Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Burnt Offering and Gematria of the Ritual of 9/11

The last post  on the Deep Zone dealt with the relationship of 74 and the numbers that revolve this important symbol of fire worship and the ritual of the burnt offering. For instance, the terms burnt offering, peace offering, pyrotechnics, Independence Day, holiday,  and the infamous Bohemian Grove ceremony known as the Cremation of Care all share gematria of 74.

The interesting arithmetic of 74 was also noted,

74 x 1.5 = 111
74 x  3  = 222,
74 x 4.5 = 333
74 x  6  = 444
74 x 7.5 = 555
74 x  9  =  666
74 x 10.5 =777
74 x 12  =  888
74 x 13.5 = 999

Here's some other  number play, that again leads us back to the obvious fire worship symbolism associated with the Fourth of July. When you divide 74 by 4, the quotient is 18.5.

74 / 4 = 18.5

The Fourth of July is the 4th day of the seventh month. Another undeniable linkage to numerology is the fact that July 4th in  is the 185th day of a normal year.

If you multiply 74 by 18.5 you end up with 1369.
74 x 18.5 = 1369.

Here's an excerpt from a series of articles that explores the novel Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison where the significance of 1,369 is discussed.


... in the famous Prologue of the where we find out that Invisible has strung up 1,369 light bulbs in his basement apartment. That's pretty weird on its own but 1,369 is a special number, a very special number. The square root of 1,369 is 37, so 37x37=1,369.

When you spell out the founding date of the United States 1776 in Roman numerals MDCCLXXVI and decode using Jewish gematria you get 1,369.  

With July 4th or 7/4 being the 185th day of the year, and the product of 74 x 18.5 equaling 1,369 and 1776 in Roman numerals equaling 1,369 in Jewish gematria, the deliberate coding becomes even more apparent.

So let's continue looking deeper.

In the Invisible Man series, I also discussed how the book is more than likely a foreshadowing of 9/11, mainly because of the character Ras the Destroyer. I've included another except below as a recap.

...When you first come across Ras in the novel, his full title is Ras the Exhorter which adds up to 76 in English Reduction. That's a pretty important number in American history. However, it is his title at the end of the novel that cinches up the 911 connections.  When Ras calls on the mob to lynch Invisible for siding with the Brotherhood, Ellison names him Ras the Destroyer.

Ras the Destroyer in English Reduction 
 74 (9+1+1+0+2+8+5+0+4+5+1+2+9+6+7+5+9)

What's important about 74? The World Trade Center was built virtually right on top of the 74th meridian, as can be seen in the screenshot on the right.


As can be seen in the breakdown above,  the name  R-A-S even has the numbers 9-1-1 coded into it. The reason this is no coincidence is that Ras is a title of kingship in the Ethiopian Coptic culture and in the Rastafarian culture. The linkage that Ellison created in this character is strengthened by the fact that the Coptic New Year is celebrated on September 11.

I should emphasize that the people who have engaged in all of this poetry of death over the centuries are not the authors of ANY symbolism or philosophy. All they know how to do is steal the mythology, sacred art and symbolism of the world, and  corrupt it to their own purposes. They have polluted and inverted the spiritual heritage of the Earth for far too long.

Sacred Geometry in English Reduction = 68 (1+1+3+9+5+4   7+5+6+4+5+2+9+7)
Sacred Geometry  in  English Ordinal = 158 (19+1+3+18+5+4  7+5+15+13+5+20+18+25)

Poetry of Death in English Reduction = 68 (7+6+5+2+9+7   6+6   4+5+1+2+8
Poetry of Death in English Ordinal = 158 (16+15+5+20+18+25   15+6  4+5+1+20+8)

So, when I point out the symbolism of evil and the mad logic behind it, I'm in no way disrespecting true spirituality, especially that of the ancient Egypt which is one of the most misrepresented nations of antiquity.

The first month of the Coptic calendar is called Thout, which comes from the Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth. It's also called Tout.

It's reduced gematria is 13.
Tout in English Reduction = 13 (2+6+3+2).

13 is relevant because when the number is written out it reveals a gematria of 99, which is 9 x 11, tying right back to the beginning of the New Year, September 11th, 9/11.

Thirteen in English Ordinal = 99 (20+8+9+18+20+5+5+14)

Returning to the arithmetic of 74 / 4 = 18.5, for a moment,  when 18.5 is spelled out and reduced, the result is 99.
Eighteen point five in English Reduction = 99 (5+9+7+8+2+5+5+5   7+6+9+5+2  6+9+4+5)

In the following examples, the coding of death by fire is undeniable. The 74th-meridian location of the World Trade Center is in sync with the 74-gematria of the terms already discussed, such as  burnt offering and  pyrotechnics.

This is what actually happened to many of those who died on September 11, 2001. They were burnt up in a raging inferno that was most likely was ignited by thermite explosives pre-installed in the World Trade Center towers, and not by the jets, if there were any jets to begin with. The important thing now is to get to the bottom of the obvious deception.

Thermite in English Ordinal =98 (20+8+5+18+13+9+20+5)
Thermite in English Reduction = 44 (2+8+5+9+4+9+2+5)

Cremation in English Ordinal = 98 (3+18+5+13+1+20+9+15+14)
Cremation in English Reduction = 44 (3+9+5+4+1+2+9+6+5)

Moving along, we can also see how the gematria of the World Trade Center correlates with the 18.5 symbolism discussed earlier. It's also worth noting the appearance of a kind of musical symbolism with the 1-8-5 pattern, which is one of the most elemental "chords" in music.

The 1-8 pattern is an octave and the 5 corresponds to the 5th interval, which is the foundation of Pythagorean music theory. I've written two other articles that explore the musical dimension of gematria, here and here.

The form of music that these "pure" intervals are most associated with is Gregorian Chant. It was called that because of Pope Gregory I, also known as Saint Pope Gregory the Great. It's supposed to sacred choral music, but it can have a very spooky sound.

Besides implementing this form of music, he also oversaw the institution of the Gregorian calendar, which the United States and therefore the world mostly goes by to this day. For centuries, this was virtually the only form of music heard in Europe because the Church banned other forms of music until the Renaissance began to take hold in Italy.

Getting back to the main subject,
World Trade Center in English Ordinal = 185 (23+15+18+12+4   20+18+1+4+5  3+5+14+20+5+18)

The most frightful, barbarous and cruelest form of punishment is death by fire, or being burned at the stake.
Burnt at the stake in the English Ordinal = 185 (2+21+18+14+20   1+20+0+20+8+5   19+20+1+11+5)

It's screwed up to even have to fathom that this is most likely the reality we face. But it gets deeper, as usual, the phrase octave and perfect fifth has the gematria of 99. The symbolism just keeps showing up. no matter what angle you look from.

 1     -   8      -  5  
Octave and perfect fifth in English Reduction = 99 (6+3+2+1+4+5+0+1+5+4  7+5+9+6+5+3+2   6+9+6+2+8)

Pope Gregory I in English Ordinal = 156 (16+15+16+5  7+18+5+7+15+18+25  9)
911 is the 156th prime number.

World Trade Center in English Reduction =  77 (5+6+9+3+4   2+9+1+4+5   3+5+5+2+5+9)
Gregorian Chant in English Reduction =  77 (7+9+5+7+6+9+9+1+5   3+8+1+5+2)

More on this topic coming soon.