Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New "Code Theory" Page Makes the Backstory of Gematria Easier To Grasp

Below are the contents of a new page at It's really more for people who are new to gematria. However, the handy and stylish tables are designed for all practitioners and teachers of gematria. If there's someone you know who needs to see it all in action to understand, feel free to download the tables, so they can get the help they need!

Everything you need to know to code and decode in the major systems of gematria is here!

It’s also important to keep this in mind. No matter what system one uses, the final sum will always reduce to the same single number, even across different systems of gematria. This shows that the various systems are interrelated and not scattered about to snatch numbers out of nowhere. There are discernable patterns that emerge in the way numbers fit together. Experience over time, will make this clear to the watchful observer.