Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sociological Control Freak Jeremy Bentham and his "Panopticon" - Blueprint for Scientific Dictatorship

19th century British "philosopher," Jeremy Bentham conceived his diabolical design of a prison that has become a metaphor for technocratic dictatorship As the picture below shows, a single guard in the center of its cylindrical frame can effectively monitor an entire inmate population.

Bentham knew that the inmates would never known if they were in the sight of the guard or not. Just that alone would influence them to work harder and follow the rules. Bentham was so warm to the idea that he wanted to employ his design in factories, schools, hospitals and tenement houses, just about anywhere.

Bentham is in the same camp as "thinkers" like Bertrand Russell, Charles Darwin, Herbert Spencer, Thomas Huxley, and his grandson Aldous Huxley. They were the early promoters of the belief system called Scientism. Some really cocky scientists love to mock  the superstitious masses with their old-time religion and their outdated notions about the Unseen.

Mock in English Ordinal =42
Mock in English Reduction =15

Massachusetts of Technology's acronym locks right in.

MIT  in English Ordinal = 42
MIT  in English Reduction = 15

Bentham had his superstitions, too. He was a high priest in the Cult of Control.

Jeremy Bentham in English Reduction = 58
Jeremy Bentham  in the English Ordinal =139

Freemasonry in English Reduction =58
Freemasonry  in English Ordinal =139

Science in English Ordinal = 58

Panopticon  in English Reduction =  51
Panopticon  in English Ordinal = 123

Conspiracy in  English Reduction = 51
Conspiracy in English Ordinal = 123

Here are the numbers on few scientific terms, institutions and luminaries. The words and names show a pattern that's all-too-familiar.

On their own website, the Royal Society of Science was first known as the Invisible College. 

The Invisible College  in English Reduction = 94
The Invisible College in the English Ordinal = 193

Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park California is the West Coast version of the Royal Society and the Invisible College.

Menlo Park, California in English Reduction =94
Menlo Park, California  in  English Ordinal =193

Stanford Research Institute in English Reduction = 113
Stanford Research Institute in English Ordinal = 311

Universe in English Ordinal  = 113
Scientific dictatorship in English Reduction = 113

The reflection on 113/311 invokes the number that all Freemasons seem to want to be if they aren't there already,  33. 

Darwin in English Reduction =33
Evolution  in English Ordinal = 133

Charles Darwin  in English Reduction =63
Natural selection in English Reduction = 63
Brave New World  in English Reduction =63

Darwin's first award was the Royal Medal, which he received for his book On the Origin of Species.  

Royal Medal in English Reduction = 43
Evolution in English Reduction = 43

The Royal Society in English Reduction = 74

There it is, good ole 74.

Weapon in the English Ordinal = 74
Occult in the English Ordinal = 74
Energy in the English Ordinal = 74
Nuclear in the English Ordinal =74
Global Government in English Reduction = 74
Social engineers  in  English Reduction = 74