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Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" is the playbook for Scientism and the war on all spiritual values

The opening ceremony for the Gotthard Base Tunnel of Switzerland was a Luciferian/Satanic ritual disguised as a
 boring 6-hour civic drama, complete with dancers and actors from the local community theatre. Visual allusions
 to the silent movie cult classic Metropolis like the many-eyed  symbol shown above were also  present.

English Sumerian is a method of gematria I haven't discussed yet on the DeepZone. However, in researching Scientism, now is the time. English Ordinal is the full method where you add up the alphanumeric values as they are, without reducing to a single number. For instance, Q = 17 the full way, and 8 (1+7) with the reduced method.

A snapshot of a scene from the 1927 German film,
Metropolis.  The ceremony for the Gotthard Tunnel
contained several other elements taken from the movie.
Both works reveal the connections between
Scientism and the dark occult.
 If you multiply the ordinal sum by 6, you'll get the figure in English Sumerian. The Sumerians used a base-6 number system and multiplying by 6 in raw full gematria is said to show the number of the Beast of Revelation.

Scientism is the term given to the modern belief system that truth and reality can only be based on evidence from physical science, and nothing else. What's even more sad is that the people who hold this viewpoint even reject evidence from science itself, when it goes against the dictates of atheism and materialism.

One would think that materialism and atheism would spell the end of religion, at least for the people who hold these beliefs. However, this is proving not to be the case. The denial of the Divine and the spark of Divinity within all life, the rejection of this Intelligence inevitably leads to nihilism, the loss of soul and spirit, and psychological death.

This is an untenable situation for the human psyche. The mind is designed to wonder, dream, hope, and reflect on the majesty of  the Creation from which it arose. In the absence of healthy archetypes to engage with in this process. the very situation that's systematically engineered on a daily basis, the psyche  rebels. The rise of satanism, which at its root is the worship of self-gratification and self-importance, is the inevitable result of this trend.

It's a sad irony that the Controllers are well-aware of. They know that human-beings for the most part are naturally loving, respectful of others and generally grateful for the fruits of life. When people act and feel otherwise, usually something dreadful has happened. Poverty, strife, chaos, and neglect make it needlessly difficult for a great many to ever discover this within themselves.

The callousness of luxury and the sloth of arrogance have the same effect. However one looks at it desire, action, and physical gratification make up a necessary cycle of nature. Yet, for human beings, the satisfying of basic physical needs is not the only or even anywhere near the most important. These abuses of physical reality condition us to think that disorder and suffering are the natural state of things.

We are also born with critical facilities that make us unique, this is true. Yet, the purpose of Reason, is not to deny the very Intelligence from which it arose. Only a madman would come to such a conclusion. Our doubts, our rejections and renunciations are part of a grand Conversation.

Human reason when properly understood is part of the dialectic process which Divinity has with Itself. Our thoughts matter to the Universe, in a way that we can only dimly understand. Still, every meaningful discovery provides something new, something useful to our greater sense of Wholeness that no material science can ever quantify

The war against these truths are all part of an illusion that seems to satisfy the spiritually impoverished sleepwalkers of the Earth. Every mythology has a cult to promote it and Scientism is no exception. It has its fetishes in Technology and Coincidence.

It's a religion based on the corporate values of money over man. The basest of human appetites, greed, power, envy, and vanity, these egoistic drives are now in charge of our civilization. That's a scary thought, but it's true. They're constantly promoted and manipulated to produce corporate profits and centralized government power. The acceptance of Darwin's natural selection and "survival of the fittest." have made all of this unavoidable.

Scientism  in the English Sumerian = 666 (114+18+54+30+84+120+54+114+78)
Scientism in the English Ordinal = 111 (19+3+9+5+14+20+9+19+13)
Scientism  in English Reduction = 39 (1+3+9+5+5+2+9+1+4)

Illusion in English Sumerian = 666 (54+72+72+126+114+54+90+84)
Illusion in English Ordinal =  111 (9+12+12+21+19+9+15+14)
Illusion in English Reduction  = 39 (9+3+3+3+1+9+6+5)

Corporate  in English Sumerian =  666 (18+90+108+96+90+108+6+120+30)
Corporate in English Ordinal = 111 (3+15+18+16+15+18+1+20+5)
Corporate in English Reduction = 48 (3+6+9+7+6+9+1+2+5)

Monsanto in the English = 666 (78+90+84+114+6+84+120+90
Monsanto in English Ordinal  = 111 (13+15+14+19+1+14+20+15)
Monsanto in English Reduction = 30 (4+6+5+1+1+5+2+6)

Monsanto is, of course, the most despised corporation in the world, and with good reason. It's interesting that the pattern of 111/666 is also seen in the terms Mark of Beast, witchcraft, New York, and Santa Claus.

Doublespeak is the term coined by George Orwell to describe how tyrannies lie and deceive the people in his novel 1984.  Huxley even wrote a letter to Orwell that basically said although his book was well-written, he felt his book BNW did a better job of solving the problem how to govern the masses in a scientific dictatorship. We see the same numbers emerge through gematria here as well.

Doublespeak in the English Sumerian = 666 (24+90+126+12+72+30+114+96+30+6+66+0)
Doublespeak in the English Ordinal =111 (4+15+21+2+12+5+19+16+5+1+11)
Doublespeak in the English Reduction = 39 (4+6+3+2+3+5+1+7+5+1+2+0)

The word "business" has English Reduced and English Ordinal numbers of 27/108. In English Gematria, another interrelated form of gematria we find 666 syncs with the other synomatic terms.

Business in the English Gematria = 666 (2+300+100+9+50+5+100+100)

The biggest complaint that networks and entertainment providers hear from the dumbed-down masses is that there are entirely too many "commercials" getting in the way of the propaganda

Commercials in English Sumerian = 666 (18+90+78+78+30+108+18+54+6+72+114)
Commercials in English Ordinal = 111 (3+15+13+13+5+18+3+9+1+12+19)
Commercials in English Reduction = 48 (3+6+4+4+5+9+3+9+1+3+4)

Buying and selling are exchanges that are a necessary to civilized life. When conducted ethically, they create a virtuous circle that frees people to pursue desires closer to the heart. So, I'm not saying that business, making money or even having a lot of it is evil. However, I am saying that a system entirely based on profit and material gain is. A system that grants extra legal status to those with wealth over those who don't encourages the abuse of arbitrary power that we see on the rise everywhere. Our malady is laid bare once again in the gematria.

God in English Reduction = 17 (7+6+4)
God in English Ordinal = 26 (7+15+4)
God in English Gematria = 71 (7+60+4)

Buyer in English Ordinal = 71 (2+21+25+5+18+0)
Buyer in English Reduction = 26 (2+3+7+5+9+0)

Seller in English Ordinal =71 (19+5+12+12+5+18)
Seller in English Reduction = 26 (1+5+3+3+5+9)

Dollar in English Ordinal = 62 (4+15+12+12+1+18)
Dollar in English Reduction  = 26 (4+6+3+3+1+9)

Mason in English Ordinal = 62 (13+1+19+15+14)
Mason in English Reduction = 17 (4+1+1+6+5)

We're instructed by the Masons that the Founders, who were mostly masonic themselves, were altruistic pioneers of liberty. Thomas Jefferson wrote that the Creator endowed all men with rights that are "self-evident." So, how we account for the fact that there is such a reversal in those ideals and all that they imply from the Washington, D.C. of today?

To assert that the respect for natural human rights can exist for long in a world that denies the existence of a Creator to grant those rights is naive, at best. Politicians are adept at crafting and twisting words into laws for themselves and their powerful patrons. History shows that most of the time, the only thing they respect is the unified voice of the people. That only happens in a world that tries its hardest to live by Natural Law. Which is to say, politicians and rulers can only be held accountable to principles placed above them, chiseled on imposing granite mantels over their humbled heads. Otherwise, tyranny is the inevitable result. This is the lesson of history and the message of the Declaration.

If you think about it, rights are also based on the universal principle of Natural Evolution just as much as being endowed by a benevolent Creator. Our human status gives us the privilege of evolving mentally and spiritually on a personal level, which is another way of saying everyone has the right to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

Scientism is the belief system that is at war with all these Enlightenment ideals. There's quite few true believers. The beauty of the deception that most of them don't even realize they're in a religion. Aldous Huxley, author of  the dystopian classic Brave New World  understood this as well as anybody. In fact, he's one of the architects of Scientism. The title has some interesting gematrical connections with sinister connotations.

Brave New World in English Reduction = 63 (2+9+1+4+5   5+5+5   5+6+9+3+4)
The Illuminati in English Reduction = 63 (2+8+5   9+3+3+3+4+9+5+1+2+9

Mark of the Beast in English Reduction with the -s exception = 63 (4+1+9+2+0+6+6  2+8+5  2+5+10+1+2)

Brave New World's 63 matches with the gematria of The Illuminati and Mark of the Beast. Now before anyone cries out "Coincidence!" realize that Brave New World is a story about the use of technology, pharmaceuticals  and propaganda to dominate the world. The screenshot from Free to Find Truth above shows another connection between 63 to the symbolism of 6-6-6. It also notes a relationship between 144 and 666.  All of these numbers are important in biblical prophecy and they also show up in the gematria of Scientism.

Thomas "Hidden-Hand"
Not many people know this but Aldous' grandfather, Thomas Huxley was known as :Darwin's bulldog" in the mid to late 19th century. He went on tours, debating, lecturing, attacking, insulting anyone who stood in their way.

Thomas Huxley was also a member of the X Club along with Charles Darwin, and other leaders of the British scientific establishment. Their goal was to spread the gospel of evolution and the total acceptance of "Science" as the foundation of all truth.

X Club in English Ordinal = 62 (24  3+12+21+2)
X Club in English Reduction = 17 (6  3+3+3+2)

The gematria in the name of the X Club matches and mirrors the words Mason and God in the sums of 62/17. We see this family trait of selling out to power in his grandson Aldous Huxley.

For far too long,  Huxley has gotten away with being credited for being the one who warned us about what he called "The Ultimate Revolution." Aldous Huxley's Brave New World is basically a blueprint for a society ruled by a scientific dictatorship that acceptance of Darwin makes possible. It's all based on materialism, scientific determinism, and atheism.

The symbol that Huxley uses to to highlight the mechanistic nature of this religion for the masses. is the T-cross or Tau. Huxley based this on Ford's Model-T, the novel's symbol for the new religion of corporate materialism. However, the Tau Cross has another history of its own. In occult symbolism,

The Tau or Tav means “cross,” and is the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is numbered 300 in the Greek and 400 in the Hebrew numerical alphabet. The tau corresponds astrologically with the planet Saturn and the concept of finality. -- SymbolicDictionary,Net

This idea of finality together with the restrictive nature of the planet Saturn goes with the novel's World State and its emphasis on "Community, Identity, and Stability." As Huxley said himself in Brave New World Revisited in the quote pic on the right.

He shows his bias where he says  "quaint old forms -- elections, etc." to describe how the people are fooled into believing voting, debating the issues during election season and the like are having any effect whatsoever on how "the show" is run from behind the scenes.

The masses are to be ruled through lies, deception propaganda and mind control. Just below, there's an example of the sleep-training called hypnopaedia  where infants and toddlers are made to hear constant prerecorded messages while they sleep. One of the messages used in this diabolical vision appears below.
“All crosses had their tops cut and became T’s. There was also a thing called God.” 
This emphasis on how the Christian cross was cut-down to a T evokes the vision of Ezekiel. I had to go to the translation of Tertullian to find the a translation of Ezekiel that keeps the word Tau in the verse.
“The Lord said unto me, Go through the gate, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set the mark Tau upon the foreheads of the men.”
This verse is from Ezekiel 9:4. In this scene, God commands an angelic scribe to go down to Earth, and mark those to be spared with a Tav, which in Ezekiel's time was written like a sideways X as seen in the picture to the left and below.

In the Book of Revelation, the same theme is reversed and mocked  in the Mark of the Beast discussed earlier. In that book, the mark on the forehead is used as a symbol of selling-out, and giving into evil

Revelation is called the Apocalypse in Greek. The New Testament is written Greek, which should make the use of the Greek Tau or T appropriate in that part of the Bible.

The number 144, appears one time in the Bible where in Revelation it marks the 144 length in cubits for the
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ramparts for the New Jerusalem.

The number 144,000 also appears in Revelation as the number of the servants of God who are saved from the Lake of Fire. There are many connections that show up in the gematria of these Bible verses that tie back directly to the numbers and symbolism covered so far. The numbers also point to the probability of Aldous Huxley's manipulation of biblical prophecy in Brave New World.  For example,

Ezekiel Chapter Nine Verse Four in English Reduction = 144 (5+8+5+2+9+5+3   3+8+1+7+2+5+9   5+9+5+5   4+5+9+1+5   6+6+3+9)

Ezekiel Chapter Nine Verse Four in English Ordinal = 315 (5+26+5+11+9+5+12   3+8+1+16+20+5+18+0+14+9+14+5   22+5+18+19+5   6+15+21+18)

I'd like to talk about the number 315 for moment. Those numbers 3-1-5 in that configuration and in the sequences 1-3-5 and 5-1-3 are incredibly important to history, prophecy and gematria. For starters, I have to give credit to Jake Lebowski who left a comment at FTFT that starts to get this across.

135 and 531 sum up to 666, the Number of the Beast. Another connection is the harmonic symbolism of the 1-3-5. Those numbers represent a chord a musical triad of A-C-E. Actually in music, the pattern 3-1-5 is a first inversion triad and 5-1-3 is a second inversion. I've written another article on this topic, here

As you can see in the screenshot on the right, Ace of Spades has a Jewish gematria of 315, which echoes the the same harmonic pattern

The word Columbia also has a Jewish gematria of 315.  The words Columbia, and the phrases Et in Arcadia Ego and I Tego Arcana Dei  also have Jewish gematria of 315. Both of those slogans are forever linked with the ominous mysteries of Rennes Le Château, Nicholas Poisson and the shadowy Priory of Sion.

The English translation of I Tego Arcana Dei is usually rendered as "Begone! I conceal the secrets of God!"

"Begone! I conceal the secrets of God" in English Reduction = 135 (2+5+7+6+5+5   9  3+6+5+3+5+1+3   2+8+5   1+5+3+9+5+2+1  6+6  7+6+4)

The English translation of Et in Arcadia Ego is below in the translated gematria.
"Even in Arcadia I am there" in the English Ordinal = 185 (5+22+5+14  +9+14   1+18+3+1+4+9+1   9+0+1+13   20+8+5+18+5)

Although 185 is not an exact match, the 1-8-5 is harmonically consistent since 1 and 8 in music,together make an octave.

The Illuminati in the English Ordinal = 153 (20+8+5   9+12+12+21+13+9+14+1+20+9)
153 is the number of the fish caught in the Miraculous Catch of Jesus and the Fishermen in Matthew.

However the Illuminati's use of biblical symbolism does not stop there. The word Revelation has a full gematria of 121. The Illuminati was founded on May 1, 1776.

Revelation in English Ordinal = 121 (18+5+22+5+12+1+20+9+15+14

Mark Tau upon their foreheads in English Reduction = 121 (4+1+9+2+0+2+1+3+0+3+7+6+5+0+2+8+5+9+9+0+6+6+9+5+8+5+1+4+1+0

May First Seventeen Seventy Six in English Reduction = 121 (4+1+7   6+9+9+1+2   1+5+4+5+5+2+5+5+5   1+5+4+5+5+2+7   1+9+6)

The Apocalypse has a reduced gematria of 56. Many other keywords associated with Scientism and Brave New World show up with this number.

Playing God in English Reduction = 56 (7+3+1+7+9+5+7   7+6+4)
Mind Control in English Reduction = 56 (4+9+5+4  3+6+5+2+9+6+3)
Technocratic in English Reduction = 56 (2+5+3+8+5+6+3+9+1+2+9+3)

It's plain to see that even though Scientism's prophets like Aldous Huxley want to hypnotize the masses into a world devoid of spirit, he sings from a different hymnbook in his 1947 book The Perennial Philosophy. It's about the inward journey of mysticism and the core of universal truths culled from other authors. Frankly, it's pretty sickening to think that he can actually take himself seriously when writing about Oneness and Love. 

It's interesting that the words Acid and God both share a reduced
 gematria of 17. The number also happens to be in this headline. 
Once you read the well-documented articles on Gnostic Media's website, linked above, you'll see what I mean. While he was making all these profound observations about the state of the modern world and how coincidental and tragic it all was, he was up to his eyeballs in MK-Ultra the CIA mind control program and the LSD psy-ops of the 1960's and 1960's. 

One of his other books The Doors of Perception was a major influence on the Hippie Movement. Jim Morrison took it as his inspiration for his group The Doors. Huxley even claimed to have been the one who coined the term "psychedelic," which appears to be the case.

Perennial Philosophy  in English Reduction = 111 (7+5+9+5+5+5+9+1+3   7+8+9+3+6+1+6+7+8)
Philosophia Perennis in English Reduction = 111 (7+8+9+3+6+1+6+7+8+9+1  7+5+9+5+5+5+9+1)

The Doors of Perception in English Reduction = 111 (2+8+5 4+6+6+9+1  6+6 7+5+9+3+5+7+2+9+6+5)