Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Encyclopedia of Gematria: Ukrainian Hacker Group "Kiberkhunta" = 120/48, "Illuminati" = 120/48

Global Voices October 26, 2016
News of the Putin/Surkov email by Kiberkhunta or "Cyber Hunta" broke internationally on October 26, 2016, Hillary Clinton's 69th birthday.

The report about in the emails, told of the discussion for a destabilization plan to undermine  Ukrainian/Western control of eastern Ukraine where a sizable portion of the population is Russian.

For whatever its worth, Ukrainian officials verified the authenticity of the  hacked emails. It's very interesting that the gematria of Kiberkhunta locks in with that of the word Illuminati. 

Kiberkhunta in English Ordinal = 120 (11+9+2+5+18+11+8+21+14+20+1)

Kiberkhunta in English Reduction = 48 (2+9+2+5+9+2+8+3+5+2+1)

Kiberkhunta in English Reduction with the -k exception = 66

Illuminati in English Ordinal = 120 (9+12+12+21+13+9+14+1+20+9)

Illuminati in English Reduction =  48 (9+3+3+3+4+9+5+1+2+9)

This entry correlates  with the gematria for  "Blame Russia," documented earlier this week.
Blame Russia in  English Ordinal = 120 (2+12+1+13+5   18+21+19+19+9+1)