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The Caduceus of Hermes and the American Meridian

The most prevalent symbol associated with the ancient Greek god Hermes, is the caduceus. It's a rod supporting two intertwined serpents. At the top of of the rod, where the serpents' head meet. various symbols have been placed over the centuries, a winged sun disk or a pine cone being the most common. It's a visually striking emblem with many layers of symbolism.

The picture on the right is from the December 1, 1926 edition of Manly P. Hall's local Los Angeles occult newsletter The All Seeing Eye, Vol. No. 2 . I think the 3-2 pattern is significant because Hermes equals 32 in reduced gematria.

Hermes in English Reduction = 32 (8+5+9+4+5+1)

32 is a number that is also significant, because it matches the gematria of the caduceus itself.

Caduceus in English Reduction with the -s exception = 32 (3+1+4+3+3+5+3+10)

The thing I'm showing here is that Hall is not giving his readers the whole story.  I'm also illustrating what he left out, the gematria and numerology involved. Before I move on with 32 and it's part of the story, I need to point out the connection I've just discovered in the title of the article on the left, "The Staff of Hermes."

The Staff of Hermes in English Ordinal = 174 (20+8+5   19+20+1+6+6   15+6   8+5+18+13+5+19)

The Staff of Hermes in English Reduction = 75 (2+8+5   1+2+1+6+6   6+6   8+5+9+4+5+1)

New World Order in  English Ordinal = 174 (14+5+23   23+15+18+12+4   15+18+4+5+18)

New World Order in English Reduction = 75 (5+5+5  5+6+9+3+4   6+9+4+5+9)

To those who admire his work, Manly P. Hall was a prophet and scholar with a great mission to wake up America from materialism, religious and scientific dogmatism. He was a true believer in America's destiny to usher in what he calls "world democracy."   He was a lifelong student of esoteric knowledge, a tireless author and a fascinating speaker with a broad command of whatever subject he engaged.

 Manly P. Hall's book,  The Secret Destiny of America gets right to the matter on the first page. The screenshot below is from the Kindle Edition of the book.

In this short paragraph, Hall tells us several things that directly contradict everything that mainstream America has been taught about the past.  Hall is universally acknowledged as being one of the great masonic scholars of all time. When he was awarded the honorary 33rd degree, the ceremony was held at his establishment, the Philosophical Research Society.

All of these fact support the idea that the patterns one finds in the numbers, dates and gematria  in world history and in America's history are not coincidences. They're actually part of a larger design that's also been hidden from the rest of the world.

Hall's Staff of Hermes article and the catchphrase  "New World Order" are a match through the gematria of 75/174. Hall's Hermetic philosophy of "world democracy" based on a "brilliant plan of the Ancients" is also in perfect alignment with those concepts.

So let's take a look a another piece of the puzzle. The other name for the staff of Hermes is the caduceus, which has the reduced gematria of 32, as discussed earlier It's full gematria adds up 77. a number that's related to what's known as the American meridian. This is the 77th meridian in relation to the prime meridian in Greenwich, England.

Caduceus in English Reduction with the -s exception = 32 (3+1+4+3+3+5+3+10)
Caduceus in  English Ordinal  = 77 (3+1+4+21+3+5+21+19)

There several things to consider here. First of all, when Washington, D.C. was built, it's site was not chosen by chance.

The documentary film, The Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings deals with the fact that the major cities of the British colonies, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Baltimore and the Washington, D.C. are in alignment with each other. This alignment extends eventually to Stonehenge in England.

This arrangement could not have occurred without some sort of planning, or least awareness of what are known today as ley lines. The ancients who built Stonehenge and other monuments were very serious about them. Apparently the early colonists who founded New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and the Freemasons who designed Washington, D.C. were also aware of these bands of electromagnetic energy that circle the earth.

It is claimed by many experts today as well that these ley lines have certain properties. They follow the curve of the earth. Ley lines are always straight. They radiate from different energy centers stretched across the earth. All together, ley lines form an invisible grid-like structure as seen in the picture above. . At the points where more of these lines intersect and radiate, more electromagnetic power is concentrated and projected.

Power in English Ordinal = 77 (16+15+23+5+18)
Power in English Reduction = 32 (7+6+5+5+9)

Washington D.C. is located on a site that has several important relationships to the geometry of these ley lines lines. The ley line that cuts through Washington, D.C.and New York and other cities mentioned earlier also goes through Pilot Mountain in North Carolina.

The 77th meridian line that comes straight up into Washington, D.C. runs along the ley line that radiates from a "pyramid grid zone" of  Becker and Hagens.

This area, right at the edge of North Andros Island, Bahamas is where Captain Morgan the pirate did most of his raiding.

The horizontal latitude that completes the triangle is the 36'30" parallel, infamously known as the "Slave Latitude," because of the Missouri Compromise of 1820.

The gematria of 32 for both caduceus and power  also matches with the date numerology of July 4, 1776.

7+4+1+7+7+6 = 32 

America in English Reduction = 32 (1+4+5+9+9+3+1)

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