Thursday, October 6, 2016

New 9-11 Connections Revealed Through Gematria: More Highjacked Symbolism From Ritual Sacrifice of the Burnt Offering

In the Hebrew language and in the Old Testament, the sacrifice known as the burnt offering is called the korban olah. This is the term from which the English word holocaust is derived.  That emotionally charged word will have to wait for a later post. In this article, mention is made to show where that word comes from.

The korban olah was different from the peace offering and guilt offering which both involved eating part of the sacrificed animal after it was burned and cooked on the altar. The korban olah called for the whole carcass to be consumed by the fire, leaving nothing behind but ash. The blood of the sheep, goat or dove was dashed on the four corners of the altar, as it bled to death. This was considered a higher form of sacrifice than the communal meal of the peace offering, and so forth.

Once again there is a clearly designed correlation between fire worship symbolism, gematria, ritual sacrifice,
and more

Korban olah in English Ordinal = 97 (11+15+18+2+1+14  15+12+1+8)
Korban olah in English Reduction = 43 (2+6+9+2+1+5   6+3+1+8)

Wicker man in English Ordinal = 97 (23+9+3+11+5+18   13+1+14)
Wicker man in English Reduction = 43 (5+9+3+2+5+9  4+1+5)

The term wicker man refers to the cruel and psychopathic ritual of the Druids, where they burnt a human being alive inside a giant wooden effigy while they sang and danced around the pillar of fire.

Plane Crash in English Ordinal = 97 (16+12+1+14+5  3+18+1+19+8+)
Plane Crash in English Reduction = 43 (7+3+1+5+5  3+9+1+1+8)

Insiders in English Ordinal = 97 (9+14+19+9+4+5+18+19
Insiders in English Reduction = 43 (9+5+1+9+4+5+9+1)

The pairing of 97/43 in plane crash evokes the spectre of 9/11 when Flights 11 and United 175 were said to
have hit the World Trade Center Towers. It was the ultimate inside job! When you write out the word ninety-seven, the gematria is a solid match with Silverstein, as in Larry Silverstein the principal owner of the Twin Towers.

Ninety-seven in English Ordinal =152 (14+9+14+5+20+25   19+5+22+5+14)
Ninety-seven in English Reduction = 53 (5+9+5+5+2+7   1+5+4+5+5)

Silverstein in English Ordinal = 152 (19+9+12+22+5+18+19+20+5+9+14)
Silverstein in English Reduction = 53 (1+9+3+4+5+9+1+2+5+9+5)

I'm closing out this post with a few more 97 connections and some other eye=brow raising connections.

Violent in English Ordinal = 97 (4+9+15+12+5+14+20)
Violent in  English Reduction = 34 (4+9+6+3+5+5+2)

Control in English Ordinal =  97 (3+15+14+20+18+15+12
Control in English Reduction = 34 (3+6+5+2+9+6+3)

Firecracker in English Ordinal = 97 (6+9+18+5+3+18+1+3+11+5+18)

The Jewish celebration of Feast of Tabernacles is called Sukkot in Hebrew. During this celebration in late September or early October, the rate and expense of the korban olah was amped up, when only bulls, sheep or goats could be sacrificed.

Sukkot in English Ordinal = 97 (19+21+11+11+15+20)
Sukkot in English Reduction with the -s and -k exceptions = 43 (10+3+11+11+6+2)

Shepherd King in English Ordinal = 124 (19+8+5+16+8+5+18+4   11+9+14+7)
Shepherd King in the English Reduction = 70 (1+8+5+7+8+5+9+4   2+9+5+7)

Sheeple in English Ordinal = 70 (19+8+5+5+16+12+5)
Sheeple  in English Reduction with the -s exception = 43 (10+8+5+5+7+3+5)

Coptic Calendar in the English Ordinal = 124 (3+15+16+20+9+3  3+1+12+5+14+4+1+18)
Fireworks in English Ordinal = 124 (6+9+18+5+23+15+18+11+19)

Coptic Calendar in English Reduction = 61 (3+6+7+2+9+3  3+1+3+5+5+4+1+9)
Firecracker in English Reduction = 61 (6+9+9+5+3+9+1+3+2+5+9)