Sunday, November 6, 2016

Encyclopedia of Gematria: "Trump Scare." "Reno, Nevada," "Arthur Bremer," "Travis Bickle," "Austyn Crites," "Fascist," and more.

On the evening of November 5, 2016 Secret Service agents rushed Donald Trump off the stage at a campaign rally in Reno, Nevada after an incident involving  Ausytn Crites, 33.

Trump supporters claim Crites tried to rush the stage while seeming to draw a "gun" from his waistband.

Trump Scare in English Ordinal = 134
 (20+18+21+13+16  19+3+1+18+5)

Trump Scare in English Reduction = 44 (2+9+3+4+7   1+3+1+9+5)

Crites said the reason he was attacked was because of the "Republicans Against Trump"  flag he was trying to hoist at the rally. When searched by police, Crites was found to be otherwise, unarmed.

When news broke, it has since been discovered that the name Austyn Crites has turned up on Wikileaks. A search of his name reveals that he purchased a copy of The Next Decade by George Friedman, the founder of the private intelligence service, Stratfor.

It's ironic that Crites a supposed Republican Clinton supporter who is extremely critical of Trump should have purchased a book by Friedman that espouses a policy toward Russia that Trump is selling. Below is an excerpt of the Wikipedia article for "The Next Decade," which refers to the one we're in at the moment. Bear in mind that the book was published in 2010.

On July 20 2016, Trump made the "alarming" statement that defense of the newest NATO allies the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania would not be automatic if Russia were to ever invade those countries.

Trump was severely criticized for those remarks, yet behind the scenes, that was being discussed as a way to deal with Russia at least as far back as 2010. According to Friedman, Russia would have to be appeased for Poland being used as a wedge against her and Germany.

It's simply more of the same old balance of power Realpolitik that the people of the world have had endure for far too long. These predators whether they're American, Russian or whoever always want to carve up the biggest piece for themselves.

The "Trump shooting scare" is just another episode in the ongoing propaganda war against the world. For many months, since the Kalamazoo, Michigan shooting of April 4, 2016, Zach Hubbard of FreeToFindTruth has been showing how that incident has been used to plant the media narrative for a fake Trump assassination. He has documented time and time again how the movie Taxi Driver starring Robert De Niro has been used as a template for this election year's propaganda.

The November 5, 2016 event involving Crites appears to have been staged as part of that agenda. Whether or not what's been so blatantly foreshadowed ever does take place, it would cause needless strife and division in a country that's already confused and angry.

Austyn Crites in English Ordinal = 174 (1+21+19+20+25+14   3+18+9+20+5+19)
Austyn Crites in English Reduction = 48 (1+3+1+2+7+5   3+9+9+2+5+1)

Robert De Niro's character in the 1976 film by Martin Scorsese, Taxi Driver. 
Travis Bickle in English Reduction = 50/59/68 (2+9+1+4+9+1   2+9+3+2+3+5)

Travis Bickle in English Ordinal = 131 (20+18+1+22+9+19  2+9+3+11+12+5)

Trump in English Reduction = 25 (2+9+3+4+7)
Trump in English Ordinal = 88 (20+18+21+13+16)

Casino in English Reduction = 25/34 (3+1+1+9+5+6)
Casino in English Ordinal = 61 (3+1+19+9+14+15)

Casino Economy in English Reduction = 61/70 
(3+1+1+9+5+6   5+3+6+5+6+4+7)

Casino Economy in English Ordinal = 151 (3+1+19+9+14+15   5+3+15+14+15+13+25)

Reno in  English Reduction = 25 (9+5+5+6)
Reno in English Ordinal = 52 (18+5+14+15)

Reno, Nevada in English Reduction = 45 (9+5+5+6   5+5+4+1+4+1)
Reno, Nevada in English Ordinal = 99 (18+5+14+15  14+5+22+1+4+1)

Nevada in English Reduction = 20/38 (5+5+4+1+4+1)
Nevada in English Ordinal = 47 (14+5+22+1+4+1)

Crites in English Reduction = 29/38 (3+9+9+2+5+1/10)
Crites in English Ordinal = 74 (3+18+9+20+5+19)

Casino City in English Ordinal = 118 (3+1+19+9+14+15   3+9+20+25)
Casino City in English Reduction = 46/55 (3+1+1/10+9+5+6   3+9+2+7)

Fascist in English Reduction = 23/32  (6+1+1+3+9+1/10+2)
Fascist in English Ordinal = 77 (6+1+19+3+9+19+20

George Friedman in English Reduction = 82 (7+5+6+9+7+5   6+9+9+5+4+4+1+5)
George Friedman in English Ordinal = 127 (7+5+15+18+7+5   6+18+9+5+4+13+1+14)

Stratfor in English Reduction = 36/45  (1/10+2+9+1+2+6+6+9)
Stratfor in English Ordinal = 117 (19+20+18+1+20+6+15+18)

The Next Decade in English Ordinal = 118 (20+8+5   14+5+24+20   4+5+3+1+4+5)
The Next Decade in English Reduction = 55 (2+8+5   5+5+6+2  4+5+3+1+4+5)

Realpolitik in English Reduction = 56/67 (9+5+1+3+7+6+3+9+2+9+2/11)
Realpolitik in English Ordinal =128 (18+5+1+12+16+15+12+9+20+9+11)

Balance of Power in English Ordinal = 136 (2+1+12+1+14+3+5   15+6+   16+15+23+5+18)
Balance of Power in English Reduction = 64 (2+1+3+1+5+3+5+0+6+6+0+7+6+5+5+9

Taxi Driver in English Reduction = 58 (2+1+6+9   4+9+9+4+5+9)
Taxi Driver in English Ordinal = 130 (20+1+24+9   4+18+9+22+5+18)

Robert De Niro in English Reduction = 71 (9+6+2+5+9+2  4+5+0+5+9+9+6)
Robert De Niro in English Ordinal = 143 (18+15+2+5+18+20   4+5+0+14+9+18+15)

Arthur Bremer in English Ordinal = 147 (1+18+20+8+21+18   2+18+5+13+5+18)
Arthur Bremer in English Reduction = 66 (1+9+2+8+3+9   2+9+5+4+5+9)