Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Leaky Wikis -- "Political Sausage," the "Propaganda Arm" and Inciting War with Russia -- All in a day's work!

The Clinton email scandal continues to dominate the headlines. However, now that the power establishment in Washington is blaming the Russian government for the hacks, with absolutely no evidence to back up this claim, the behind-the-scene stunts that always come during election year, have taken an ominous turn.

Yet, before I deal with the latest that's just come out today, I think a little background is is order. I think it will help demonstrate to all, but especially to the people of Russia and America that we have a common bond in that both our countries are controlled by different factions of the same oligarchical gang. Some call it the Illuminati the Masons, or the Zionists, the secret societies, or the mystery schools, still by whatever label, it's the same bunch.

The United States and Czarist Russia were once on very friendly terms, especially during the Civil War. It was  155 years ago today on October 12, 1861 that the first ships arrived there.
Russian fleet patrolling American coastline in 1863.

The reason for this is that both countries had a common adversary in Great Britain.  Not many Americans know that the Russian fleet in San Francisco harbor and both countries wheat exports that kept the British oligarchy from invading the U.S. from Canada during those years. It was exactly

If you read the article linked above, you'll see see how numerous authors have attempted to downplay the importance of the U.S.- Russian alliance in the 19th century. The truth is that had it not been for this alliance, Britain and France would have invaded the U.S. to take advantage of the division caused by the Civil War. It certainly would have given the Confederacy what it needed to survive.

The reason that many don't recall this interesting facet of American history is because of the Cold War and America's "special relationship" with the UK.

 After the Civil War, it became British policy to do all they could to separate the two countries by directing the United States to find its strongest ally in Great Britain, and finishing off the Czar in the coming world war. All of this came to pass in the infamous Triple Entente, which directly caused the outbreak of World War I.

This alliance involved England, France, and Russia to surround Germany, which was the most powerful country in continental Europe. Germany found its allies in Italy and Austria, and this setup made war virtually inevitable.

The author of the Triple Entente was Edward VII. If you read the propaganda of the victors, Edward is called the "Peacemaker," yet to history he is known as "the Encircler." Also since, he was related to most of the crowned heads that his machinations eventually toppled from power,  he's also called the "Uncle of Europe."

The Encircler in English Reduction = 66 (2+8+5   5+5+3+9+9+3+3+5+9)
Uncle of Europe in English Reduction = 66 (3+5+3+3+5   6+6  5+3+9+6+7+5)
A post card from the 1900's with Teddy Roosevelt and his mentor Edward VII
commemorating the "special relationship" with the slogan
 "One Tongue, People."  A kingly crown , masonic handshake and poem,
all part of the propaganda "One Tongue, One People" = 93 Propaganda = 93.
Great Architect in English Reduction = 66 (7+9+5+1+2   1+9+3+8+9+2+5+3+2)

The Encircler in English Ordinal = 120 (20+8+5   5+14+3+9+18+3+12+5+18)
The Architect in the English Ordinal =120 (20+8+5  1+18+3+8+9+20+5+3+20)
Illuminati in English Ordinal =120 (9+12+12+21+13+9+14+1+20+9)

Albert Edward was the son of Queen Victoria, who had to wait a long time for his chance to rule.

During that time, he  found a follower in Theodore Roosevelt, who wanted an empire like England's, so the story goes. Edward died in 1910, four years before the breakout of World War I, but his web of "diplomacy" made it all possible.

 Albert Edward in English Ordinal = 113 (1+12+2+5+18+20  5+4+23+1+18+4)

"APRIL is the cruellest month" in the English Reduction = 113 (1+7+9+9+3   9+1   2+8+5   3+9+3+5+3+3+5+1+2   4+6+5+2+8)
This the first line of T.S. Eliot's poem  The Wasteland written in 1922, a metaphor for the state of the world after WWI.

Map of the Triple Entente
It's also significant that the Entente Cordiale, a defense alliance between England and France, was signed during Edward's reign on April 8,1904, which was the first step toward war with Germany.

Black and White in English Ordinal = 113 (2+12+1+3+11  1+14+4  23+8+9+20+5)
Edward started the fashion in men's formal wear of a black tie and coat with a white shirt, instead of a white tie with white tails.

It should be noted that America's costliest wars and most bitter disappointments have come in the era of "friendship" with England. It may come as a shock but no country is friends with the British establishment. Nothing would please them more than to see their old enemies the United States and Russia destroy each other, to make room for China as the new unrivaled world power. That's how the game's played. Hillary Clinton and her confederates are going along with it and doing what they're told.

In today's news it has come out that all of the rhetoric from the Clinton campaign denouncing Trump as a traitorous beneficiary of Russian espionage and alleged  hacking of Hillary's email server is a bunch of malarkey.

Clinton herself has been very approving of Putin where it suits her interests. Her advisor, John Podesta has admitted to being hacked and is accusing the Trump campaign and the Russian government of a conspiracy to steal the election.

Yesterday's data dump at Wikileaks has Hillary Clinton expressing disdain for "everyday Americans."

We saw a flame war between Brian Fallon of the Clinton campaign and Julian Assange of Wikileaks get into over his supposed collusion with Russia and the Trump campaign.

Fallon accused Wikileaks of being the "propaganda arm" for Putin.

Propaganda arm in English Reduction = 62 (7+9+6+7+1+7+1+5+4+1   1+9+4)

Propaganda arm in English Ordinal = 125 (16+18+15+16+1+7+1+14+4+1   1+18+13)

Mason in English Ordinal = 62 (13+1+19+15+14)

The Pentagon in English Ordinal = 125 (20+8+5   16+5+14+20+1+7+15+14)

The pundit on the Fox News interview linked here said the emails revealed the process of making "political sausage" a play on Bismarck's quote about the unseemly side of deal-making in government.

Political sausage in English Reduction = 62 (7+6+3+9+2+9+3+1+3   1+1+3+1+1+7+5)

Powers that be in English Reduction with the -s exception =  62 (7+6+5+5+9+10  2+8+1+2  2+5)

Political sausage in English Ordinal = 170 (16+15+12+9+20+9+3+1+12   19+1+21+19+1+7+5)

World War Three in English Ordinal  = 170 (23+15+18+12+4   23+1+18+0+20+8+18+5+5)

If it ever came to World War Three, it would be the people of the world and especially those of the United States and Russia who would suffer the most, since The so-called leaders Hillary, Putin, and the rest will be an underground bunker with plenty of food , water and anything else they need until the fallout subsides.

You may recall how during Hillary's time as Secretary of State, she made a big deal about greater cooperation between  Russia and America back in 2009. She presented Russian secretary Lavrov with  a "reset button" as a prop for the world stage. It looked shockingly like the infamous red button of nuclear war.
Hillary's Russian "Reset Button." The word is in Modern Latin script rather than the Cyrillic alphabet, and it's apparently misspelled, unless you see the gematria for what it is, propaganda.  

Reset button in English Reduction = 42 (9+5+1+5+2  2+3+2+2+6+5)

Russia in English Reduction with the -s exception  = 42 (9+3+10+10+9+1)

Peacemaker in English Reduction = 42 (7+5+1+3+5+4+1+2+5+9
Edward VII was ironically called "the Peacemaker," and we know how that turned out.

Freemason in English Reduction = 42 (6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5)

The Waste Land in English Reduction = 42 (2+8+5   5+1+1+2+5   3+1+5+4)
There's that damned poem again!

The Red Button in English Reduction = 53 (2+8+5   +9+5+4   2+3+2+2+6+5)
The Red Button in English Ordinal =152 (20+8+5   18+5+4   2+21+20+20+15+14)

The Pentagon in English Reduction = 53 (2+8+5  7+5+5+2+1+7+6+5)
The Pentagon in English Ordinal =125 (20+8+5  16+5+14+20+1+7+15+14)

Russian Reset in English Reduction = 51 (9+3+1+1+9+1+5   9+5+1+5+2)
Conspiracy in  English Reduction = 51 (3+6+5+1+7+9+9+1+3+7)