Friday, October 21, 2016

Eminem's;"Campaign Speech" - A Political Parody By The Numbers and the "Loose Canon."

Entertainment Weekly October 19, 2016 The misspelling on the word cannon as "canon" is probably not a mistake
. The gematria of loose canon comes out to 113, a number of great significance in freemasonic gematria. 

The hip-hop artist Eminem has released a new tune called "Campaign Speech" and it's sure to be what the masses have been waiting for. "Welcome my friends, to the show that never ends" It's the time-honored saga of one puppet stooge calling out the other one as some kind of parody of a political drama.

The human insult machine has struck again and it's Trump who is the beneficiary. Here's a excerpt from the Entertainment Weekly story today, Wednesday, October 19, 2016.

Consider me a dangerous man
 but you should be afraid of this dang candidate...
You say Trump don’t kiss ass like a puppet
cause he runs his campaign with his own cash for the funded
And that’s what you wanted?
A f—ing loose canon who's blunt with his hand
On the button who doesn’t have to answer to no one
          Great idea.

This "song" is wrong on so many levels, it's hard to decide where to begin, but let's start with this one.

To his credit, Eminem has the word cannon spelled correctly on his lyrics on The use of the word funded, instead of funding as it is in the song  makes no sense' unless it's a veiled message with "the funded"as a metaphor describing the super-rich, which is entirely possible. Allison Sadlier, the writer credited with this article is a recent graduate of Fordham University run by the Jesuits, so that may be significant as well.

Trump is not his own man. He's a poster boy for corporate welfare, which means he has powerful friends with influence. He has bullied people out of their homes through the use of eminent domain to make room for his building projects.He boasts, demeans people, makes outrageous claims and the media covers every stinking bit of it.

That's because Trump answers to the banks and  AIPAC just like Hillary does, and all the rest of the puppets.

Apparently, Eminem thinks this is the best way to run the country and many don't really care much anyway. The way they see it, I think, is that he's sold so many albums that we should "respect his authority."  Who cares if it's the same people who Trump's taking orders from?  What does it matter if Eminem approach to life is the same as Donald Trump's?

They both talk a lot of trash, flash a lot of bling and verbally abuse just about everybody that might have an angle on them. That's probably one reason why these guys talk to women and about women like they do. It's laughable that in 2004, twelve years ago that Donald Trump and "Slim Shady" yucked it up on stage together with a mock political convention called The Shady Party Convention.

Shady Party in English Reduction = 47  
Shady Party in English Ordinal = 137

Authority in English Reduction = 47 
Authority in English Ordinal = 137 

Twelve years in English Reduction = 47 Twelve years in English Ordinal = 155
Occult Ritual in English Reduction = 47  Occult Ritual in English Ordinal = 155

I'm linking an article here where I show definitively that Esquire Magazine, the news-entertainment outfit that  reported on this farce, has been a predictive programming propaganda organ of the American ruling class since at least 1952. Below is the full speech made by Trump at the event.

 It's so blatantly obvious that this was both a mockery of the American people and dry run for election year 2016, that even Esquire had to admit that Trump was practicing for his own run. Just a coincidence, as they say.

A tribute to the film A Clockwork Orange. The Eye of Horus
 gesture is a main feature of Crowley's philosophy.
Going a little deeper,  even though canon is a misspelling of cannon, it is a word. A canon is a collection of texts meant to be followed as law, or even the law itself, as in the canon law of the Catholic church.

Eminem claims to be his own man, too, when he's in the studio blowing out this scrub, that hater and then this douche, and so on. However, his relationship with his industry masters tells another story.

The correct spelling yields the reduced and full values of 127/46.

Loose Cannon in English Ordinal = 127 Vatican City in English Ordinal = 127
Loose Cannon  in English Reduction = 46 Vatican City in English Reduction = 46

Now stay with me, because there's another strong tie in with this theme. The date for the release of 13 years, which is also a very important number in American history since the county started off with thirteen states from thirteen colonies, and so on.
"Campaign Speech" was released on October 19th, which is also the date for the beatification of Mother Teresa. She was beatified by John Paul II on that day in 2003. That's a span of  13 years.

The canonization ceremony of the Catholic church took place from September 1-8. The first mass of the proceedings took place on September 2, 2016.

Since 2016 is a leap year, it was the 246th day of the year with 120 days left in the year. The important thing on this day was the veneration of the relics of Mother Teresa.

"Campaign Speech" in English Ordinal = 120  Illuminati in English Ordinal = 120

Campaign Speech in English Reduction = 66 Relics in English Ordinal = 66  Loose in English Ordinal = 66  Inquisition in English Reduction = 66  Woman in English Ordinal = 66

The date of her canonization was September 4, 2016. That was the 248th day of the year, which left 118 days in the year. 118 is a strong symbol of 11/8 or November 8, Election Day 2016.

The Grand Illusion = 188 Everyday Americans = 188

Trump = 88 Poison = 88 Program = 88

The Matrix = 118 Election Day 11/8

On September 3rd, the celebrations featured a "musical meditation." 

Musical Meditation in English Ordinal = 188

Historically speaking, September 3rd is a very important date. World War II began on that day in 1939.It was the consecration day of Pope Gregory the Great in 590.

The oldest republic in the world San Marino was founded on September 3, 301 A.D. The span of days encompassing the canonization ceremony also covers the dates for the Great Fire of London in 1666.

The strange subliminal propaganda is all the more noticeable when you see how dates, gematria and cultural symbols are manipulated. through popular music.

 This is where the symbolism branches off into the masonic concept of the Master Builder, who is also know as Hiram Abiff, the architect of Solomon's Temple.

The Architect  in  English Ordinal = 120

Master Builder in English Ordinal = 147 Mother Teresa in English Ordinal = 147

Mother Teresa in English Reduction = 57 Master Builder in English Reduction = 57

In case you're still thinking these numbers are coincidence, consider this. Pope Francis recently released an anthology of his declarations on the Catholic religion. It's called Lumen Fidei or "The Light of Faith." 

Lumens Fidei no. 57 praises Mother Teresa for her Christian charity. I will add that assessment was under question by many long before she was made a saint. I haven't looked into it enough yet to form an opinion, but I have come across stories of how she used the media to promote an image of herself was not accurate.

Lumen Fidei in English Reduction = 53 Religion in English Reduction = 53

One of Eminem's nick names also fits in with the numerical symbolism.

Shady in English Ordinal = 57 Fake freestyle in English Reduction = 57

The table below demonstrates the span  that from the date of the first mass to celebrate Mother Teresa's canonization, to the release of Campaign Speech

The date numerology of September 2, 2016 is 47/20.

9 + 2 + 20 + 16 = 47 
9 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 6 = 20

Canon in English Ordinal  = 47 Canon in English Reduction = 20
The gematria of the word canon matches perfectly with the date numerology above.

Kiss-ass puppet in English Reduction = 47 President in English Reduction = 47
Truer gematria has never been coded.

Slim Shady in the English Ordinal = 110 President in English Ordinal = 110 

With the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if they actually did give the presidency to Eminem somewhere down the line. 
Independent October 20, 2016

At minute mark 3:22 Eminem lights into Trump and those who support him. It's more of the same degeneracy that fans are accustomed to hearing from this guy. The antagonism is so outrageously predictable that it does not bear re-quoting from the excerpt above, except for the phrase...

"Great idea" in English Gematria = 322

For those who study gematria, 322 is a number that is a real eye-brow raiser. On the right is the infamous logo of Skull and Bones, or the Order of Death.  March 22, 2016 or 3/22/16 was the date of the Brussels Airport false flag terror attack. For more information that ties 322 into the larger context of the Shock and Awe attack of 3/22/03 in Iraq and Russian composer Stravinsky, see the article here.

At minute mark 4:01, Eminem tells the audience,
If I was president
Gettin' off is the first order of business
Once I get in office
Second thing that'll make me happy's walkin' up to Uncle Sam
Naked, laughin', dick cupped in hand
Screamin', "F--k safe sex!"
"Getting off " in English Reduction = 55
I'm not sure if that's worse than what Hillary or the Donald have in mind. However, anyway you slice it, someone will probably be getting off on Election Day November 8, 2016, a date with 55 numerology.

11+ 8+ 20+16 = 55

The last line of this section, "F--ck safe sex!" also has interesting gematria.
"F--k safe sex " in English Ordinal = 120
"F--k safe sex in English Reduction with the -s exception = 57
The Catholic Church and Eminem have at least one thing in common on the use of condoms

Once again, the Illuminati and Master Builder numbers discussed earlier show up again in this key phrase. If one recalls the gospel according Aldous Huxley in his novel Brave New World, sexual promiscuity and hedonistic distractions are essential to keep people compliant in a scientific dictatorship. Not surprisingly, Eminem doesn't offer any real solution to any problem, except one "for the funded," which is getting people to think solutions themselves are foolish.

Uncle Sam has very similar gematria with the word Trump.

Uncle Sam  in English Ordinal = 88  Uncle Sam  in English Reduction = 25
Trump in English Ordinal = 88 Trump in English Reduction =  25
The slogan "Vote or Die" is blatant propaganda

With all of the Catholic church parallels discussed in this article, it's time close with the gematria for the deliberate misspelling.

It brings together many strands discussed here.

Loose canon in English Ordinal = 113

Vote or die  in English Ordinal = 113

Election Day in English Ordinal = 113

 Fake reality in English Ordinal = 113

Puppets in English Ordinal = 113 Mainstream in English Ordinal = 113  Dishonest in English Ordinal = 113

Loose canon in English Reduction = 41

Mainstream in English Reduction = 41

Dishonest in the English Reduction = 41 

As stated earlier, forty one is the 13th prime number

Thirteenth in English Reduction = 55  Once again the date numerology for Election Day is 55.