Friday, September 30, 2016

The Gematria of Fire Worship and the "Burnt Offering"

The number 74 is incredibly important to the understanding of gematria. As Zach Hubbard and others often point out the words, Jesus, Lucifer, Muhammad, occult, masonic, English, Jewish. gematria, Independence Day and many other key terms all share gematria of 74.  Of course, most people would mark that down to bothersome coincidences. However, July 4th is most often written as 7/4, so even the calendar date of Independence Day gives us a clue

What is the significance of 74 to the powers that be? I think the reason for 74's exalted status has something to do with fire worship and a form of ritual sacrifice known as the burnt offering. 

Fire worship in English Reduction = 74 (6+9+9+5   5+6+9+1+8+9+7)
Fire worship in English Ordinal = 146 (6+9+18+5  23+15+18+19+8+9+16)

Burnt offering in English Reduction = 74 (2+3+9+5+2  6+6+6+5+9+9+5+7)
Burnt offering in English Ordinal = 155 (2+21+18+14+20   15+6+6+5+18+9+14)

About the time July 4th rolls around in America, pyromaniacs from all walks of life  flock to the fireworks stand to get their bottle rockets, Roman candles, sparklers, and firecrackers. It's a lot of fun!

Pyrotechnics in English Reduction with the -s reduction = 74 (7+7+9+6+2+5+3+8+5+9+3+1)

Pyrotechnics in English Ordinal =155 (16+25+18+15+20+5+3+8+14+9+3+19)

Bottle rocket in English Ordinal =146 (2+15+20+20+12+5   18+15+3+11+5+20)

Bottle rocket in  English Reduction = 47 (2+6+2+2+3+5+0+9+6+3+2+5+2)

The hidden controllers know that we as human beings have a deeply elemental and conflicted relationship with fire. It keeps us alive with its warmth, yet it's nature's most fearful instrument of destruction

It's one of the most important symbols of the intellect because it provides light in the darkness. It allows us to see right from wrong--what is true and what is false.  However, in orthodox Christianity, fire is the symbol of judgement and the eternal torment of sinners. From its origins in the Roman empire to even now, from time to time, preachers have reveled in the imagery of Hell and the Lake of Fire.

These beliefs were borrowed and bowdlerized from the religion of Zoroaster, the ancient Persian prophet. Here's a linked pdf on the religion Mazdaism,or Zoroastrianism. In this religion the main symbol of god good Ahura Mazda is fire. His adversary is Ahiram the destructive spirit of greed, wrath and envy. There is no eternal punishment. And yet, human beings must fulfill their destiny by fighting on the side of good. However long it takes to accomplish this, Ahura Mazda will then confine the demons, driving them mad as they devour each other completely.

Yazidi in English Ordinal =74 (25+1+26+9+4+9)

The Yazidi, who are being genocided by ISIS in Syria and Iraq, practice a religion that is partly descended from this Persian religion, but from the dark end of its dualism. The god they worship is Melek-Taus, who is Satan in the form of a peacock. The Yazidi believe that Melek is the one that must be appeased in this world. God has to forgive everyone in the end, even the Devil.

Melek-Taus "the Peacock Angel" is also known as the Canaanite god Molech, portrayed as a stone owl in the infamous Alex Jones "exposé" of Bohemian Grove. In the video, the elite wanted us to know that they worship this demon. It was standard practice in  to throw children and infants alive into Molech's fire for sacrifice. In the modern version of the ceremony at Bohemian Grove, the live infant, we're told, was replaced  by an effigy. This ceremony is also known as the "Cremation of Care."

Cremation of Care in  English Reduction = 74 (3+9+5+4+1+2+9+6+5   6+6   3+1+9+5)
Cremation of Care in English Ordinal = 146 (3+18+5+13+1+20+9+15+14   15+6   3+1+18+5)

As you can see, the 74/146 is identical with the gematria for "fire worship."

74 is interesting from the standpoint of arithmetic, since

74 x 3 = 222,
74 x 4.5 = 333
74 x 6 = 444
74 x 7.5 = 555
74 x 9 = 666
74 x 10.5 = 777
74 x 12 = 888

Since we have the connection of fire-worship with the number 74 in hand, the biblical connotations of the triple 2's,3's, etc, it's time to go to the book of Leviticus 3:3 where it says,
And he shall offer of the sacrifice of the peace offering,
an offering made by fire unto the LORD;
Peace offering  in English Reduction = 74 (7+5+1+3+5  6+6+6+5+9+9+5+7+0)
Peace offering  in English Ordinal = 110 (16+5+1+3+5   15+6+6+5+18+9+14+7+0)

I'll have to get back to this tomorrow at some point.