Friday, October 28, 2016

Research Reveals New Gematria: "Richter Scale," "United States Geological Survey," "Pangea," and more in Encyclopedia of Gematria

In a October 27, 2016 post Zach Hubbard of FreeToFindTruth demonstrated how the gematria for "Richter Scale" matches with those of other key terms related to the ongoing mass deception and collusion between the scientific establishment and the international masonic network.

The post is linked here.

These entries can also be analyzed in concert with other terms in the Encyclopedia of Gematria on this site. You'll find those links on the navigation bar at top of every page.

 Richter Scale in English Reduction = 58 (9+9+3+8+2+5+9  1+3+1+3+5)

The Richter Scale is the As Zach noted, 58 matches with the gematria for freemasonry, science, and secret society. 

Richter Scale in English Ordinal = 121 (18+9+3+8+20+5+18   19+3+1+12+5)

The 121 value for the full gematria of Richter Scale syncs with that of Revelation

Revelation in English Ordinal system = 121 (18+5+22+5+12+1+20+9+15+14)

"Mark Tau upon their Foreheads" in English Reduction = 121 (4+1+9+2   2+1+3   3+7+6+5   2+8+5+9+9   6+6+9+5+8+5+1+4+1)

“The Lord said unto me, Go through the gate, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set the mark Tau upon the foreheads of the men.”

This verse is from Ezekiel 9:4. In this scene, God commands an angelic scribe to go down to Earth, and mark those to be spared with a "Tav," the Hebrew term for the same phoneme - [t], which in Ezekiel's time was written like a sideways X as seen in the picture below.
An angelic scribe marks a believer with the sign of Tau
In the Book of Revelation, the same theme is reversed in the Mark of the Beast. In that book, the mark on the forehead is used as a symbol of selling-out, and giving into evil. 

Revelation is called the Apocalypse in Greek. The New Testament is written Greek, which should make the use of the Greek Tau or T appropriate in that part of the Bible.

May First Seventeen Seventy Six in English Reduction = 121 (4+1+7   6+9+9+1+2   1+5+4+5+5+2+5+5+5   1+5+4+5+5+2+7   1+9+6)

5-1-1776 was the official date of the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati. It is still commemorated in the may Day celebrations and parades of Communists countries. May 1st is also celebrated as Law Day" by the American Bar Association. 

A commentator of Zach's blog Butler also noted that the English spelling of Pangea, the primitive monolithic land mass of Earth that eventually broke apart into the continents we know today, also has a story to tell through gematria. His comment is posted in full below,

Pangea Ultima is the scientific term for theory of an original
single land mass of primordial Earth The fragmentation of the
one land into the continents and islands of our world
 continues due to the cracking, spreading of the
Earth's crust over the eons. 
Love it. This made me think of that whole Pangea theory.
Pangea=134/264/44/26 Not the same numbers as above...but interesting nonetheless! (I did go with the English spelling, rather than the Greek Pangaea)

What strikes me as interesting about earthquakes and Pangea both is this idea that our "mother earth" is a whole land and Pangaea is literally Greek for Pan and Gaia, which means "whole mother," or "earth land."  And the earthquake is the divider...that which tears apart the wholeness of the earth. Lots of symbolism there...
His finds are chronicled here.

Pangea in English Reduction = 26 (7+1+5+7+5+1) 26 is the main "God-number."

Pangea in English Ordinal =  44 (16+1+14+7+5+1)

Pangea in English Gematria = 134 (70+1+50+7+5+1)

Here's a real kicker!
Pangea Ultima in English Ordinal = 120 (16+1+14+7+5+1   21+12+20+9+13+1)

Pangea Ultima in English Reduction = 48 (7+1+5+7+5+1   3+3+2+9+4+1)

Illuminati = 120/48

To this theme I'm also adding the following terms into the Encyclopedia. 

Epicenter in  English Ordinal = 95 (5+16+9+3+5+14+20+5+18)

Epicenter in English Reduction = 50 (5+7+9+3+5+5+2+5+9)

Blind thrust in English Ordinal = 147 (2+12+9+14+4  20+8+18+21+19+20)

Blind thrust in English Reduction = 48 (2+3+9+5+4   2+8+9+3+1+2)
A blind thrust earthquake occurs along a fault line that shows no signs on the Earth's surface.

Seismic Waves in the English Ordinal =147 (19+5+9+19+13+9+3+0+23+1+22+5+19)

Seismic Waves in English Reduction = 48 (1+5+9+1+4+9+3+0+5+1+4+5+1)

The force seismic waves that occur in earthquakes are measured on the Richter Scale and the Moment Magnitude Scale.

 Moment Magnitude Scale in English Reduction = 79 (4+6+4+5+5+2  4+1+7+5+9+2+3+4+5  1+3+1+3+5)

Moment Magnitude Scale in English Ordinal = 214 (13+15+13+5+14+20  13+1+7+14+9+20+21+4+5  19+3+1+12+5)