Monday, October 10, 2016

"The Year of the Cat" and "Casablanca" -- Thematic Gematria Connects with Classic Song and Movie

The folk-rock singer-songwriter of 70's and 80's fame, Al Stewart is most remembered  for his song "Year of the Cat," which starts with the lyrics
On a morning from a Bogart movie                                      In a country where they turn back time

Through gematria, we can see how this reference to the 1942 film Casablanca sets up the theme of intrigue and sexual passion that links "Year of the Cat," other Al Stewart songs, to the Bogart film, as well as the wider scope of history and prophecy.

It's through these connection and may others that we can see gematria plays its role in the propaganda of mass culture directed from the powerful forces as mysterious as the song itself

The title stands out because it evokes the concept of the exotic with feline imagery that sounds like Chinese astrology, but isn't, since there is no Year of the Cat in Chinese astrology. However, in Vietnamese astrology there is.

This is another hidden link on the historical plane since both Casablanca, Morocco and Vietnam were part of the French colonial empire in the early 20th century. After the Nazis took over France in 1940, they installed the Vichy puppet state which continued French domination of its colonies, as portrayed in the movie.

Both Morocco and French Indo-China were countries "where they turn back time," and were on the receiving end of Western imperialism.

These are a few of the strong gematrical links between the song and the film.

Year of the Cat in the English Reduction = 55
Bogart movie in English Reduction = 55

The Casablanca character Victor Laszlo, played by Paul Heinrich,  is a Czech Resistance leader who comes to the city for passage to America to escape the Gestapo, who are after him. In the scene below, Laszlo leads the French and the Moroccans  in singing the French national anthem, La Marseillaise to insult and drown out the German officers who are singing Die Wacht am Rhein. 

This type of simultaneous juxtaposition with two different songs was new in cinema. The fact that both of these songs are patriotic songs with a history of hostility behind them makes the  "divide and conquer" symbolism easy to spot.

Victor Laszlo in English Reduction = 55
La Marseillaise in  English Reduction = 55

At the end of the scene the crowd shouts, "Vive La France!" 

Vive La France in English Reduction = 55

There's another sync with 55 that needs to be mentioned. Al Stewart originally used the music from "Year of the Cat" for the never-released song "Foot of the Stage." The creepy thing about this is that Stewart's lyrics more or less predicted the suicide of Tony Hancock, the BBC's most popular comedian during the 1960's.

Hancock was a hard-core alcoholic and suffered from depression, so it wasn't  exactly a stretch, so to speak. Still, there's only one line of "Foot of the Stage" that I've been able to find online, "Your tears fall down like rain at the foot of the stage." which is melancholy indeed.

Without the entire song lyrics, one is left wondering what it's all about, much like the feeling of listening to "Year of the Cat," for the first time.

Stewart maintains that his reason for not releasing "Foot of  the Stage" is that few in America had ever heard of Tony Hancock.

Hancock in English Ordinal = 55

After leaving Great Britain, Hancock moved to Australia where he was said to have committed suicide on June 26, 1968.

However, with gematria and numerology thickening the circumstances with 55, it becomes plausible that his death was not a suicide, but a ritual murder by the numbers

June 25, 1968 is a date with 55 numerology.

6 +25 + 1 + 9+ 6+ 8 = 55

The name of the show was prophetically entitled Hancock Down Under. 

Tony Hancock's flat in Australia was located in the upscale Sydney suburbs in Bellevue Hill, New South Wales.

The coordinates for that area of Sydney's latitude are 33.88 degrees South, which contains a difference of 55 when 33 is subtracted from 88.

Sydney AU in English Reduction = 33

Al Stewart was born on September 5, 1945 a day with 33 gematria.

9 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 4 + 5 = 33

Al Stewart's place of birth is Glasgow, Scotland, which has gematria of 55.

Glasgow, Scotland in English Reduction = 55

Other significant words that also have 55 gematria include the following.

Al Stewart is famous for his ability to make historic events come to life in his music. The hit album that came immediately after "Year of the Cat" was called Time Passages with the title song being the single release.

Time Machine in English Reduction = 55

Piano in English Ordinal = 55

Song in English Ordinal = 55

Master Teacher in English Reduction = 55

When it comes to setting history to music, no one does it like Al Stewart.

The thing that caused me to look more closely at Al Stewart's music is a conversation I had with a good friend who has been involved in the national music industry for most of his adult life.

He pointed out to me that both Al Stewart songs "Year of the Cat" and "Time Passages" have similar lyrics and both with a full album length and single edit length, very close to 6:40 and 4:38 respectively.

 He wondered if that was a coincidence and I told him that I'd find out what the number have to say. At the time, I had no doubt that it was not a coincidence, and the numbers show that's probably much more to uncover.

Here's what I've come up with so far

Six minutes forty seconds in English Reduction = 100

If you look at the marked up cover above, just under the young lady with the cat costume, you'll see what looks like a magazine cover with the title Pussy.

Pussy in English Ordinal = 100
Time Machine in English Ordinal =100

Six minutes forty seconds in English Ordinal =316

Some very important historical events have occurred on March 16th.or 3-16.

In 597 BC, the Babylonians captured Jerusalem, initiating the time of sorrow for the Hebrews known as the Babylonian Captivity

Babylonian Captivity in English Ordinal = 220
Babylonian Captivity in English Reduction = 85

I'm not sure of what to make of it yet, but Babylonian Captivity shows some remarkable synchronicity with the album art for YOTC. It seems like most if not all the items have not only a thematic resemblance but they share gematrical connections as well.

Cat's tail in English Reduction =  22
Cat's tail in English Ordinal = 85

Kitty in English Reduction =  22
Kitty in English Ordinal = 85

Katmandu in English Reduction = 22
Katmandu in English Ordinal = 85

On March 16, 1244 the Albigensian Crusade was brought to a close with fall of the castle fortress of "Montségur.