Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Few Insights on the Number Fifty-One, It's Symbolism and Mathematical Identity in the Perrin Sequence 51 | 68 | 90 | 119

Chinese May Day tribute with 5/1 prominently displayed. Old Weishaupt
would be proud! 
When the number 51 comes into the picture, it often means conspiracy, intrigue and subversion. In this post, I'm going to show a few things that bear this out.

First of all, the gematria for the word "conspiracy" in the English reduction  method equals 51.

Conspiracy also equals 123 in the English ordinal method, which is interesting right away with the way the number is like a count-off for a song or a race. But for this article I want to focus on 51.

When we think of conspiracy, the one name that comes most to mind is that of Adam Weishaupt, who led and, along with others, formed the Bavarian Illuminati. History tells us this occurred on May 1, 1776. That's 5/1/1776. 

Not only that, Adam Weishaupt's very name gives us an echo of this number.

An installation at Area 51 from a Google maps image.

1. The word conspiracy equals 51 in gematria.

2. One of the most infamous conspiracies known to history, The Bavarian Illuminati, was founded on May Day, 5/1

3. The leader of the Bavarian Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt has name gematria of 51.

4. Area 51, the secret military base located in the  is another undeniable example of this kind of word play.

May Day was a huge holiday in the old USSR and still is in China. It's also the date of the Druid holiday of Beltane, which is preceded by Walpurgisnacht on the night of April 30th, otherwise known as Hexennacht, or the Witch's Sabbath.

When you decode Walpurgisnacht into its English translation you get this interesting sum,

Walpurgis Night in the English Reduction system = 76 Of course, 1776 was a big year not just for the U.S, but for the world.

In mathematics, there are recurring sequences when adding numbers, like the Fibonacci pattern of 2+3=5, 3+5=8, 5+8=13 and so on. 

Well, there's another sequence known as Perrin numbers that has 119  preceded in the sequence by 51, 68 and 90. So, in Perrin numbers 51+68=119. The article is here.

Here's another interesting connection, the number preceding 119 in the Perrin numbers sequence is 90.

Ninety in the English Reduction system = 33, which is, of course, the master number of Freemasonry and sun worship. 

As far as mathematics goes, 51 is a natural progression to 119 in the Perrin numbers matrix. Conspiracy and all the terms like divine rule and birthright, likewise, go together.

How about things that go together that add up to 51?

 Gold = 20            Supply = 28          
Silver = 31          Demand = 23
            51                          51    

The Masonic conspiracy runs on the principle of everyone having their price, either to get ahead or on their heads, however the case may be. 

Price = 33/51
Masonry = 33