Friday, July 22, 2016

Gematria Syncs With Date Numerology of 7-22-16 in Munich Attack. Numbers and history show Rio Olympics may be next 20 | 38 | 68

  • 7+22+20+16 = 65
  • 7+22+2+1+6 = 38
  • 7+2+2+2+1+6 = 20

In 1099, Godfrey of Bouillon assumed the tile Solicitor of the Holy Sepulchre on July 22, 1099 or 7-22-1099. This occurred after his crusader army sacked the Holy City on July 18,1099. He was also probably one of the original founders of the Knights Templar, who were said to be charged with the task of protecting pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem by the pope.

They announced their presence to the world in 1118, but probably formed and organized in secret before Godfrey died sometime during July of 1100.  This is what one chronicler wrote about it,
"On the advice of the princes of God's army they vowed themselves to God's Temple under this rule: they would renounce the world, give up personal goods, free themselves to pursue purity, and lead a communal life wearing a poor habit, only using arms to defend the land against the attacks of the insurgent pagans when necessity demanded." 
In any case, Godfrey's name has always been associated with the Knights Templar, who were the medieval equivalent of today's special forces. Just as the quote above states about. There are several more reasons to bring this up in relation to today's reported terror attack in Munich, Germany. The first method of adding up the numerology for the date 7-22-16 yields 65

7+22+20+16 = 65

Knights Templar in English Reduction  = 65 (2+5+9+7+8+2+1   2+5+4+7+3+1+9)

Because of their oaths of chastity, poverty and obedience, the Knights Templar were known as warrior monks.
Warrior Monk in English Reduction = 65 (5+1+9+9+9+6+9   4+6+5+2)

Bernard of Clairvaux is known as one of the advocates for the Crusades. His Cistercian order was closely allied to the Knights Templar in its early years as they often worked and lived together in various Crusader cities.
Cistercian Monks  in English Reduction = 65 (3+9+1+2+5+9+3+9+1+5   4+6+5+2+1)

It was acknowledged as it is now that Godfrey was a direct descendant of original dynasty of France, the Merovingians.
Merovingians in English Reduction = 65 (4+5+9+6+4+9+5+7+9+1+5+1)

The founder of the Merovingians was Clovis I, who converted to Christianity in the year 496 A.D. 

Crusader in English Ordinal = 89 (3+18+21+19+1+4+5+18)
Clovis I in English Ordinal = 89 (3+12+15+22+9+19  9)

The Charlemagne Prize is given each year to world's best promoter of globalism and unity in Europe.
Charlemagne Prize in English Reduction = 89 (3+8+1+9+3+5+4+1+7+5+5   7+9+9+8+5)

One of Godfrey's titles and possessions was the strategic and storied region of  the Duchy of Lower Lorraine, which included most of the Netherlands and smaller sections of northern France, the Rhineland and Belgium.  The territory has changed hands many times over the centuries but Godfrey's legend remains as the Duke of Lower Lorraine. This region also famous in the Holy Blood, Holy Grail series and in Dan Brown's books.

Duke of Lower Lorraine in English Ordinal  = 227 (4+21+11+5   15+6   12+15+23+5+18   12+15+18+18+1+9+14+5)

The 227 figure is a reflection of the 7-22 date. Interesting.

22 and 7 paired together is a symbol for Pi, a mathematical formula that allows one to measure circles and the calendar.

Full Circle in English Ordinal = 101 (6+21+12+12   3+9+18+3+12+5)
Duke of Lower Lorraine in English Reduction = 101 (4+3+2+5   6+6   3+6+5+5+9   3+6+9+9+1+9+5+5)

A cross of Lorraine monument on Juno
beach  at the D-Day memorial in
Normandy, France
The remarkable two-barred Cross of Lorraine is also another piece of symbolism to consider. It was used by Rene II the Duke of Lorraine and Anjou, the Catholic Church and over time, secret societies like the Masons and Knights Templar. During World War II, both  the French Resistance and the Nazis used it to stake their claims on the border area. I'm not conflating all of these groups, but it testifies to the longevity and power of the symbol.

Cross of Lorraine in English Ordinal = 187 (3+18+15+19+19   15+6   12+15+18+18+1+9+14+5)

187 is of course  police jargon for homicide. It's use in gangsta hip-hop is ubiquitous

Cross of Lorraine in English Reduction system = 79 (3+9+6+1+1  6+6   3+6+9+9+1+9+5+5)

Just an interesting coincidence, maybe.

The second and third  ways of figuring the numerology shows up as 38 and 20. In the second, all the numbers are reduced except for the date, in this case 22. The zeros are dropped in this way of adding. In the third method , all the numbers are broken down into single digits, except for zero. All three methods are valid and useful forms of numerology.

7+22+2+1+6 = 38
7+2+2+2+1+6 = 20

Urban II was the pope who called for the First Crusade and absolved the Crusaders of all earthly sins and obligations, if they would go and fight to win the Holy Land from the Seljuk Turks and Fatimids. Urban knew what he was doing in invoking the name of Charlemagne on this exploit. It was under Charlemagne that Europe was last united against enemies such as the Islamic Moors in Spain and in southern Italy.

Urban II in English Reduction = 38 (3+9+2+1+5   9+9)
Palestine in English Reduction = 38 (7+1+3+5+1+2+9+5+5)
Germany in English Reduction = 38 (7+5+9+4+1+5+7)

Gold in English Ordinal = 38 (7+15+12+4)
Gold in English Reduction = 20 (7+6+3+4)

Death in English Ordinal  = 38 (4+5+1+20+8)
Death in English Reduction = 20 (4+5+1+2+8)
Isis in  English Reduction = 20 (9+1+9+1)

Mall  in English Ordinal = 38 (13+1+12+12)

Munich  in English Ordinal system equals 68 (13+21+14+9+3+8+0)
Brazil  in  English Ordinal system equals 68 (2+18+1+26+9+12
Munich Mall Massacre in English Reduction = 68 (4+3+5+9+3+8+0+4+1+3+3   4+1+1+1+1+3+9+5)
Barack Obama  in  English Ordinal = 68

The First Crusade in the English Reduction = 68 (2+8+5+0+6+9+9+1+2+0+3+9+3+1+1+4+5
Holy Sepulchre in English Reduction  = 68 (8+6+3+7  1+5+7+3+3+3+8+9)

The Munich Olympics was the site of a terror attack in 1972 where Palestinian terrorists reportedly took Israeli athletes hostage. Israeli special forces were said to have killed the terrorists in a successful resscue .

Munich Olympics in  English Reduction = 72 (4+3+5+9+3+8   6+3+7+4+7+9+3+1

Shooting Spree at Mall in the English Reduction = 85 (1+8+6+6+2+9+5+1   1+7+9+5+5  1+2  4+1+3+3)
Silver in the English Ordinal = 85 (19+9+12+22+5+18)

The Rio Olympics begin on 8-5-2016. I'm just alluding to the fact that these incidents have a way of foreshadowing future attacks.

The COLORS theme continues in the silver of Olympic medals is evoked in 85 for silver.

 Gold and Munich match with 38 which alludes to the Olympics in Rio 2106.

 20 syncs up Isis, death, and gold.

Shock in English Reduction = 20 (1+8+6+3+2)

Time in English Reduction  = 20 (2+9+4+5)

Obey in English Reduction = 20 (6+2+5+7)

Death in English Reduction = 20 (4+5+1+2+8)

When you write out the word "bronze" you get 80, and when you write out 80 you get the number 38 which ties back inot the other connections and the numerology.

Bronze in English Ordinal =  80 (2+18+15+14+26+5)
Eighty in English Reduction = 38 (5+9+7+8+2+7)

In another post I noted that 87 years adds up to 31,777 days. 87 years ago on 7-22-1929, Louis Armstrong recorded the first song to ever feature an African-American singing about the injustice of racism, "What Did I Do To Be So Black and Blue?" I noted how this fact was brought out in the famous introduction of the novel Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

How are these connected? If you read some of the earlier post I've done on Invisible Man you can see how that book can be seen as a script for race war, martial law, and UN takeover. I've shown the book's connections to Obama and more.

Charlemagne is a symbol of European unity and world government. The Charlemagne Prize has been awarded to those who do the most for the globalist agenda. Bill Clinton and Henry Kissinger have been awarded. The recipient for 2016 is Pope Francis. How bout that!

Charlemagne in the English Ordinal = 87 (3+8+1+18+12+5+13+1+7+14+5)
Clinton in English Ordinal = 87 (3+12+9+14+20+15+14)

Henry in English Reduction = 34 (8+5+5+9+7)
Henry in English Ordinal =70 (8+5+14+18+25)

Francis in English Reduction = 34 (6+9+1+5+3+9)
Francis in English Ordinal = 70 (6+18+1+14+3+9+19

Check out this blog post from Zach Hubbard for a more detailed breakdown