Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Entries on the Encyclopedia of Gematria | "Blame Russia" | "Russia Did It" | "Lady Ga Ga"

For the next month or so I'm going spend more time on updating and editing The Compendium of Gematria. You can see the links to the Compendium pages on the navigation bar at the top of every page on 

It's still rough and inconsistent for the time being, but since there's been a lot of finds and syncs coming to light on this and other sites, I decided someone should start gathering this information together to help uncover the mysteries of how gematria and numerology work, and how language has been coded behind the scenes from the beginning.

If you have a blog and I've added your finds to the Compendium, I'll add your site to the link list on the side bar and on the References page of this site.

I'll also be adding syncs that any readers want to submit in the comments.or by emailing to

The media and the US Government continue to claim that Russia is behind the reported Internet blackouts. Whether or not this claim is true, as of yet, no evidence has been presented.

Blame Russia
Blame Russia in English Reduction = 39 (2+3+1+4+5   9+3+1+1+9+1)

Blame Russia in English Reduction with the -s reduction = 57 (2+3+1+4+5   9+3+10+10+9+1)

Blame Russia in  English Ordinal = 120 (2+12+1+13+5   18+21+19+19+9+1)

Russia Did It 
Russia Did It  in English Ordinal = 133 (18+21+19+19+9+1  4+9+4+0+9+20)

Russia Did It in English Reduction with the -s exception = 70 (9+3+1+1+9+1  4+9+4  9+2)

Russia Did It in English Reduction = 52 (9+3+1+1+9+1  4+9+4  +9+2)

Russian Cyber Attack
Russian Cyber Attack in English Ordinal = 210 (18+21+19+19+9+1+14   3+25+2+5+18 1+20+20+1+3+11)

Russian Cyber Attack in English Reduction with the -s exception  = 84 (9+3+10+10+9+1+5   3+7+2+5+9 1+2+2+1+3+2)

Russian Cyber Attack in English Reduction = 66 (9+3+1+1+9+1+5   3+7+2+5+9   1+2+2+1+3+2)

It was recently announced that Lady Ga Ga will be performing in the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show.

Lady Ga Ga
Lady Ga Ga in English Reduction = 31 (3+1+4+7  7+1+  7+1)  71 is one of the God numbers

Lady Ga Ga in  English Ordinal = 58 (12+1+4+25   7+1   7+171 is one of the God numbers