Monday, October 17, 2016

New World Order Power Grab in Syria Sparks Cyber War with Russia - Propaganda for World War III Intensifies - Gematria Reveals Hidden Demenson of Conflict

In the above video, retired General Wesley Clark recounts how the U.S.'s top brass were informed of the neocon plan to invade and takeover seven Middle Eastern countries in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Libya. Sudan, and Iran are the countries he listed. The plan was to accomplish all of this within five years. Obviously. this "five year plan" is ten years off schedule so far, but the names of the countries are all-too-familiar.

The video helps us to to see that the events we're seeing play out in Syria with ISIS and the U.S. Empire's plan to "take out" Syria was all preplanned. The Democrats love complaining about how Bush lied about Iraq, but fail to see how the Obama presidency is merely a continuation of the plan outlined in the video.

 The real question is who benefits from the Empire? It's not the majority of American people who pay for it in higher taxes and loss of earning power. It's not the rank and file in the armed services who are called out to fight in these wars.

What I'm doing in this article is showing how the propaganda that's coming out in the international media is crammed full of subliminal programming that makes heavy use of gematria to get its point across, which is fear of armageddon. The world has been through this before and I'm not saying to take this lightly. I wouldn't be writing this article if I felt that way. However, it's also clear that the perceived threat of nuclear conflict is a powerful tool of propaganda.

The plan to "take out" Syria has been delayed for the oligarchy that wants to get the job done, because of one problem with the idea. The Russian naval facility at Tartus, Syria is the only base that Russia has outside of the Black Sea that has convenient ice-free access to the rest of the world.

The screenshot above shows a headline from the Russian propaganda outfit, Sputnik. This article was released at 11:03 on October 11, 2016.  It's one of Moscow's way of letting the world know that it considers this base, which has been in operation since 1971, to be vital its national and economic security.

If the ISIS-led opposition forces looking to overthrow the Assad government in Syria succeed, it goes without saying that the Russian base at Tartus will probably not be there for long. It's funny how ISIS terrorists come in handy like that!.

There's no reason to pretend that Putin and the Russian oligarchy are any better than the British or American varieties; they're all predators. But when you see how the fascist coup in Ukraine still threatens Russia's Black Sea access and how ISIS threatens its Tartus base, then the pattern of provocation and goading Putin into making counter moves is plain to see.

When the latest Wikileaks scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton's email server broke last week, the talk of a cyber war was discussed by mainstream media.The reason being is that the Obama administration is accusing Russia of hacking the email of John Podesta and other officials and releasing them to Wikileaks to help the Trump campaign. No evidence, not even any of the stupid charts they show on TV when pushing this crap. Conspiracy theorists! The nerve!

 Trump is something of a beneficiary, but the ruling class has already made it clear that Trump is not probably not going be the winner anyway.  He's playing his part very well though, drumming up populist fervor and . The reason that the media has built this outrageously unfolding narrative around this campaign is to provide cover for the Syrian power grab. As the video of General Clark shows, the plan was already in place when 9/11 occurred.

Daily Kos June 9, 2008
In June 2008, when Hillary and Obama broke away from the press under the cloak of darkness and secrecy, they still ended up having to admit that their press details had been forcibly detained si they could attend  the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia.

 The outcomes of the next four election cycles were probably decided in advance that night. What we're seeing in 2016 with all the hateful hype and hysteria is the playing out of an agenda of war. In the Bush administration it was the Republicans who carried it out. Now it's the Democrats turn to ratchet up the takeover craze.

As pointed out in the last two articles, the weaponized entertainment news and jingoism is rampant on both sides in this propaganda war between Russia and the West Yet, for the most part, it's the West that's been the most belligerent on the ground. I'm closing this article with a gematrical analysis of a propaganda video put out by the Daily Star of London. I've linked video here.

Slide 1

CNBC October 17, 2016
The title is misleading because the only threat of nuclear war is coming from the "Shadow Government" that is exposed in the Wikileak dumps of the Clinton email scandal.

 In the time of my looking at the way gematria is coded in our culture, when you see different colors being used in the text, as in this slideshow, it can often indicate a line break in the code.

For the moment, the entire title phrase reveals some interesting and ominous gematria.

The Current Threat of Nuclear War  in English Reduction = 134.

The Current Threat of Nuclear War in English Ordinal = 341
The novel 1984 is important to keep in mind, because its about a world that is constantly plagued by violence, wars and famine designed to enslave the human race. In the end before his death, Winston Smith is told that all of the wars between Asia and Oceania and the rest of the world were contrived and staged by the rival governments in collusion with each other. Their only purpose was to impose a brutal police state under the cover of war. But it was only a novel.

Eighty Four in  English Ordinal = 134.

Just below is a screenshot from Free To Find Truth to show what Zach Hubbard discovered concerning 134.

As Zach has also pointed out on numerous occasions train wrecks have been contrived to encode prophecies of disaster. Notice that 134 days also breaks down to 4 months and eleven days. When you consider that 4 x 11 = 44, the gematria of the phrase nuclear war colored red in Slide 1 comes through very strong.

Nuclear War in English Reduction = 44 
Kill n English Ordinal = 44
Genocide in English Reduction = 44 
EMP Strike in English Reduction = 44 

Nuclear War in English Ordinal = 116 
EMP Strike in English Ordinal =116 

116 is an emergency ambulance code or alternative code for 911 in many parts of the world.

Slide 2

When adding up the gematria for the red colored words in this slide, hostility and conflict  the sum  works out to 84.

Hostility Conflict  in English Reduction = 84
Hostility Conflict  in English Ordinal = 219 

Engulfing the Globe in English Reduction = 88
Poison  in English Ordinal = 88
Program  in English Ordinal = 88

Slide 3
Dystopian background  in English Reduction = 84
Dystopian background in English Ordinal = 219

Two Nineteen in English Ordinal = 144
144 is a number associated with prophecy and the book of Revelation. Revelation 21:17 states that the new Jerusalem will have ramparts of 144 cubits. 144 cubits is equal to 72 yards or 216 feet.

Two Nineteen in English Reduction = 54
False Flag Event in English Reduction = 54
Terrorism in English Reduction = 54

Closer in English Reduction = 27 
Closer in English Ordinal = 72

World  in English Reduction = 27 
World  in English Ordinal = 72

Mask in English Ordinal = 44
Police State in English Reduction = 44

Gas Mask  in English Reduction = 17
Gas Mask  in English Ordinal = 71

God in English Reduction = 17
God in English Gematria = 71

Slide 4

Doomsday Clock in English Reduction = 50
America in  English Ordinal = 50, and America has fifty states.

United States of America in English Reduction = 84

Smiling Scientists in English Ordinal = 220
Nineteen Eighty Four in English Ordinal =  220

The smiling scientists released their new findings for the increased threat level on January 22, 2015, a date with 58 numerology. The gematria for the words science and freemasonry both add up to 58.

Smiling Scientists in English Reduction = 76
Upgraded in English Ordinal = 76

"It is three minutes to midnight" in English Reduction = 135
False Flag Event in English Ordinal = 135
Terrorism in English Ordinal = 135

Burning Bush in English Ordinal = 135
Wall Street in English Ordinal =135

Slide 5

Imagine that, the text on the slides even alludes to 1984. The last time the Doomsday Clock was set at "three minutes to midnight" was in 1984, during the Reagan presidency.

When the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists released their findings in 2015, 31 years had passed since that time.

 Thirty one in English Ordinal = 134
The Current Threat of Nuclear War  in English Reduction = 134

The gematria for thirty-one ties back to the title of the propagandized slideshow with its warlike music and coded text.

Thirty one years in English Reduction = 76
Thirty one years in English Ordinal = 202

The gematria for thirty-one years ties back to the 76/220 gematria for "smiling scientists," which is strange for a photo op with bad news like "three minutes to midnight."