Sunday, September 18, 2016

Scientism is Satanism Without the Robes

The main difference between science and the belief system of Scientism is a simple one. Science is a pursuit of truth, while Scientism is the belief that truth can only be found in science, and nowhere else.
This picture is a scene from Fritz Lang's Metropolis the silent film cult
classic. The film equates satanism,symbolized by the he inverted
 pentagram in the background with science gone wild.

To people under the spell of this sophistry, and maybe even for some the ones who have been promoting this bag of lies so successfully for the last 150 years, the universe came out of nowhere and is the product of the blind forces of nature, and nothing else.

Our world is an accident according to these people. This coincidence of existence is ruled by a mindless yet predetermined set of physical laws which they'll have you know rules out any need of a Creator. It's always entertaining how these people want to have it both ways!

The running time of the original screening
of Metropolis was 153 minutes. 153 matches the
 full gematria of The Illuminati.

 I got philosophical with this subject in a couple of previous posts, here, and here. The main theme of this post is showing how the charlatans of Scientism are not as smart or nobly disinterested as they make themselves out to be. People like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Bill Maher, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and going back to Aldous Huxley, and his brother Julian, and many more I'll get to or the next few posts are all selling the idea that we're just animals without a soul or a spirit that lives on beyond this lifetime on earth.

Satanists believe in the ruthless accumulation of personal power and an amoral worldview based on deception and manipulation. In the Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey says the black magician,
...manipulates the folly- ridden masses through his own Satanic might, until that day when he may come forth in splendor proclaiming "I am a satanist! bow down, for I am the highest EMBODIMENT OF HUMAN LIFE!" 
One has to at least be impressed with his sense of drama. Obviously, the satanic creed is aimed at people who operate on a very low vibration of spiritual energy. His tone is accusatory in the juvenile sense of the word. He loves to complain and rationalize his penchant for evil, as he howls about how others do the same. His cynicism doesn't have much time for poetry, art or philosophy. He's the perfect propagandist for corporate values.  Liquidate the competition. "It's only business!" "Get out of our way!" "Gold rallies!" "You lose! "Ha-ha!" That type of thing.

Darwin's theory of evolution is centered on "survival of the fittest" and "natural selection." It's funny how the modern Darwinists try not to mention the original and entire title of his book, On the Origin of Species.

The reason for this omission is clear, they don't want people to realize that Darwinism is based on eugenics, or the business of making genocide and depopulation scientifically respectable. Here's the title.
The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, Or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life
In the article linked here, the writer, a practitioner of Scientism himself, never once tries to explain the disgusting fascist overtones of the title. All he does is lie for Richard Dawkins and his claimed memory loss when someone asks him to say the entire title out loud. The idea that Dawkins could not remember at least some of the full title of a work  that he seems to base his outlook on is a little hard to believe. The writer of the article tacks it up to early morning fog, and completely ignores the larger questions of what the title implies. It's funny how these atheistic defenders of Scientism run for cover like a pack of pharisees when they're confronted with the truth.

I'll start of by pointing out, the theory of natural selection and "survival of the fittest" is more than compatible with satanism and the worship of power and force.The connections that come through in gematria are intriguing to say the least.

Survival of the Fittest in English Reduction = 88 (1+3+9+4+9+4+1+3   6+6  2+8+5   6+9+2+2+5+1+2)
Survival in English Reduction system = 34 (1+3+9+4+9+4+1+3)

The fascist overtones of this phrase is no accident. 88 is the infamous calling card of the Neo-Nazi movement. Heil Hitler! H = 8, etc. However, 88's connections to power, force and domination are much older and deeper, as shown this article. I'm including some of the gematria below.

Purple in English Ordinal = 88 (16+21+18+16+12+5)
Purple in English Reduction = 34 (7+3+9+7+3+5)

"The haves" in English Ordinal = 88 (20+8+5  8+1+22+5+19)
"The haves" in English Reduction = 34 (2+8+5   8+1+4+5+1)

Purple is of course the prime symbol of power from the ancient world. The Tyrian purple of the Hellenistic kings and Roman emperors is the main reason for this. "The haves" of course are "the fit" in both the Darwinian and the satanic view of the world. In a world devoid of spiritual understanding, Might is Right.

It's interesting that LaVey is such a fan of the arts of deception and domination; 88 is also in the gematria of the words poison, program, hostile and bloodline.

When it comes the number 34, there are even more words connected to death and the inflicting of pain and suffering. The words, murder, hate, violent, beheaded, sinner, bloodbath, shocker, destroy, hostile, anarchy, and the phrase "hit list" all have 34 gematria.

The notion that one has to be a murderous amoral degenerate in order to thrive in this world is satanic. Satanists and scientific propagandists have no qualms about saying or omitting facts to fit whatever the agenda calls for. Their belief system is based on deception. So, if you ask them a question that touches on the truth, they're going to lie. It's simple as that. If they find a fact or quote that they can twist into service, that's okay, too. A few paragraphs down, I'll show you how they do it. It's sickening.

Some might say, "How can you lump scientists and satanists into the same group?" I'm not talking about true science or real scientists who are conscious of the limitations of their discipline and who act accordingly. What I'm pointing out is inescapable. The radically mechanistic view of the Universe called scientific determinism is what LaVey's "religion" is founded on. In this abuse of reality, the satanist finds his justification, for if man is nothing but an animal who is the product of unconscious physical forces, immutable physical laws and blind chance, he's off the cosmic hook, so to speak. Like I said earlier, Scientism and satanism sees no contradiction in this kind of rationalization.

Let's start with Darwin. Gematria can be a powerful weapon of persuasion and he apparently knew what he was doing. However, gematria is a two-edged sword. It reveals the code that was meant to stay hidden.

Darwin's Arch in the Galapagos Islands.
The full gematria of the catch phrase, Survival of the Fittest is 277.

Survival of the Fittest in English Ordinal = 277 (19+21+18+22+9+22+1+12   15+6   20+8+5   6+9+20+20+5+19+20)

This phrase matches with the gematria of Galapagos.

Galapagos in English Gematria = 277 (7+1+30+1+70+1+7+60+100)

For more on the importance of 77 read this article.

The archipelago of the Galapagos Islands is the location that supposedly led Darwin to his conclusions in On the Origin of Species. 

On the Origin of Species in English Reduction = 114 (6+5+0+2+8+5  6+9+9+7+9+5  6+6  1+7+5+3+9+5+1)

The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, Or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life" in English Ordinal = 1114

Evolution in English Gematria = 114 (5+400+60+30+300+200+9+60+50)

The number 114 is patterned into both the short title On the Origin of Species and in the longer complete title with the strong fascist overtones that eventually led to the Social Darwinism of Herbert Spencer and Francis Galton.

For satanists and the cult of Scientism, the word evolution is both a battle cry and a religious mantra.Why does the process of evolution have to be excluded from the Mind that set it in motion and preserves it from chaos?

These hucksters of hubris on both sides of the false Science versus Religion divide don't want us asking that question.  Both Spencer and Galton were members of the X Club along with Darwin, Thomas Huxley and others in the scientific establishment of Great Britain. This group made it their mission to destroy the spiritual heritage of humanity to make way for the worldwide scientific dictatorship. I covered this topic in the last blog post here.

Social Darwinism is the philosophy behind the practice of eugenics, a term coined by Francis Galton to define the practice of sterilizing and even killing off  "undesirable human stock."  I guess you can see where I'm going with this, because 114 also shows up in the gematria of the terms World War, Holocaust, and even Pearl Harbor.

World War in English Ordinal = 114 (23+15+18+12+4   23+1+18)
World War in English Reduction = 42 (5+6+9+3+4   5+1)

Holocaust in English Ordinal =114 (8+15+12+15+3+1+21+19+20)
Holocaust in English Reduction = 33 (8+6+3+6+3+1+3+1+2)

Pearl Harbor in English Ordinal = 114 (16+5+1+18+12   8+1+18+2+15+18)
Pearl Harbor in English Reduction = 60 (7+5+1+9+3   8+1+9+2+6+9)

The political movement of Zionism is a part of the masonic conspiracy of deceit and domination that rules the world from behind the scenes.

Zionism in English Ordinal with the -s exception = 114 (26+9+15+14+9+19+13)
Zionism in English Reduction = 42 (8+9+6+5+9+1+4)

The Tower of the Tarot is a powerful symbol,of rack and ruin. It's the 16th card of the Major Arcana. According to traditional interpretation, The Tower represents...
 war, a war between the structures of lies and the lightning flash of truth. This is a card about anything we believe to be true, but later learn is false. This realization usually comes as a shock, hence, the violent image. It is, quite simply, that moment in any story where someone finds out a shocking truth, one that shatters their perceptions and makes them reassess their beliefs.
 The Tower in English Ordinal = 114 (20+8+5   20+15+23+5+18)
The Tower in English Reduction = 42 (2+8+5   2+6+5+5+9)

If there was ever a war that takes place in the human heart and mind it's the war of the Idea verses the Fact, and good verses evil. Every person makes their choice either consciously or unconsciously. Its's unavoidable. Whether or not one understands this, he has already decided. Free will, the dignity of man, and the human spirit, if we decide these gifts of Life are worth fighting for then there is always hope.

In this set of 114 words, the reduced values of World War = 42, Holocaust = 33, and 60 for Pearl Harbor also have significant connections, which can be explored on the Compendium of Gematria and other gematria sites.

Masonry in English Reduction  = 33 (4+1+1+6+5+9+7)
Masonry in English Reduction with the -s exception = 42 (4+1+1+6+5+9+7)

Freemason in English Reduction = 42 (6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5)
Satanism in English Reduction = 24 (1+1+2+1+5+9+1+4)
Satanism in English Reduction with the -s exception = 42 (10+1+2+1+5+9+10+4)

The gematria of 60 matches in the terms and Pearl Harbor and World War II.

World War II in English Reduction = 60 (5+6+9+3+4  5+1+9  9+9)

Getting back to 114, As I wrote about in an earlier post Aldous Huxley the author of Brave New World was also the grandson of "Darwin's Bulldog," Thomas Huxley. It's a novel about a world ruled by a scientific dictatorship that uses a brainwashing technique called hypnopaedia where infants and toddlers are laid down to sleep in large rooms. They're made to listen to recordings of commands and suggestions to make them compliant slaves to the World State. This sleep-training goes on night after night, repeating the same impressions over and over.

Hypnopaedia in English Ordinal = 114 (8+25+16+14+15+16+1+5+4+9+1)
Hypnopaedia in English Reduction = 60 (8+7+7+5+6+7+1+5+4+9+1)

Aldous Huxley probably enjoyed playing the role of a concerned author who was trying to warn society about the looming threat, all the while with the smirk of mockery upon his sickly face. At Berkeley he spoke on the Final Revolution. Once again gematria reveals the common thread of the war number 114 that he inherited from his grand pappy and good ole Darwin.

A Scientific Dictatorship in the English Reduction = 114 (1 1+3+9+5+5+2+9+6+9+3  4+9+3+2+1+2+6+9+1+8+9)

Dictatorship without tears in English Reduction = 114 (4+9+3+2+1+2+6+9+1+8+9+7   5+9+2+8+6+3+2   2+5+1+9+1)

Dictatorship without tears in English Ordinal = 321 (4+9+3+20+1+20+15+18+19+8+9+16   23+9+20+8+15+21+20   20+5+1+18+19)

The 321 gematria for "Dictatorship without tears" even has the look of a countdown, like 3-2-1.

Aldous Huxley was in all probability the architect of the CIA's MK-Ultra mind control program, which by all appearances is still alive and well. The series of articles that I just linked to on Gnostic Media have the documentation to back up that claim.

I need to insert this aside before returning to 114. 

MK Ultra in English Ordinal = 96 (13+11+0+21+12+20+18+1)
MK Ultra in English Reduction = 24 (4+2+0+3+3+2+9+1)

Satanism in English Ordinal = 96 (19+1+20+1+14+9+19+13)
Satanism in English Reduction = 24 (1+1+2+1+5+9+1+4)

According to many witnesses and victims of MK Ultra, Satanic Ritual Abuse is the preferred method of inducing trauma for reprogramming of mind control slaves.

It's funny how after World War II, that while eugenics was officially saddled with the label "junk science" it's still practiced covertly through Planned Parenthood, UN's Agenda 21, and other social control programs.

Junk Science in English Ordinal = 114
(10+21+14+11  19+3+9+5+14+3+5)

Junk Science in English Reduction = 42 (1+3+5+2  1+3+9+5+5+3+5)

The "science" that we are meant to know as subjects is just that, junk science. There's true information out there, but you have to sift through a lot of lies and propaganda to find it.

When you break down the numbers of 114 into the sequence 1-1-4, which is the reflection of 4-1-1 even stronger connections to the history of scientific fascism come through in the gematria of the following terms.

The truly inconvenient truth of Nazi and Zionist collaboration is seen in
this coin which helped promote the Zionist project of a Jewish state in
Palestine. This aim was finally realized after World War II on
 September 3, 1947, with the founding of Israel. 
One One Four in English Ordinal = 128 (15+14+5  15+14+5  6+15+21+18)
One One Four in English Reduction = 56 (6+5+5  6+5+5  6+6+3+9)

Adolph Hitler English Ordinal  = 128 (1+4+15+12+16+8  8+9+20+12+5+18)
Adolph Hitler English Reduction = 65 (1+4+6+3+7+8   8+9+2+3+5+9)

Gabriel's Horn in English Ordinal = 128 (7+1+2+18+9+5+12+19  8+15+18+14)
Gabriel's Horn in English Reduction = 65 (7+1+2+9+9+5+3+1  8+6+9+5)

A Hellenistic coin depicting Alexander with horns. In ancient
times, horns were seen as symbol of divine lineage and rulership. 
Another 128-65-56 world conquest connection is the Gordian knot. History and legend both tell us that when  Alexander the Great entered Asia in 333 B.C. he went to the city of Gordium in Phrygia to fulfill the prophecy of the Gordian knot.

The prophecy supposedly foretold that the man who untied the knot, would be ruler of Asia. There are a couple of versions, but the most exciting one has Alexander pulling out his sword and slicing the knot in half with one stroke.

It's dramatic and provides the perfect opportunity for some gematria coding. Ever since, Alexander's "out of the box" thinking on the Gordian knot problem, that type of reasoning is known as an "Alexandrian solution."

Gordian knot in English Ordinal = 128 (7+15+18+4+9+1+14  11+14+15+20)
Gordian knot in English Reduction =  56 (7+6+9+4+9+1+5  2+5+6+2)

Alexandrian solution in English Ordinal = 228 (1+12+5+24+1+14+4+18+9+1+14 19+15+12+21+20+9+15+14)
Alexandrian solution in English Reduction = 84 (1+3+5+6+1+5+4+9+9+1+5   1+6+3+3+2+9+6+5)

In Revelation, the archangel Gabriel heralds the second coming of Christ by blowing his trumpet. For the unseen controllers, World War II was a crucial pivot point in the unfoldment of the prophecies that related to the end times.

Gabriel's Horn also refers to the mathematical equation of Evangelista Torricelli, illustrated below.

Torricelli in English Ordinal = 121 (20+15+18+18+9+3+5+12+12+9)
Torricelli in English Reduction = 58 (2+6+9+9+9+3+5+3+3+9)
Torricelli died young at the age of 39.
Interestingly he appears in this painting
by Lorenzo Lippi with a Tau-shaped

Revelation in English Ordinal system = 121 (18+5+22+5+12+1+20+9+15+14)

"Mark Tau upon their Foreheads" in English Reduction = 121 (4+1+9+2   2+1+3   3+7+6+5   2+8+5+9+9   6+6+9+5+8+5+1+4+1)

May First Seventeen Seventy Six in English Reduction = 121 (4+1+7   6+9+9+1+2   1+5+4+5+5+2+5+5+5   1+5+4+5+5+2+7   1+9+6)

Freemasonry in English Reduction = 58 (6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5+9+7)

Torricelli was an Italian mathematician who discovered the formula which outlines this mathematical paradox. The puzzle of how an infinite surface area and a finite volume can somehow exist together in the same form cannot be logically explained.Yet, the mathematics involved forces us to admit this is so.

Finite Volume Infinite Space in English Reduction = 128 (6+9+5+9+2+5   4+6+3+3+4+5   9+5+6+9+5+9+2+5  1+7+1+3+5)

Finite Volume Infinite Space in English Ordinal =  281 (6+9+14+9+20+5   22+15+12+21+13+5   9+14+6+9+14+9+20+5  19+16+1+3+5)

This idea of paradox is very important to understanding the psyche of the atheistic materialist, and the satanists who seem to use Scientism as a bromide for their spiritual sickness.

This is why paradox is the kryptonite of Scientism. The experience demands the acceptance that some things are unknowable, at least in the literal, material sense.

Natural religion is strengthened by the acceptance of mystery and uncertainty as a principle of human life. Awe, wonder and gratitude are natural to human beings. In false religions and philosophies, theology and metaphysics take the place of paradox. Trying to get the satanist, the false scientist and the braindead masses to appreciate paradox is like trying to get cats to listen to music.The theologian at least acknowledges it's existence. However, he considers it his prerogative to smother it with orthodoxy and dogma.

For a Scientism salesman like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, this kind of willful ignorance and hubris is so ridiculous, it's almost laughable. When I read his one of his essays entitled The Cosmic Perspective, I noticed the how he used the curious phrase "low contracted prejudices" to describe the mindset of greedy violent human beings with no appreciation of the costs of civilization. That's pretty accurate, so far.

Where it gets crazy is when Tyson hammers away at linking this truism with the misguided notion that it is belief in God almost automatically leads to those feelings of self importance.

I would counter that by saying that atheism is no guarantee either. In fact, with no concept of a Higher Power that humans originate from and that we are responsible too in some way, the chances of order and harmony even in this life are almost impossible.

In the introduction of the essay, Tyson starts it off with the quote from the astronomer James Ferguson. It appears in the screenshot below.

Anyone can see that Ferguson was a passionate and sincere man who loved astronomy. He had faith in its power to elevate the mind toward contemplation of the stars where, "our very faculties are enlarged with the grandeur of the ideas they convey."

 Now here is how Tyson twists this sweeping prose to his own advantage, for the materialist camp. Tyson knows full well, he cut out the best part. The screenshot below is directly from the Ferguson's book Astronomy. I have included the entire quote. When you get to the end, you'll see how intellectually dishonest his treatment of Ferguson's work really is.

Ferguson apparently had no reservations about writing what he meant by "low contracted prejudices."  In fact, Tyson completely flips the intended message. Ferguson declares that "an undevout Astronomer is mad," which is to say, it's the atheistic astronomers like Neil DeGrasse Tyson who are the crazy ones. After looking at the heavens and the spectacular sights to behold there, and they still can't see the light? Sounds like Ferguson nailed it.

The line An undevout Astronomer is mad is actually Ferguson's quote from the poem Night Thoughts by Edward Young. It is the poetic statement of what true Enlightenment science really is. It's a long poem that's not perfect in structure, but it has some soul-stirring lines like these.

In this His universal temple hung 
With lustres, with innumerable lights,
That shed religion on the soul; at once,
The temple, and the preacher! 
O how loud It calls devotion! genuine growth of Night!
 Devotion! daughter of Astronomy!
An undevout astronomer is mad.
True; all things speak a God; but in the small,
Men trace out Him; in great, He seizes man;
Seizes, and elevates, and wraps, and fills
With new inquiries, ’mid associates new.
Tell me, ye stars! ye planets! 
tell me, all Ye starr’d, and planeted, inhabitants! what is it?
What are these sons of wonder? say, proud arch 
(Within those azure palaces they dwell),
Built with divine ambition! in disdain
Of limit built! built in the taste of heaven!

An undevout Astronomer is mad in English Ordinal = 321 (1+14+0+21+14+4+5+22+15+21+20  1+19+20+18+15+14+15+13+5+18  9+19  13+1+4)

An undevout Astronomer is mad in English Reduction with the -s exception  = 114 (1+5
3+5+4+5+4+6+3+2  1+1+2+9+6+5+6+4+5+9   9+1  4+1+4)

The gematria of 321/114 in Huxley's "dictatorship without tears" is a complete inversion and reversal of the spirit of Young's Night Journey. The undevout Astronomers are today's mad scientists. The war number 114 and the countdown 3-2-1 is a ominous combination.

Countdown in English Ordinal = 129 (3+15+21+14+20+4+15+23+14)
Galactic Tick Day in English Ordinal = 129 (7+1+12+1+3+20+9+3  20+9+3+11   4+1+25)

As Zach Hubbard points out, Galactic Tick Day was announced on September 6, 2016, or 9/6. 96 is the full gematria for Freemason. The numerology of the day is 24. 9+6+2+1+6 = 24. 

The first Galactic Tick Day will be "celebrated" on September 29. Is this the beginning or end of a countdown? Whatever it is, it probably not good for us.

96/24 is the combination for both Freemason and Satanism.  

Perhaps Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins should both pray for a little divine intervention to help with their early morning fog. That is how Scientism experts explain these lapses in giving credit and providing context.Maybe they could organize a prayer meeting and ask for divine inspiration to make their presentations more inspirational, or maybe just accurate and honest.

It's time to open another big nasty can of gematria.The first place to start is the name, Tyson. As you study the gematria just below, keep in mind that Tyson makes no secret about his infatuation with the planet Saturn

Tyson in English Ordinal = 93 (20+25+19+15+14)
Tyson in English Reduction = 21 (2+7+1+6+5)

Saturn in  English Ordinal = 93 (19+1+20+21+18+14)
Saturn in  English Reduction = 21 (1+1+2+3+9+5)

Without knowing the context of gematria, Tyson's glowing descriptions of Saturn are a little strange. I understand he's an astronomer and there is no doubt that Saturn is a strikingly beautiful planet. Still the way he describes the experience by gushing, "It will change your life," when looking at the planet from a telescope, it's creepy. Historically and symbolically, Saturn worship is virtually synonymous with Satan worship. When you watch the video linked at the end of the article, you can see for yourself and make up your own mind.

The link here is from an article at And Yet The Deny. It does a great job of explaining the Saturn/Satan connection.

In Neil Degrasse Tyson's article The Cosmic Perspective he does something even stranger at toward the end of the article.

In this section, the repetition of the phrase "The Cosmic Perspective," makes it read like a litany prayer of the Catholic Church. It occurs 13 times in this section. This kind of writing is not exactly scientific.. Rhythmic verbal repetitions found in chants and mantras are often the the tools of priestcraft and propaganda.. It's a method of persuasion used by religious institutions like the Catholic Church  and in the corporate world by Madison Avenue and Hollywood.

The gematria of the phrase "the cosmic perspective" shows us even more about where all of this devotion is probably directed.

The Cosmic Perspective in English Ordinal = 233 (20+8+5   3+15+19+13+9+3   16+5+18+19+16+5+3+20+9+22+5)
The Cosmic Perspective in English Reduction = 98 (2+8+5   3+6+1+4+9+3   7+5+9+1+7+5+3+2+9+4+5)

One of the most notorious secret societies in the world is the German occult organization known as the Fraternitas Saturni. I have no idea if Tyson is a member or not but the gematrical connections, and Tyson's own professed love for Saturn are plain to see.

Fraternitas Saturni in English Ordinal = 233 (6+18+1+20+5+18+14+9+20+1+19   19+1+20+21+18+14+9)
Fraternitas Saturni in English Reduction = 80 (6+9+1+2+5+9+5+9+2+1+1   1+1+2+3+9+5+9)

In Jewish gematria the very word gematria has gematria of 233.

If you click on the link to, you'll see how the terms Messiah and Seal of God also share the same gematria.

The glossay at also documents the following terms as having 233 gematria, MK-Ultra Mind Control, Freemason Mind Control, Horus the All-Seeing Eye, and many more.

The reduced value of The Cosmic Perspective is 98.  This number also has deep connections to Saturn as well.

Brotherhood of Saturn in English Reduction = 98 2+9+6+2+8+5+9+8+6+6+4  6+6   1+1+2+3+9+5)

Other terms that share gematria of 98 are, three point one four, which is another way of expressing the number Pi. February-twenty-seventh equals 98. The date 2/27 is linked with Pi because 7 divided into 22 is 3.14.

The forethought and obsession that went into all this word magic is mind-boggling. And these is so much more to cover with Neil Degrasse Tyson, Dawkins and the rest of these manipulators but I'm going to have to end for now on this connection

Satanism equals Scientism in English Reduction = 84 (1+1+2+1+5+9+1+4   5+8+3+1+3+1   1+3+9+5+5+2+9+1+4)

Cosmos in English Ordinal = 84 (3+15+19+13+15+19)
Cosmos in English Reduction = 21 (3+6+1+4+6+1)

Cosmos is, of course, the title for Tyson's FOX television series. It's reduced gematria of 21 also equals the reduced gematria for Saturn.

Satanism equals Scientism in English Ordinal = 282 (19+1+20+1+14+9+19+13   5+17+21+1+12+19   19+3+9+5+14+20+9+19+13)

Saturn is the Keeper of Time in  English Ordinal = 282 (19+1+20+21+18+14   9+19+0+20+8+5   11+5+5+16+5+18   15+6   20+9+13+5)

King of Pain in English Gematria = 282 (20+9+50+7   60+6   70+1+9+50)
One of the hits from the 80's rock group, The Police is titled "King of Pain." As you can see from the lyrics, it's a song about "The Bringer of Sorrow," the role that occult tradition assigns to Saturn.

There's a fossil that's trapped in a high cliff wall
That's my soul up there.
There's a dead salmon frozen in a waterfall
That's my soul up there.
There's a blue whale beached by a springtime's ebb
That's my soul up there.
There's a butterfly trapped in a spider's web
That's my soul up there.
Keeper of Time in English Ordinal =128 (11+5+5+16+5+18  15+6   20+9+13+5)
Keeper of Time in  English Reduction = 65 (2+5+5+7+5+9   6+6   2+9+4+5)

128/65 takes us right back to the gematria of Adolph Hitler and Torricelli's mathematical paradox Gabriel's Horn.

Just for future reference, the song "Spirits in the Material World" also by the Police is about the conflict between humanity and social institutions, but more importantly it's about the real world war discussed earlier. It's about the invisible battlefield for the mind where each individual inevitably in his own heart and consciousness makes a decision. This is where we encounter manipulation by the external forces of religion, government, science and entertainment. Just as Sting tells us in the lyrics,

Our so-called leaders speak
With words they try to jail ya
They subjugate the meek
But it's the rhetoric of failure
All of that is true, however what Sting does not reveal is how they are subjugating the meek with language's power to enslave.

"With words they try to jail ya" in English Ordinal = 353 (23+9+20+8  23+15+18+4+19   20+8+5+25   20+18+25   20+15   10+1+9+12   25+1)

Gematria in English Gematria = 353 (7+5+40+1+200+90+9+1)

Wrapped Around My Finger in English Ordinal = 253 (23+18+1+16+16+5+4  1+18+15+21+14+4  13+25  6+9+14+7+5+18)

The Illuminati in English Ordinal = 153 (20+8+5   9+12+12+21+13+9+14+1+20+9)

"We Are Spirits in the Material World" in English Reduction = 153 (5+5 1+9+5 1+7+9+9+9+2+1  9+5+0+2+8+5  4+1+2+5+9+9+1+3   5+6+9+3+4)

Kryptonite in English Ordinal = 153 (11+18+25+16+20+15+14+9+20+5)

Religion in English Reduction = 53 (9+5+3+9+7+9+6+5)

There ya have it! These associations are what we in the gematria movement we're trying to get the world to see. The powers that rule from the shadows have probably been using the secret weapon of gematria for thousands of years to keep us ignorant of our origins, our potential and our destiny, because if we ever find out who we really are and what we could be, it's game over for these assholes!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with natural religion, which is simply the cultivation of love, gratitude and and humility that comes from a true realization of what life is and its purpose. We don't need churches, governments and psychologists to tell us that.

With words they try to jail ya in English Reduction =119 (5+9+2+8   5+6+9+4+1   2+8+5+7   2+9+7   2+6 1+1+9+3  7+1)

119 is one of the main subjugation numbers in gematria as can be seen in these words.

High Priest in English Ordinal = 119 (8+9+7+8   16+18+9+5+19+20)

All-seeing Eye in English Ordinal = 119 (1+12+12+19+5+5+9+14+7  5+25+5)

Divine Rule in English Ordinal = 119 (4+9+22+9+14+5   18+21+12+5)

Star of David in the English Ordinal system =119 (19+20+1+18+0+15+6+0+4+1+22+9+4)

King James Bible in the English Ordinal system =119 (11+9+14+7-10+1+13+5+19-2+9+2+12+5)

Orthodox in the English Ordinal system = 119 (15+18+20+8+15+4+15+24)

Another line in the song Spirits in the Material World ties back into this "war for the mind" symbolism.

The rhetoric of failure in English Reduction = 114 (2+8+5  9+8+5+2+6+9+9+3   6+6  6+1+9+3+3+9+5)

We can't afford another day of these gematria goons running around in the shadows like spirits in a material world coding our language and our reality with the rhetoric of failure. It's time to wake up!

At 00:42 Tyson makes a sweeping El Diablo gesture while saying "I am certain..."

"I am certain" in English Ordinal = 93 (9  1+13  3+5+18+20+1+9+14)
"I am certain" in English Reduction = 48 (9  1+4  3+5+9+2+1+9+5)

Saturn = 93
Illuminati = 48