemasonry in the English Reduction system = 58 (6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5+9+7)

Kenwood in the English Reduction system = 33 (2+5+5+5+6+6+4)
Masonry in the English Reduction system = 33 (4+1+1+6+5+9+7)
Race War in the English Reduction system = 33 (9+1+3+5+0+5+1+9)
Outrage in the English Reduction system = 33

I also saw some meaningful connections between the larger location of Chicago, keywords from the article's headline and larger connections from well-known history.

Chicago in the English Reduction system = 37 (3+8+9+3+1+7+6)
Apparent in the English Reduction system = 37 (1+7+7+1+9+5+5+2)
Outraged in the English Reduction system = 37 (6+3+2+9+1+7+5+4)
Jim Crow in the English Reduction system = 37 (1+9+4+0+3+9+6+5)

At this point, let me add this. Even though there's a chance that this incident may have actually happened spontaneously, the way it was packaged and presented leaves no doubt that it was manipulated by the media for maximum divisive effect. Gematria and numerology can tell only so much and the questions raised here would have to answered by the participants and the media.

Also, if this actually happened, just as the African-American students and parents, I'm sure most of the white people there would have found the performance disturbing. I would have reacted the way they did.

Why didn't the media talk to white parents or student to get their reactions?

Would that not have been the "balanced" way to do it?

Why did the media only put one person named "Danielle McDaniels" before us? -- whose name matches up with "Hattie McDaniel"  as explained earlier.

Still, once again the main point to bear in mind is that the televised presentation was filled with code words that are divisive and manipulative.

Here are a couple of sites I use to add up the letter/number combinations of the various systems, which are used together in these propaganda stories to shape the hidden narrative for whatever hook they're reaching for.

That way, you can see learn how to do this yourself. Also, the YouTube video on the left, goes into more detail about how to decode with the ciphers and a calculator so you can learn the ways the various systems work. The channel belongs to Zach Hubbard who is a great guy to learn this skill from.