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Invisible Man: Is Ellison's Novel a Coded Playbook for the Divide and Conquer Game? Was Ellison Ritually Sacrificed to the Murder by Numbers Agenda? Gematria and History Continue To Raise Troubling Questions.

Sculpture commemorating Ellison's Invisible Man in Harlem. The mysteries
surrounding Ellison's life make him as indecipherable as his character.

In my last post here, I presented evidence that shows how Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison is full of gematria-coded words, phrases and other numerological references. Some of these codes seem to point to the 9/11 attacks. What makes this even more startling is that the novel published in 1952,  forty nine years prior to 9/11.

If you're new to gematria. it's the art and science of coding and decoding numerical symbols and signs into words. For more information on that, check out this page.

Since my first post about Invisible Man focused on Ralph Ellison's birth numerology and the importance of 37 in the novel, here I'm going to shed some light on the date numerology for the publication of Invisible Man  Ellison's death and how the number 42 plays so prominently in this story.

I had to go Rampersad's biography of Ellison to find the exact date for the publication of Invisible Man. The novel was published on April 14, 1952. Lincoln's assassination occurred on that day, and it was also the day when the Titanic struck the iceberg that sank it. The first abolitionist group in America was founded on April 14, 1775 in Philadelphia. It's first president was Benjamin Franklin.

In Ferguson, MO, police form a line in  front of demonstrators in the wake
of the alleged Michael Brown shooting. This kind of  antagonism and
propaganda for race-war is  the classic divide-and-conquer strategy in action.
It's interesting that Random House, the publisher of Invisible Man chose to release the book on that fateful day. Rampersad offers no explanation although his publisher is also Random House. The first public presentation of the book took place at the  Four Seasons Book Shop in Manhattan. The  recent and persuasive Time magazine article brought in a large gathering for the event.

The sheer force of Invisible Man captivated the literati of the day. One reviewer noted it's "symmetrical and symphonic prose." The New York Times Book Review stated, "The geography of hell is still in the process of being mapped...Invisible Man... belongs on the shelf with the classical efforts man made to chart the river Lethe from its mouth to its source." p. 260

Provocative news hoaxes like the Trayvon Martin-George
 Zimmerman case fuel anger and strife to spark violence and
societal backlash. Groups like the Black Panthers are repeatedly
 shown to be controlled and monitored by the FBI and other
 government forces.
However amid the praise for the book's graphically surreal and grotesque imagery, there were others who saw it as divisive and subversive. Rampersad says the World-Telegram "loathed and misrepresented the novel." However after reading it several times and analyzing it through gematria, I have to agree with the reviewer who gives Ellison credit for being a great writer. However, there is no
way around it,

"[Invisible Man] is at the same time bitter, violent, and unbalanced...."in scene after scene...savage joy is expressed when a white man 'gets his ' with a knife, fist or bullet. [The book] is virtually a call to civil war." p. 261 My brackets

Young, angry recruits are easily manipulated into hate groups
that play upon their frustrations and ignorance of history. 
To that I would add that the hostility, brutalization and degeneracy is meted out mostly to the black .
characters, but the white characters are far from left out. One can make the argument that it's for the statement of holding up a mirror to America for what the state of race relations were at the time. Lynchings, racial violence, poverty and segregation were all part of the outrageous state of affairs at that period of history.

The book chronicles real grievances and I understand the shock therapy approach of the book that one gets with reading it for the first time. However, when we look at gematria and how it's used in Invisible Man we have to consider the subtextual propaganda is geared toward an outcome opposite from Ellison's stated intention of bridging the gap between the races

Ellison had the backing of  Zionists and Communists in his march to fame and fortune. I'll get into more detail about that in my next posts, but for right now, I want to point out that the symbolism in the date of Ellison's death is very intriguing.
Ralph Ellison
Died: April 16, 1994, New York City, NY

As far as the calendar date goes, April 16th is two days past the 42nd anniversary of the publishing date of April 14, 1952. Ellison only completed one novel in his lifetime. Part of his last unfinished novel  was published as Juneteenth soon after his death. The span of years between Invisible Man and Ellison's death was 42 years

MLB tribute to #42 Mariano Rivera. The status
of the number derives originally from
Jackie Robinson. 
 That's a long time between books, even for slow worker like Ellison. It's been something of a riddle ever since. However, 42 is a number that has come up in the history of African-Americans for a long time.

Just to throw some quick examples about how this works.The most racially hateful word in the world is "nigger." It's a weaponized word because it's designed to dehumanize and its gematria unfortunately is also a symbol of dominance and branding of one group over another.

Ni**er in English Reduction system = 42 (5+9+7+7+5+9)
Zionism in English Reduction system = 42 (8+9+6+5+9+1+4)
Freemason in English Reduction system = 42 (6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5)

February in the English Reduction system = 42 (6+5+2+9+3+1+9+7)

February is the only month with 42 gematria, which is probably the underlying reason why it is now Black History Month. For more on that, read this post.

The first African-American to play in Major League baseball was #42 Jackie Robinson. The movie about his life is even named 42.  Just 42. Major League Baseball celebrates Jackie Robinson Day on April 15th every year where all players wear the number 42.  It's curious how the day that marks this celebration also falls with that three day span from April 14-16. I get into the significance of  "three days" in a bit.

Otherwise the number has been retired. Looking at it one way, Jackie Robinson handled the criticism and hate thrown at him with class and dignity. One a regular level, he seems to have been a great guy. Still, the fact that he testified before Congress against Paul Robeson, a Stalinist civil rights activist, if there is such a thing, who ironically spoke out against segregation in professional sports throughout this period is a curious fact, indeed. The similarity of their names and how they were pitted against each other at the height of the Red Scare of McCarthy era might be a coincidence as well, but we'll see. I'll have to return to the Robinson v/s. Robeson issue in a later post. It's the number 42 and the way the it's being given attention bordering on worship that's what I'm concentrating on here.

The Zionists and Masons have always controlled entertainment, sports, news media, and the publishing business. The power they wield on the world stage comes through influencing our behavior and attitudes through television, movies, music, and books. Decoding the gematria and numerology that is used to communicate and strengthen their agenda allows us to see the heat signature of the propaganda, if you will.

The Supreme Architect. Rex Mundi,, the Demiurge. He's known by many names. 
This Art Deco sculpture is located over the doorway of 30 Rockefeller Plaza in
New York City.  The inscription is Isaiah 33:6. When you add up "wisdom 
and knowledge," you get 198. That's 33 x 6. 
In the novel Invisible Man,  the Golden Day is a stereotypical dilapidated dominoes and drinking house that Invisible takes the white tycoon Norton to for a "recovery whiskey." That decision ends up getting him ostracized and expelled.

The Golden Day symbolizes what Ellison's narrator conveys as the seediness and venality of the black southern culture, both in a literary and numerical sense.

The name says a lot too in that a "golden day" is a day off form work, to recreate and rest. Ellison's Golden Day is something of an insult, because it infers that African-Americans, especially those of the South are prone to self-destructive behavior when not forced to work.

Golden Day in English Reduction system = 42 (7+6+3+4+5+5+0+4+1+7)

Narrator in English Reduction system = 42 (5+1+9+9+1+2+6+9)

We never get to know Invisible's name but his role as narrator is crucial to the overall effect of the book. The narrator puts before the mind's eye whatever image he chooses. In a matter of speaking, he is the architect of the reality within the novel.

Architect in English Reduction system = 42 (1+9+3+8+9+2+5+3+2)

In Masonry, the Supreme Architect, blueprints, master-plans and building are all important concepts.

During the infamous Battle Royal scene, Invisible is blindfolded and forced to fight with the other young black men there who are also blindfolded.

Blindfold in the English Reduction system = 42 (2+3+9+5+4+6+6+3+4)
Secret oath in English Reduction system = 42 (1+5+3+9+5+2+0+6+1+2+8)

When initiates are led to the altar of Masonry they are blindfolded and take a blood oath of absolute secrecy.
These oaths are repeated and compounded each step of the way. The ritual of the master mason also involves a mock assassination, in which the initiate plays out the part of Hiram Abiff. This obsession with rituals, dramas and roles that mock reality, and us in the process, is a masonic trademark.

Mock in the English Ordinal = 42

When non-masons speak out against the machinations and hidden history of their order, they too are mocked as fools.

If we consider the racial divide narrative in the news propaganda of recent history, we have two other interesting connections here.

Ferguson in  English Reduction = 42 (6+5+9+7+3+1+6+5)
Missouri in English Reduction = 42 (4+9+1+1+6+3+9+9+0)

Ellison was in debt to Zionism and it's program of divide and conquer. This agenda has been in place throughout history to keep the people fighting among themselves, pitting nation against nation, race against race, religion against religion and so on. We can s those troubling facts echoed in the gematria here,

Zionism in English Reduction  = 42 (8+9+6+5+9+1+4)
History in English Reduction  = 42 (8+9+1+2+6+9+7)

After these numerous examples of synchronicity I think we have to consider that the 42 year span from the publication of Invisible Man to Ellison's death is significant. Is it possible that he could have been murdered as part of a ritual sacrifice by the numbers?

April 16th, the date of Ellison's death is also celebrated as Emancipation Day in Washington D.C. since slavery was abolished there on that day in 1862. That's interesting, especially since, Ellison's unfinished posthumous novel Juneteenth is titled after the African-American name for the broader celebration of Emancipation Day, celebrated on June 19. That was the day that Texas abolished slavery after the Confederacy surrendered in 1865.

If you consider that the publishing date for Invisible Man occurred on April 14, as well as the Lincoln assassination. Lincoln eventually died at 7:22 AM on April 15. Ellison died on the next date April 16.
Altogether that's a span of three days.

Three days in English Reduction = 42 (2+8+9+5+5+0+4+1+7+1)

If you write out the span of time I've been discussing as, "forty-two years and two days,"  you end up with this interesting set of connections.

Forty-two years and two days  in English Reduction = 102 (6+6+9+2+7+2+5+6+0+7+5+1+9+1+0+1+5+4+0+2+5+6+0+4+1+7+1+0)

Forty two years and two days in English Ordinal system = 336

Murderer in English Ordinal system = 102 (13+21+18+4+5+18+5+18+0)
F#%k You  in English Ordinal = 102 (6+21+3+11+0+25+15+21+0)
Slavery in the English Ordinal = 102 (19+12+1+22+5+18+25+0)
The People in English Ordinal = 102 (0+20+8+5+0+16+5+15+16+12+5)
The Goyim in  English Ordinal = 102 (20+8+5+0+7+15+25+9+13)

It's also important never to forget that the 9/11 attack was said to have lasted a total of 102 minutes, or an hour and 42 minutes. There's even a History Channel documentary that's called 102 Minutes That Changed America. Since my last post shows how Invisible Man foreshadows 9/11 in specific fashion, this connection of 102 with "forty two years and two days" I think this connection can be grouped with the others.

Those 102 minutes did murder something within this country, and it changed everything.

For those unfamiliar with the term the Goyim, it is a derogatory term used by the authors and commentators of the Talmud for the non-Jewish people of the world. All Jews are not racist. But, the ones who are Zionists, who are for an expansive militaristic Israel, who follow what the Talmud says about the Goyim and black people especially, and then lie about what's actually in the hateful text, are racists. They can mock and code their profanity all they want, but it's not hard to see what's going on.

If you look at the picture of the Supreme Architect sculpture above that's set above the door of Rockefeller Plaza in New York you'll see that the inscription is Isaiah 33:6. The main phrase of that verse "Wisdom and Knowledge" is partially covered by the Architect's compass. The compass is the masonic symbol par excellence, and the main phrase contains concepts that are the core of Freemasonry.

Knowledge in English Reduction system = 42 (2+5+6+5+3+5+4+7+5)
Masons often talk and write about being guardians of secrets,  keepers and seekers of knowledge.

The World Trade Center bombing of February 26, 1993 also has an incredible connection to all of this. The span of days between that day and April 16, 1994 is 414. That's an exact match with 4/14 the date of Invisible Man's publication and the Lincoln assassination, as you can see on the table to the right.

February 26, 1993 was the 57th day of that year, a figure that matches up with the gematria of Invisible Man, which is 57.

The gematria of Ralph Ellison and Abraham Lincoln match up when they are summed and reduced.

Ralph Ellison in English Reduction = 60 (9+1+3+7+8+0+5+3+3+9+1+6+5)
Abraham Lincoln in English Reduction = 60 (1+2+9+1+8+1+4+0+3+9+5+3+6+3+5)

February 26, 1869 was the date that the 15th Amendment was passed by Congress. It granted the right to vote all adult black men, both free and former slaves. The Reconstruction amendments which centered around the Civil Rights Act of 1866 are part of  the historical legacy of that era. It brought an end to chattel slavery and paved the way for more positive changes in the future.

However, we must not forget that along with the civil rights measures that came, those laws were soon interpreted by the Supreme Court as the legal justification for giving corporations legal personhood. Ever since those laws were passed, individuals running corporations, can make decisions that affect the lives of millions of individuals without having to to be personally responsible for the negative results of their actions. Ironically, as one form of slavery was abolished, our present condition of servitude to corporate interests was being built in its place.

And to re-propel this crazy song and dance with the numbers back to the twentieth century in fitting fashion, here we go. On February 26, 1917, the Original Dixieland Jazz Band recorded the first jazz song in history, The Dixieland Jazz Band One-Step for the Victor recording label in New York. That recording was historic as it ushered in the Jazz Age that figures so prominently in New York's history, the nation's history and in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man. In my next post, there's more on Ellison's death numerology, Invisible Man, the Obama presidency and how it all syncs up with the gematria of divide-and-conquer. It also involves Pi ...and Louis Armstrong.
The Original Dixieland Band recorded the first ever jazz record

I want to give credit to Extra Capsa for the great info he has on his site.
His gematria glossary is well put together and it helped me a lot while putting this together,