Thursday, October 27, 2016

Encyclopedia of Gematria: "The Satanic Temple" spokesman conflates Buddhism with Satanism and Judaism | Buddhism = 35/80, Baphomet = 35/80

The Times of Israel, October 26, 2016
In the October 26, 2016 edition of The Times of Israel, the Satanic Temple received more free publicity for their "religion.." In that story, Malcolm Jarry was quoted as saying,

'I see it like Buddhism. Satanism is something that can co-exist with being a Jew' [emphasis mine]

The quote was featured at the top in the title section of the article. What makes this quote significant from to standpoint of gematria is that Buddhism has the same numeric profile as the word Baphomet, the hideous demon that the Satanists love to display.

 The method of deception by conflation in the association of Satanism with Buddhism and Judaism is standard procedure for the Satanists.

Buddhism in English Ordinal = 80 (2+21+4+4+8+9+19+13)
Buddhism in English Reduction = 35 (2+3+4+4+8+9+1+4)

Baphomet in English Ordinal  = 80 (2+1+16+8+15+13+5+20)
Baphomet in English Reduction = 35 (2+1+7+8+6+4+5+2)