Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trump's new "derp spiral" insult echoes November 8th through gematria of 118

The witty new insult from the NYT is the "derp" that Trump is supposedly going to blurt out when he's realized he's lost. However. Trump, Krugman and the Simpsons. a show made for predictive programming, that has foreshadowed Trump's unsuccessful run for years, are all part of the show.

Homer Simpson was the first of these characters to  ever utter "derp!" We live in DERP nation. A friend, Lord of Allusion,  noted that DE-RP is also an anagram for the Dems and Republicans. When you open a stinky can of gematria, there's always more than you can take in one whiff!

Anybody who can't see that Trump is intentionally throwing the election to Hillary every time he opens his mouth, isn't really getting it.

Derp spiral in English Ordinal =118 (4+5+18+16   19+16+9+18+1+12)

That's the date of the election, 11/8, November 8th!

Trump in English Ordinal = 88 (20+18+21+13+16) That's 88 or 11 x 8.  Infamously, 88 has been associated with fascism and hate ever since Heil Hitler! H= 8. Trump is not exactly a fascist. He's a right wing populist which isn't quite as bad, but he has a reputation of an ugly, emotionally-repressed bully. He's flashy and a big talker, which puts most people off.