Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The "Dead Man's Hand" and the legend of Wild Bill Hickok -- Gematria and the fate of a gambler

The most infamous hand in poker is known as the dead man's hand, held by Wild Bill Hickok on the night he was murdered in Deadwood, South Dakota on August 1, 1876.

According to the legend of that night, Jack McCall lost at cards to Hickok. After stepping from the poker table, McCall turned around and shot him in the back. "Wild Bill" Hickok died later, in the early morning of August 2nd.

 The cards he held were "two black aces, and two back eights," the" dead man's hand."

Looking at the cards symbolically, we can see the cards laid out with "aces" as, 1-1 and "eights"
as 8-8. That sequence readily turns into 88, since 11x8 is 88.From a purely visual standpoint, the two eights together form the number 88, in the picture above.

I the picture on the right, the association of 1-1 and 8-8 with the "dead man's hand" can be seen in this World War II patch of the VBF-88 Fighter Squadron.

Not only that, the "RR" identification markers on their planes was also a reference to the "dead man's hand." Since R is the 18th letter, the "RR" markings are also broadcasting 1-8, 1-8, or 88.

If that were the whole story, that'd be fine, but it's not. The numbers for "dead man's hand" lock into the visual theme perfectly.

"Dead man's hand" in English Ordinal = 88 (4+5+1+4   13+1+14+19   8+1+14+4)

Hicock was shot on  8-1, 1876. 

When you break down all the numbers of the date numerology into single digits,  31 is the result.

8+1+1+8+7+6 = 31
Gambler in English Reduction = 31 (7+1+4+2+3+5+9)

According to Wikipedia, Hickok made a point to sign his name J B Hickok Wild Bill, which has a gematria of 71. This number is also the gematria of the town Deadwood, South Dakota where he was murdered

J B Hickok Wild Bill  in  English Reduction = 71 (1  +  2   8+9+3+2+6+2  5+9+3+4 +2+9+3+3)

Deadwood, South Dakota in English Reduction = 71 (4+5+1+4+5+6+6+4 1+6+3+2+8  4+1+2+6+2+1)
Deadwood in English Ordinal = 71 (4+5+1+4+23+15+15+4)

When you take away the nickname "Wild Bill," J.B. Hickok is a match with the name of the man who shot him.

J B Hickok in English Reduction = 33 (1  +2  +8+9+3+2+6+2)
J B Hickok in  English Ordinal = 69 (10  2  +8+9+3+11+15+11)

Jack McCall with the -s exception in English Reduction = 33 (1+1+3+2  4+3+3+1+3+3)
Jack McCall in English Ordinal = 69 (10+1+3+11   13+3+3+1+12+12)

Wild Bill Hickok in  English Reduction = 68 (5+9+3+4   2+9+3+3   8+9+3+2+6+2)
Two aces, two eights in  English Reduction = 68 (2+5+6   1+3+5+1   2+5+6   5+9+7+8+2+1)

Wild Bill was buried on August 3,1876, which can be written 8/3 or 3/8.

Wild Bill  in English Ordinal = 83 (23+9+12+4+0+2+9+12+12)
Wild Bill in  English Reduction = 38 (5+9+3+4+0+2+9+3+3)
James Butler Hickok in  English Ordinal = 183 (10+1+13+5+19  2+21+20+12+5+18 8+9+3+11+15+11)