Thursday, October 13, 2016

Leaky Wikis and Radioactive Emails - Democratic Oligarchs Exposed As Cynical Con-Artists, Hypocrites and Liars - Will The West Allow ISIS To Start WWIII With Russia ?

CNN October 13, 2016
Wikileaks continues its dump of emails from the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party staffers. These communications reveal the U.S. ruling class' arrogance and disdain for the American people and really for all of humanity that most people would have found impossible only a few days ago.

However, as people who have looked closely at 9/11, and know it for the fraud and crime that it was, these revelations only confirm what we already knew.

The Democrats, Republicans, the Clintons, the Trumps, and all insiders who lie and continue to cover-up the truth about that day are all traitors to this country and in pocket of the Freemasonic/Zionist/Vatican/New World Order network.

The slaughter of however-many-it-takes to rule the world is just part of doing business to these people.

What's to be made of this supposed conflict escalation with Russia? It looks to be two factions of the Gang helping each out with some fear and anxiety propaganda for domestic consumption, or it could real.

Politico, October 12, 2016
With the way the world is lied to by the power elite and the media, who knows? The Democrats do love poking the Russian bear, so to speak, and that's a dangerous game, anyway it goes. Still, from what I've found online in the brief time I've looked into it today, it's the British press that's drumming it up the most, as usual.

Here's to recap what happened today. Russia claims that the U.S. has cut a deal with Saudi Arabia to allow safe passage of 9,000 ISIS fighters to leave the city of Mosul, Iraq which they have terrorized and occupied since 2014.

 The Russian military released a statement that they have intelligence that states these terrorists are to be sent to Aleppo, Syria to fight the Assad regime, Russia's client state in the Levant.

Most of the American papers and British rags are putting out the idea that Putin is "paranoid" and his claims are "outrageous," and so on. But, it's okay NATO to put missiles and troops virtually on Russia's doorstep after the former Warsaw Pact countries joined the Western alliance.

 The coup in Ukraine in 2014 still threatens Russia's access to the Black Sea in the Crimea, which the Russians have had for a long time, ever since they built Sevastopol in 1783. It's Russia's only port that's ice free year-round.

The Sun, October 13, 2016
I realize that Ukraine and Russia have a deeply troubled history with reason for bad blood on both sides, but toppling a government friendly to Russia, and replacing it with one that's hostile to Russia was not a good idea.

Even though Putin and Russia's ruling class are in the international masonic network, that probably doesn't mean that they don't have independent interests that are often at odds with what the Western faction of the Club wants to see happen. There's always pressure and bullying involving when it comes to asserting power and it's pretty easy to see that both Russia and the West are pretty good at it. .

Still, because of history and the Russian people's sacrifices in WWII, and on the other hand with Ukraine's desire for self-determination, the matter should be settled by formally making Ukraine independent and neutral, forever. No more applications from Ukraine to join NATO  and no Russian hegemony.

I think that's the best option for the people of Ukraine because they're probably going to need Russia's help to grow economically for some time. It's certainly the best option for the world.

Gematria has much to tell us about what the truth is concerning whether or not this is really a march to WWIII or yet another world-wide masonic news-drama for the purposes of agenda.

In the headline from the screenshot at the top of the post, CNN used the phrase "unpredictable confrontation" to describe how volatile the situation with Russia is.

Unpredictable confrontation in English Reduction = 123 (3+5+7+9+5+4+9+3+2+1+2+3+5   3+6+5+6+9+6+5+2+1+2+9+6+5)

Conspiracy in English Ordinal = 123 (3+15+14+19+16+9+18+1+3+25)

Masonic Sign in English Ordinal = 123 (13+1+19+15+14+9+3 - 19+9+7+14)

The Emperor in English Ordinal = 123 (20+8+5   5+13+16+5+18+15+18)

We can see how these terms all fit together when considering that no matter the truth about the emails, the hacking, the media frenzy fueling rumours nuclear war with Russia, somewhere, somehow there's a conspiracy involved.

The masonic signs like handshakes, poses, and gestures are the glue that binds these occultic orders together. The clenched fist of secrecy and terror reigns. 

The Emperor is the fourth trump card of the Tarot. He symbolizes the absolute power of the state, and its ruler. He's the Big Daddy that weak minded people run to for protection, the Tyrant. Hillary Clinton is marketing herself as Big Momma which is about the same when it comes to power and control.

In the article from The Sun the phrase "terror deal" is in quotation marks, usually an indication of gematria coding. "Terror deal" is no exception because it matches the gematria of 53, discussed in yesterday's article here

Terror deal in English Reduction = 53 (2+5+9+9+6+9   4+5+1+3)
The Pentagon in English Reduction = 53 (2+8+5   7+5+5+2+1+7+6+5)

Religion in English Reduction = 53 (9+5+3+9+7+9+6+5)

Sheep in English Ordinal = 53 (19+8+5+5+16)
Sheep and Goats in English Reduction = 53 (1+8+5+5+7 1+5+4 7+6+1+2+1)

The tension is focused on the city of Mosul, Iraq. Gematria and geography conspire to make this city a focal point throughout America's recent history in Iraq.

Mosul in the English Reduction = 17 (4+6+1+3+3)
Mossad in English Reduction = 17 (4+6+1+1+1+4)

Kill in English Reduction = 17 (2+9+3+3)
Mason in English Reduction = 17 (4+1+1+6+5)

Mossad is of course, the current name for what was originally called the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, or ISIS for short.

Mosul, Iraq in English Reduction = 44 (4+6+1+3+3+0+9+9+1+8)
Kill in English Ordinal = 44 (11+9+12+12)
Mossad job in English Reduction = 44 (4+6+1+1+1+4   1+6+2)

The figure of 9,000 for the number of ISIS fighters seeking to leave Mosul before it falls, has interesting connections as well that tie into Biblical prophecy.

Nine thousand in English Ordinal = 144 (14+9+14+5   20+8+15+21+19+1+14+4)
The Book of Revelation tells that 144,000 will saved in the End Times.
The ramparts of the walls of the New Jerusalem measure 144 cubits Revelation (21:17)

Nine thousand in English Reduction = 54 (5+9+5+5   2+8+6+3+1+1+5+4)
Terrorism in the English Reduction = 54 (2+5+9+9+6+9+9+1+4)
Israeli Mossad in the English Reduction = 54 (9+1+9+1+5+3+9  4+6+1+1+1+4)