Friday, July 22, 2016

Gematria syncs in Trump's RNC acceptance speech on night of 7-21-16 and CNN headline "The Week in 33 Photos" 33 | 66| 70 | 142 | 156

"The Week in Thirty Three Photos " in the English Reduction = 142

It just had to be 33 photos.

Last night, Trump told America, I am your voice.

"I am your voice" in English Reduction = 66
"I am your voice" in  English Ordinal = 56

Thirty-Three in  English Ordinal = 156
Thirty-Three in the English Reduction = 66

All of the following words have gematria of 33

Cleveland, false flag, race war, masonry, order and federal

Trump's signature phrase from his GOP convention speech. matches up with CNN headline and its 33 photos.

"I alone can fix it" English Ordinal = 142
President Obama in English Ordinal = 142

Trump's daughter Ivanka said her father is "the people's nominee."

"The people's nominee" in English Reduction = 88
Trump in English Ordinal  = 88

"I alone can fix it " in English Reduction = 70
"GOP Convention in  English Reduction = 70

Trump said two other things a day before 7-22.

I'm adding in this fact since Ed Mathis noticed it in the comments section below.

"Humbly and gratefully" in  English Ordinal = 227
That's how he said accepted the nomination, "humbly and gratefully.

"History is watching" in English Ordinal= 227 a phrase he repeated twice in the same sentence.
“America is back,” Trump thundered, well more than an hour into his speech. “History is watching us now. We don’t have much time, but history is watching.
 In the same speech Trump made this suggestion,

“Let's defeat her in November.”" in English Reduction = 110
President  in  English Ordinal = 110
Seventy in the English Ordinal = 110

Trump is 70 years old.

I used a few things from Zach Hubbard's blog in this post, here.