Monday, December 5, 2016

Global "Fake News" Censorship Campaign Attempts to Silence Independent Voices Around the World

I got this message from TiWaZz earlier today.

First off, the decode is brilliant and provides a layer of meaning I haven't seen from anyone else in the short time I've looked into this. For anyone who may not have seen it,  here's the photo that TiWaZz was speaking on. There's also a meme that shows the interpretation that most people who've commented on bring up.

 In the myth of Osiris, his evil brother Set and his henchmen kill and dismember Osiris, cut him up into 14 pieces. Isis, his wife and sister recovers all of the pieces except for Osiris' penis. Apparently, a fish came along and ate it. Isis made one for him from gold. There's more to the story, but that's certainly one way  the 14 and the fish go together. 

The speculation on John Podesta's emails and his fetish for ghoulish art with the themes of cannibalism and human misery has been all over the Internet. What TiWaZa did with gematria points to a deeper and even more sinister interpretation. 
As he states, in Chaldean gematria, Sun = 14 and Pisces = 23. When you multiply 14 x 23 the result is 322. 

322 is the number of Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale, and of many other things. It's also about the third day after the Sun crosses the celestial equator, which marks the beginning of spring. 
I'll add more to this tomorrow, but in the meantime, the censorship is actually encouraging to me because it brings the suppression of independent voices is a sign of weakness, not strength.

Here's a  Roman Code screenshot to end with for now.