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Part II: The Code of Saturn's Cube - 1969 Book "Hamlet's Mill" Contains Many Keys to Understanding Creator/Destroyer Duality of Pan-Kronos

The two paintings juxtaposed above reveal the dual nature of Pan-Kronos-Saturn in mythology. During the
 Golden Age, it was Kronos who ruled over Earth during a time of peace and plenty. Yet, over time he became
 cold and cruel. In the painting on the right, Rhea, Kronos' wife looks at Kronos in disbelief, as he devours one 
of their sons. This was his futile attempt to forestall the prophecy of his demise, at their hands.
Why did Kronos turn evil? What does this mysterious and brutal symbolism have to tell us?

The figure below is a drawing by Johann Kepler that's found in his book  Mysterium Cosmographicum.  As it appears in this version, it was reprinted  in the 1969 book, Hamlet's Mill by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend.  As it turns out, Hamlet's Mill is a gold mine of information on how kings, priests and philosophers in former times from Kepler back to the Stone Age were obsessed with Saturn and his role as the Demiurge. 

This is Plato's term for his concept of the creator-god, Pan/Kronos/Saturn. This creator-god attribute of Kronos isn't discussed as often, but it's just as important as his role of "The Destroyer," which is more widely known.

In our left-brained dominated hyper-literal world of today, Kepler's Polyhedra seems a mere a thought experiment with no apparent connection to science.

Yet, as we've discovered in Part I of this series, on a symbolic level, the relationship of the planet and god Saturn with the cube is central to understanding how the Elite of Earth operates. It doesn't take a stretch to see how a cube is a box or a cage. If you need to keep something hidden or keep someone from getting out,or getting away, a cube is perfect for the job.

That's the most visceral aspect of the cube and Saturn's customary designations as "The Obstructor," or "the Inhibitor." In astrology the planet Saturn symbolizes among other things process, discipline, karma, punishment, necessity, and lastly, death. Yet, above all of these realms is Saturn as the Keeper of  Time.

Kepler's pictorial theory is based on the following idea. The orbital patterns of the planets each provides just enough space for each of the five Platonic solids to fit within the volume of next smaller planet's orbit or path around the sun. The exception to this pattern is Jupiter, which is represented as a sphere.

The cube inside the bowl represents the area of Saturn's orbit of the solar system. Mythologically and symbolically, Kepler is showing us how Saturn, with the largest and farthest orbit from the Sun is in the master position, from the point of view of the model.

The inner planets of the solar system with
Earth's orbit represented as a
The cutaway sphere just inside the sphere is the orbit of the planet Jupiter. The inner planets of Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury are the other solids, the tetrahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron, octahedron, in that order.

I'm pretty sure that Kepler designated Jupiter as the sphere because of the jovial and expansive nature astrology assigns to the planet. I'm still working on finding confirmation on this.

At the time he came up with this idea, the available astronomical data made these speculations scientifically plausible. Kepler eventually realized "The Polyhedron " was not a scientific description of the solar system. Nevertheless, the symbolism of Saturn's Cube is there for all to see.

Earlier, I pointed out that the orbits of the planets can also be referred to as paths. This word is important because it's an anagram of Ptah, the Saturn of the Egyptians.
The Egyptian god Ptah.

Ptah in  English Ordinal = 45 (16+20+1+8
Ptah in English Reduction system = 18 (7+2+1+8)

Adding together all the numbers from 1 to 9 produces the sum of 45.

The Magic Square of Saturn - the
Sigil of Saturn pattern comes from
 tracing  the "path" from 1 to 9.
In China, this pattern was called
 the"Dance of Yu."
It was the god Ptah who spoke the divine word of "Atum!" and brought the universe into being with the power of the creative word. Atum in his turn created the rest of the gods who were known to all of Egypt and of all time as the Sacred Nine, or the Ennead.

The number 45 also corresponds to what has been called the Magic Square of Saturn for centuries. Pictured below, one sees how the rows and columns all produce sums of 15.  With 3 rows and 3 columns the product of 3 x 15 = 45.

Also as one can from the picture above on the right, the association of Saturn with "the path" is encoded within the Sigil of Saturn.

As Keeper of Time, Saturn determines the path of the planets and all earthly souls. Here de Santillana  expands on this idea,
 Blake's "Ancient of Days"
 When the ... Demiurge [Saturn] had constructed the "frame," skambha, ... and when he had regulated the orbits of the planets according to harmonic proportions, he made "souls." In manufacturing them, he used the same ingredients that he used when he had made the Soul of the Universe, the ingredients however, being "not so pure as before." The Demiurge made "souls in equal number with the star... and distributed them, each soul to its several star." [emphasis and brackets, mine]
A painting depicting Yahweh as
"Faber Deus," God the Maker. 
In the original Greek version of Platos' Timaeus the statement appears as πᾶν διεῖλεν ψυχὰς ἰσαρίθμους τοῖς ἄστροις. My own layman's translation of this is "Pan set forth unto every soul, a star." So here we have a paradox. According to Plato, the Demiurge is Pan and Pan is Saturn. This veiled analogy was pointed out in Part I of this series.

However, the symbolism of Saturn as a loving creator and helper of mankind eventually morphed into the extremely evil and disgusting image of Satan, the Devil of Christian imagination. Somewhere along the way he was even equipped with a trident for more terrorizing effect.

Yet, a closer look reveals that Satan's trident was originally the trishula of the Hindu god Shiva, the Saturn of India.

Trishula in  English Reduction with the -s reduction = 45 (2+9+9+1+8+3+3+1)
Trishula in English Ordinal = 108 (20+18+9+19+8+21+12+1)

Geometry in English Reduction = 45  (7+5+6+4+5+2+9+7)
Geometry  in English Ordinal = 108 (7+5+15+13+5+20+18+25)

The Hindu counterpart of Saturn is Shiva or Siva.who is portrayed with a third eye, a symbol of the pineal gland. Throughout time mysticism has been about the stimulation of the pineal gland in order to produce visions through meditation and chanting. The pine cone has been a symbol of the pineal gland and the path of enlightenment for thousands of years.

Pine Cone in English Reduction = 45 (7+9+5+5   3+6+5+5) 
Here is what Madame Blavatsky wrote on this god,

Siva, the destroying deity, evolution and PROGRESS personified, who is the regenerator at the same time; who destroys things under one form but to recall them to life under another more perfect type. (The Secret Doctrine, p. 182)

Yaldabaoth, the Gnostic creator-
demon who tricked
 Adam into entanglement with
physical reality.
In Gnosticism, the creator of the physical universe is called Yaldabaoth and is depicted as a lion-headed serpent who deceived the gods and tricked humans to come down from the spiritual realm and take up residence in physical bodies. In the drawing shown on the right, Yaldabaoth is shown with the Sun corona, the crescent moon and the Saturnic hexagram or six-pointed star. As we'll see in this series of articles, all of these symbols are intertwined and interrelated. Even his tail makes a small
 -g pattern, seemingly to point out a relationship between the serpent and  gnosticism. I'll get to some more of that a little later.

When viewed from this perspective, we're getting close to the theme of The Matrix film series, where the illusion of the digital realm masks the reality of the physical world  By extension, gnosticism is the belief that the physical world masks our full understanding of the spiritual universe, which is all around us, but most fail to see.

The "Architect" of the The Matrix.
 Also in gnosticism, there is a class of being known as the archons, who are essentially demons or fallen angels, whose job it is to keep human souls earthbound and enslaved to physical reality. In the Matrix series it's the Architect and his programmed robotic guardians like Agent Smith who harvest the bio-heat from human beings as energy for themselves.

This is reflected in the more radical versions of gnosticism which speak of beings like incubi and succubi. They are akin to the elemental spirits of  the air, fire, water and earth who "feed" upon human emotions and thought. In this article, there isn't space to go into detail about the wide spectrum of  the body vs spirit question found within differing sects of gnosticism. However, it's clear that there's a common playbook involved in all of these connections.

In Hamlet's Mill de Santillana helps us sort this out. According to archaic man, his mythology and what his science of astronomy told him, it was inevitable. Even his mother Gaia begged Kronos to do it. It was the destiny of Kronos/Saturn to castrate and kill his own father.  Yet behind the brutal imagery of the mythology, stands what was once a great secret. De Santillana writes,

...the  "separation of the parents of the world," accomplished by means of
the emasculation of Ouranos, stands for the establishing of the obliquity of the
ecliptic: the beginning of measurable time. The very same "event" was understood by
Milton as the expulsion from Paradise...And Saturn has been "appointed" to be the 
one who established it because he is the outermost planet, nearest to the sphere of 
fixed stars. 

  The term "obliquity of the elliptic" refers to tilt of the earth's  axis which causes the change of seasons. Ancient  astronomers were aware of this connection, a fact that comes across in the mythology. The seasons give structure to life on Earth. From the ancient point of view, the cycles of birth, death and rebirth, life itself could not have been possible without conquering of "chaos," symbolized by the separation of light and darkness, and in the castration of Ouranos.

The path of the Sun and Moon through the signs of the Zodiac and their annually repeating patterns are what calendars and holidays are based on to this day. The image of Father Time and the newborn infant of New Year's Eve are both Kronos or "Chronos," which is time itself. 

Yet, that is only the beginning, Kronos/Saturn also presides over another astronomical phenomenon known as the precession of the equinoxes, which describes how our view of the heavens from Earth changes over time. The gif on the left gives us some idea of what this looks like from space.

The spinning-top wobble of the Earth over thousands of years causes many changes to occur in how we're able to view the nighttime sky. Stars and constellations close to the horizon seemingly  fall down out of sight, others eventually come into view. From a mythic perspective, this made it seem as if the sky was churning, not unlike the action of a millstone. Once again, it was Kronos/Saturn the miller of the heavens who was responsible. De Santillana tells us that old Norse myth of Frohdi's mill is a retelling of this union of myth and
astronomy. he writes,
Now Frodhi happened to be the owner of a huge mill, or quern, that no human strength could budge. Its name was Grotte, "the crusher." We are not told how he got it, it just happened, as in a fairy tale. He traveled around looking for someone who could work it, and in Sweden he recruited two giant maidens, Fenja and Menja, who were able to work the Grotte. It was a magic mill, and Frodhi told them to grind out gold, peace and happiness. So they did. But Frodhi in his greed drove them night and
day. (p. 89)
This is one of the things that is most valuable about Hamlet's Mill. The book's research shows conclusively that the figure of Kronos/Saturn as and his dual nature of Creator/Destroyer is stamped upon the myth and folklore of virtually every nation on Earth. He is known in many guises from Norway to Polynesia, from Mesopotamia to Mesoamerica. The unifying themes of this wide dispersal are the figure as a keeper of time, a miller, craftsman, or architect who starts off good but then turns evil.  I'm linking a PDF of the book at the end of the article.

So why does Kronos start out good then turn evil then good, and back again and again? The ancient mythic-
astronomers, once more, lead us to where the answers are to be found.  De Santillana explains,
... the Precession of the Equinoxes,...was conceived as causing the rise and the cataclysmic fall of ages of the world. Its cause is a bad habit of the axis of our globe, which turns around  in the manner of a spinning top...The time which this prolonged axis needs to [circle around]  the North Pole is roughly 26,000 years, during which period it points to one star after another: Around 3000 B.C. the Pole star was {Thuban]  at the time of the Greeks it was [Kochab]; for the time being it is [Polaris]..I n A.D. 14,000 it will be Vega. (p. 59) 
It takes some creative visualization to imagine what it must have been like for the ancient astronomers and mariners who depended on the position of the pole star during those eras that did not have one. Of course, Kronos was blamed for all of the trouble. As long as the earth had a pole star, which was seen as the millstone upon which the heavens revolved, then all was well. But, when the axis of earth drifted, the orientation to the star was thrown off. Therefore, the mill post or pillar of the sky was broken apart. The pillar and the stone could no longer hold back the waters of the Abyss and the Flood came over the Earth.

At the time the Great Pyramids of Egypt are said to have been constructed, around 3000 B.C., the Northern hemisphere's pole star was Thuban in the constellation of Draco, the Dragon. There's a whole area to explore how these astronomical facts fit in with the story of the serpent and the Garden of Eden. But for now, we can see how the drift of precession away from the Dragon-star Thuban could be interpreted as Adam as representative of the Earth being cast out of the Garden.

While the axis of the Earth eventually settled on the star Kochab in the Little Dipper around 1500 B.C. It's remarkable that Egypt's Times of Trouble with the Hyksos invaders coincides with this period.

In 3000, B.C., the zodiacal sign that rose in the east just before the Sun was Taurus the Bull. During the time of Moses it was Aries In the time of Jesus, the Age of Pisces came, which is the main reason why the Fish is sacred in Christianity.
The advent of Christ the Fish marks our age. It was hailed by Virgil, shortly before Anno Domini: "a new great order of centuries is now being born," which earned Virgil the strange title of "prophet of Christianity."(Hamlet's Mill 59-60).
Here in the early 21st century, we are on the cusp of the Age of Aquarius. According to the ancients, we enter a new Age about every 2200 years. 

The Sun travels from east to west, but the spinning-top motion of precession pulls our view of the sky from west to east, which is the opposite direction of the Sun. As de Santillana explains,
Thus, the revolving heavens gave the key, the events of our globe receding into
insignificance, attention was focused on the supernal presences, away from the
phenomenal chaos around us. What moved in heaven of its own motion, the
 planets in their weeks and years, took on ever more awesome dignity. They
 were the Persons of True Becoming. The zodiac was where things really
 happened, for the planets, the true inhabitants, knew what they were doing,
 and mankind was only passive to their behest...
Saturn with his astronomical emblems. His crutch
refers to the pole of the heavens that Earth spins
 upon. In traditional astrology, Saturn rules
Capricorn and Aquarius
The only thing  to disagree with in this passage is that the part about mankind being "passive to their behest." For, if followed its logical conclusion, de Santillana's own research brings out the fact that "the powers that be," have been very active in establishing religions and syncing history to the symbolism discussed here, and by others. Another thing to bear in mind is that the actual date of when Earth passes over into the Age of Aquarius is in dispute. The reason for this is disagreement over where the zodiacal signs begin and end. A

In order to show how thoroughly integrated this symbolism is world-wide across the centuries, I want to return to the discussion of the Magic Square of Saturn. Long before the square was named after Saturn, it's original title was the Square of Lo Shu. The Chinese were the first to discover and study it, a process which began around 2800 B.C.  The Legend of the Lo Shu has it that in the time of Emperor Yu, the god of the Lo River was angry and flooding the land. (There's that imagery of  the angry Flood, again) The Emperor performed sacrifices but the floods continued. A great turtle would walk around the altar each time.

One day, a child discovered curious markings on its back. After putting their heads together, the Emperor's wise men discovered that the Square of Lo Shu showed them through the power of mathematics the proper number of sacrifices.

The sources I've found so far have been vague about what or who was being sacrificed, but in those primitive times, it very well could have been human sacrifices.

Turtle in English Reduction = 24 (2+3+9+2+3+5)
River Lo in English Reduction = 45 (9+9+4+5+9   +3+6)

River Lo has a gematria that coincides with that of Ptah. It also is the sum of all the three way lines, of  the magic square.

In any case, with 15 sacrifices to appease the god,  the floods ceased. The square also reflects the structure of the ancient Chinese calendar year of 360 days of  24 months of 15 days each. De Santillana also confirms that in China the mythical emperors are properly connected to Saturn.
The Chinese mythical emperors Huang-ti and Yu are such unmistakable smiths that...
that Huang-ti, the Yellow Emperor, is acknowledged to be Saturn. And just as the
Persian Shahs held their royal jubilee festival after having reigned thirty years, which
is the Saturnian revolution, so the Egyptian Pharaoh also celebrated his jubilee after
thirty years, true to the "inventor" of this festival, Ptah, who is the Egyptian Saturn,
and also Deus Faber. (p. 129-130)
Once one understands the symbolism involved, then the coding that continues in our own time becomes almost transparent. The next series of pictures were taken by DZ contributor TiWaZz. He's ever-vigilant and always alert to the Saturn deception.

 This time, he has documented the World Fountain at Europa Center Berlin, in the heart of the city. Fountain symbolism has been employed throughout time to imprint upon the subconscious mind of the observer, impressions and attitudes that the builders want internalized. The sound of the water spilling and splashing, and the harmonious surroundings would seem to enhance the effect.

World Fountain,  Europa Center, Berlin
The first place to begin is to show what TiWaZz has discovered  in the gematria and event syncs.  Just below, here.

The overall theme of Europa Center and World Fountain is that of Saturn worship and the heralding of the coming Age of Aquarius. The inscription in the photo on the right is in German. It reads, "Everything is consumed by one power in the End, the power of time." According to Peter Young in his book Tortoise, the quote is the German translation of an anonymous Japanese haiku. He adds that the poem is a statement on "man's brief existence in the aeons of the universe." (pp. 115-117)

One can see how the haiku relates on the theme of  Kronos/Saturn as Father of Time.

The boy on the tortoise would indicate the slow advance of time but the Saturnian symbolism goes much deeper.

For one thing, on the back of the tortoise is written in primitive Greek letters, the word Pan. As we've already established, Pan is a veiled reference to Kronos/Saturn.
This association also lines up with Greek cultural history, as the tortoise was sacred to Pan and killing one was an affront to the gods. Strangely enough, Pan was often said to have been the son of Hermes.

Pan in English Ordinal = 31 (16+1+14)

In Greek myth, Hermes made the first lyre from a tortoise shell. John Ruskin stated in his lecture "The Tortoise of Aegina," that the shell symbolizes "the measured harmony and spheric order of life." (Tortoise, p 58)

Now is the time to check in with some gematria to tie it all in together.

In gematria, we should should always bear in mind that,

Saturn = 21ER / 93 EO.

That's important because Europa Center, Berlin = 93 ER / 201 EO.

In the photo on the right from RT's coverage of a recent fire at  Europa Center, you can see the entrance to plaza.  There's a logo for the Saturn a major telecommunications corporation in Germany. As you'll see in a moment, RT is now part of the Saturn story line.

I realize that on this context  it's only natural to advertise for Saturn in Germany. After all, its also the base of the Brotherhood of Saturn. It's these funny coincidences that always pop up in these inquiries!

Gotta give props to Ready Set Go for making the RT cube / Saturn connection.

I've  always wondered why they seem to love spinning that green cube, since Russia does the red, white and blue, as does America, England, France, and many more. Well thanks, to RSG, now we know.

Cube in English Ordinal = 31 (3+21+2+5)

Green in  English Reduction = 31 (7+9+5+5+5)

Spin in English Reduction with the -s exception  = 31 (10+7+9+5)

Ruptly in  English Reduction = 31 (9+3+7+2+3+7)

Ruptly is the company that is over the RT News operation, based out of Berlin.

The acronym RT = 11 in English reduction. In mathematics, 31 is the 11th prime number.

Ruptly was launched on April 4, 2013, which follows the numbers, with assassination and doom as the dominant tones. As Zach Hubbard has been pointing out, April 4th or 4/4 is the day of the Martin Luther King shooting event took place on April 4, 1968. The World Trade Center opened its doors on April 4, 1973, are two of many examples. Yet, the important connection to be noted is,

Russia Today in English Reduction = 44 (9+3+1+1+9+1   2+6+4+1+7)
Kill in English Ordinal = 44 (11+9+12+12)

The date numerology is something to take into consideration

4 + 4 + 20 + 13 = 41 
Hexagram in English Reduction = 41 (8+5+6+1+7+9+1+4)

The hexagram or so-called Star of David is a six pointed star, which also has gematria that ties in directly to the symbolic structure of the cube. 41 is the 13th prime number.

There's another date numerology association occurs  when 20 is left out for the commonly heard way of expressing years, such as '13. 

Cube = 13 ER/ 31 EO
Pan = 13 ER/ 31 EO
 It's just too easy to love the way the Russians do their propaganda.

4 + 4 + 13 = 21
Saturn in English Reduction = 21 (1+1+2+3+9+5)

When we break down the numbers into single digits, we have
4 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 14

When I look at 14 in this context I think about these connections.

Bomb in English Reduction = 14 (2+6+4+2)
Bomb in English Gematria = 104 (2+60+40+2)

Fourteen in English Ordinal = 104 (6+15+21+18+20+5+5+14)
Fourteen in English Reduction = 41 (6+6+3+9+2+5+5+5)

11 days after the Ruptly launch date, the Boston bombing hoax of April 15, 2013 took place. The two young men involved were of Russian Chechen descent. RT was on the scene, fresh out of the gate to give the Russian slant on the "attack."

Hoax in English Reduction = 21 (8+6+1+6) Saturn = 21 

The shootout with police happened three days later, 14 days from the launch date of Ruptly.

As TiWaZz pointed out to me the other day, on October 11, 2016 the Europa Center, Berlin was the scene of a very strange fire that "broke out" on the roof of the 21-storey high rise complex.

Notice that October 11 or 10/11 reflects the building's height and one of the most important numbers of Saturn.

While almost anything is possible, there is one thing that is most probably not is that all of these connections are somehow coincidences.

When you look at the scene from various perspectives, the fire with the trigram, three pointed star in its midst is the very likely a ritual tribute to Saturn. The date numerology, at least backs it up.

 1 + 0 + 11 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 21

Europa in English Reduction = 31 (5+3+9+6+7+1)

Gotta close for now with these syncs.

You'll need to download Adobe Air for it to work. 

It needs to be emphasized that the symbolism of the Demiurge as the Great Architect of the Universe is a symbol that's revered in freemasonry and despised in most forms of gnosticism. Just by looking at the gematria, the gnostics were trying to tell us something. His Greek name rendered in English as Demiurgos.

Demiurgos in English Ordinal = 111 (4+5+13+9+21+18+7+15+19)
Demiurgos in English Sumerian = 666 (24+30+78+54+126+108+42+90+114)

The English reduction and English ordinal sums for  The Age of Aquarius 75/174 match with New World Order 75/174

The symmetry is self-evident

In Hamlet's Mill, de Santillana tells us that Frodhi's mill is called " the Crusher" or Grotte.

Grotte in English Reduction = 31 (7+9+6+2+2+5)

Williams Blake's watercolor painting Ancient of Days is clearly a figure representing the Demiurge.

 Blake's "Ancient of Days"
Ancient of Days in English Reduction = 55 (1+5+3+9+5+5+2   6+6   4+1+7+1)
Satan in English Ordinal = 55 (19+1+20+1+14)
Emperor Yu in  English Reduction = 55 (5+4+7+5+9+6+9+0+7+3)

Hesiod tells us that Kronos/Saturn ruled over the Golden Age

Hesiod in English Ordinal = 60 (8+5+19+9+15+4)
Hesiod in English Reduction = 33 (8+5+1+9+6+4)

Berlin in English Ordinal = 60 (2+5+18+12+9+14)
Berlin in English Reduction = 33 (2+5+9+3+9+5)

See this article of more 1897 syncs.

Sue G helped us out with these thoughts. There's some really profound number work in her comment. Thanks, Sue!

Here's the link to the PDF of Hamlet's Mill.