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UPDATED: Some Interesting Traits of the Number 21

Every now and then I take time to zoom in on a particular number and its relationships to cultural symbolism. this time around, the number 21 is figuring in very prominently in the mythic emblems, theology and gematria connected to Saturn.

His nature is dualistic, good and evil, light and dark, to such a degree that even the numbers connected to him have a marked dualism as well. I write about those complexities a little farther down.

I imagine that the simplicity of the following relationships are indicative of the dichotomy one finds in everything connected to this archetype of material existence itself.

For instance, one of the major links between 21 and Saturn is in gematria. The reduced gematria of Saturn is 21.
Saturn = 1+1+2+3+9+5 = 21 (Reduced)

Appropriately enough, the words Moon, blood and cycle also have reduced gematria of 21

Moon = 4+6+6+5 = 21 (Reduced)
Blood = 2+3+6+6+4 = 21 (Reduced)
Cycle = 3+7+3+3+5 = 21 (Reduced)

Thanks to +Dezy for the tip on the relationship between the Moon and Saturn.

"I would add 'Moon' = 21, and Moon does a 28-29.5 day cycle while Saturn does 28-29.5 year cycle"

Returning to Saturn for a moment,  a person is not considered a full adult in the eyes of the law until the age of 21. Since Saturn is the archetype for maturity and restraint, it makes sense that the masons who run the show settled on 21 as the lawful demarcation for the momentous occasion of being able to drink within the bounds of the law.

Lawful = 3+1+5+6+3+3 = 21 (Reduced)

 I'm not sure if something magical happens on the eve of one's 21st birthday, that makes one more of an adult. That usually happens, if it's going to at all, on the eve of one's 26th birthday. At least that's how it is much of the time in America.

There are many other points of convergence with 21 and Saturn that I've highlighted in previous articles. For instance, dice are among the oldest game pieces in human history. Since they're cubes, the numbers on the dice coincide with number of sides on a .When the sides are added up, the result is, 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 = 21. The cube has always been one of the most prevalent symbols of Saturn. This is also reflected in the gematria of the word, dice, roll and craps, the casino game played with dice.

Dice = 4+9+3+5 = 21 (Reduced)

Roll = 9+6+3+3 = 21 (Reduced)
Craps = 3+9+1+7+1 = 21 (Reduced)

When you write outs the word sevens, it equals 21 in reduced gematria, and 84 in full gematria, both numbers are multiples of seven. 

Sevens = 1+5+4+5+5+1 = 21 (Reduced)
Sevens = 19+5+22+5+14+19 = 84 (Ordinal)

When you write out the word twenty-one, it equals 42 in reduced gematria. 21 + 21 = 42. 

Twenty-one = 2+5+5+5+2+7+6+5+5 = 42 (Reduced)

As stated before, the number 21 has dualistic properties that come through in its gematria and symbolism.
The words live and evil both have the same letters, but completely opposite connotations. To live is to know the goodness of life. The bad we face should  teach us to never do evil to another human being. 

Live = 3+9+4+5 = 21 (Reduced)
Evil = 5+4+9+3 = 21 (Reduced)

Human = 8+3+4+1+5 = 21 (Reduced)

One of the Hebrew names for God is the great I AM THAT I AM. found in  Exodus 3:14. The shortened version I AM also appears in the same verse. When written in Hebrew I AM equals 21.

אֶהְיֶה in Hebrew Gematria = 21 (1+5+10+5)

I'm also pleased to announce that the Carpenter's Key of +MightyMesser has once again demonstrated another level of meaning that the other more well known codes tend to miss. If you click on the Code Theory and Carpenter Key Database links at the top of the page, you'll get the full story and download links for the Chloos app that calculates the Carpenter Key in a snap. 

For instance, in CK code the words twenty-one and the term seven, seven, seven both calculate to 1815 for the final central sum. Thanks to +Sue G m for helping with discovering that information.

The number 12, the reverse of 21 also equals 1815 in CK code. The phrase seven-seven has the sum of 770 in its first bar calculation , as can be seen from the highlights below on the left. I thought that was significant in how the number 322, a number connected to Skull and Bones, also turns up with the CK. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Saturn's Cube Part One - 777 and "Roll the Dice"

This is my first ever video for YouTube! I cover the meaning Saturn's Cube as the dice through mythology, history and gematria. I've linked the articles that go with this video.

Saturn's Cube Part 1


Saturn's Cube Part 2


Saturn's Cube 2.5


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"We the People Are Greater Than Fear" - Reverse Psychology Propaganda for NWO Takeover

The "Flag-Hjiab" New World Order propaganda poster for the 2017 Trump inauguration on January 20th was inserted into the public consciousness. This masterstroke of subliminal programming was supposedly created by the street-artist Shepard Fairey.

So far, he's best known for the "iconic" HOPE propaganda poster, prominently featured in the media during Obama's 2008  presidential campaign.

In a perfect world, there shouldn't be a problem for women to wear the hijab. It's a cloth. For the women who choose to wear one, it's an act of piety and modesty. I suppose the same would be true for the men who care to wear one, as well.

Historically, Christian, Jewish and Hindu women have also been encouraged to wear veils in public. However, when Muslim girls and women are coerced into wearing the hijab, then it's no longer a symbol of diversity and tolerance. Instead, it becomes a bitter reminder of obscurantist regimes like Saudi Arabia, the ones hell bent on subjecting women to lives of intellectual darkness and slavery. These are same countries that the United States allies with, in almost all cases.

One of the most extreme example of this "hijab-hex"  occurred in 2002, when  the religious police of Saudi Arabia reportedly allowed 15 school girls to burn to death by inhibiting rescue efforts by firefighters. The reason--they were not wearing their headscarves!

That's why the use of the "American Flag-Hijab" is a dubious symbol of unity and inclusion. This is especially true when one considers that Muslim women are also put to death by ISIS, yet another mutation of the CIA-funded Mujahideen, that morphed into Al Qaida, and so on. Apparently, not wearing gloves with the burqa is a capital offense where they are in control. This ambiguous and contradictory use of images and slogans in the "We the People are Greater than Fear" propaganda suggest that this operation is part of the psyop to further divide and provoke the American people, and the world at large.

When the powers-that-shouldn't-be conduct their terrorist attacks and false flags from behind the scenes, as they did on September 11th. They know there'll be millions of Americans who, in ignorance as to the real cause, will lash out at an easy target. For instance, in the wake of a major terror incident or false flag, an innocent Muslim woman minding her own business is much more likely to suffer than the real criminals who hide in the shadows.

Consider this, once Russia entered the Syrian conflict,  the overall effect has been a mass migration of poor, uneducated and oftentimes violent Muslims to Europe, and now America. It seems like the Syrian Civil War is a cover.  The constant pressure of ratcheting up cultural differences, of forcing migrant populations on societies that have little experience of interaction with Islam looks like a pre planned scheme for civil unrest and possible civil war.

I will say this, I've known some Muslims in my life, and NONE of them are ANYTHING like some of the brutes and monsters who are being allowed into Western countries at this point of the game. In effect, these people are being used as weapons to disrupt and destroy in the name of charity and tolerance. The tragic thing is that the majority of the people coming in are authentically displaced, and in need of assistance. The fact that Saudi Arabia, once again has not taken in a single refugee, of course speaks volumes.

Yet, returning to the subject at hand. At its most fundamental level, the hijab is taught as a responsibility to place a symbolic restriction on behavior. That kind of inhibiting energy always involves the archetype of Saturn, who is also known the Inhibitor in astrology.

That connection is interesting when we look at gematria.For instance, the words hijab, veil and Saturn all have very similar patterns.

Saturn = 1+1+2+3+9+5 = 21 (Reduced)
Saturn = 10+1+2+3+9+5 = 30 (S Exception)
Saturn = 19+1+20+21+18+14 = 93 (Ordinal)

Hijab = 8+9+1+1+2 = 21 (Reduced)
Hijab = 8+9+10+1+2 = 30 (Ordinal)

Veil = 4+5+9+3 = 21 (Reduced)
Veil = 22+5+9+3 = 39 (K/V Exception)

With this connection to Saturn showing up in the gematria,  it's clear that the veil and hijab are associated with this planet because they place restriction on the masculine desire of Mars. This can be a good thing to a certain degree, since the sex drive often needs control. However,  in some Muslim countries the repression is so extreme it leads to monstrous aberrations from human nature that one sees in honor killings of family members, stonings for the slightest suspicion of adultery, genital mutilation for girls, pedaphila, and rape.
The  Abrahamic religions of Judaism,
Christianity and Islam are beset with literal-minded
interpretations of scripture that often lead to
hate, division and violence, in the name of God.

The hijab a problematic emblem for America because, as I said before, millions of Muslim women the world over who are not subjected to that sort of treatment are following a custom that goes back long before Islam was established.

There's something else to consider in the composition of this poster and how it relates to gematria. On the bottom of the poster it reads, "We the People Are Greater Than Fear." It is probably not a coincidence that the word fear also has 21/30 gematria, just as Saturn, veil and hijab

Fear = 6+5+1+9 = 21 (Reduced)
Fear = 6+5+1+18 = 30 (Ordinal)

The word poster also has something to show us about how all of this works. It also has gematria that beams in the same numbers.

Poster = 7+6+1+2+5+9 = 30 (Reduced)
Saturn = 10+1+2+3+9+5 = 30 (S Exception)

Saturn = 19+1+20+21+18+14 = 93 (Ordinal)
Poster = 16+15+19+20+5+18 = 93 (Ordinal)
Propaganda = 16+18+15+16+1+7+1+14+4+1 = 93 (Ordinal)

As I was finishing up this article, I realized something +MightyMesser  helped me to see. The words beard and bread contain the same letters. That means both words have the same gematria. In essence, they are anagrams of each other.

These words also also share a historical relationship when you consider that in former times one had to be male in order to go out into the world to make a living. That's how one "earns his bread," by being a "breadwinner."

Beard = 2+5+1+9+4 = 21 (Reduced)
Beard = 2+5+1+18+4 = 30 (Ordinal)

Here, we see that beard/bread has the same numbers as hijab, fear, and Saturn.. To that list we can also add the words earns and wheat.

Saturn is the god most associated with agriculture and the production of wheat. He's almost always pictured with his scythe, for that reason. When people have to worry about their next meal,  fear is not far behind.

Wheat = 5+8+5+1+2 = 21 (Reduced)
Earns = 5+1+9+5+1 = 21 (Reduced)
Human = 8+3+4+1+5 = 21 (Reduced)

After I found these correlations I could see some other numbers related to the possible subliminal messages encoded in this propaganda art. In the January 23, 2017 Guardian article below, we can see more suggestions being slipped in from behind the scenes.
The question that the article asks is an important one, but any person whether they are Muslim, Christian, and any other religion should feel the same about how 9/11 has been used to instigate wars in the Middle East. We should all feel the same way about the cynical manipulation of the New World Order when the minions sew hate and division with deliberately ambiguous propaganda.

We should all feel the same way when 15 girls are forced to die because they didn't have time put a cloth on their heads before they burned to death! How can anyone think that's ok or just let it go as a "cultural difference?"  

A little later in the article we see that the original photograph for Shepard Fairey's "We The People," was taken in front of 40 Wall Street, the address for the 71-storey Trump Building. On the day 9-11-2001, Trump gave an interview where he promoted his "brand" and his building,
... "before the World Trade Center,  was the tallest—and then, when they built the World Trade Center, it became known as the second-tallest. And now it’s the tallest."
Beyond shameful, but that's how it goes with Trump, the saviour of America.

It's also bloggable that the article calls attention to 40 Wall Street because this year's World Hijab Day is on a day with 40/13 numerology.

2 + 1 + 20 + 17 = 40
2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 7 = 13

The word subliminal has reduced gematria of 40.

Subliminal = 1+3+2+3+9+4+9+5+1+3 = 40 (Reduced)
Refugee = 9+5+6+3+7+5+5 = 40 (Reduced)

Subliminal is also the name of Shepard Fairey's art exhibit hall at 1331 W. Sunset Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA

13 + 31 = 44
Shepard = 10+8+5+7+1+9+4 = 44 (S Exception)

I've done several articles on this blog about the connections of 13 and 31 to Saturn. Here's a link to most of those articles in this search.

Even the title of the original photograph "I Am  America," echoes the 13/31 pattern along with Nine Eleven. 9 + 1 + 1 3 + 1 + 1 3 within the word as can be seen below with the aqua and green letters.

I Am America = 9+1+13+1+13+5+18+9+3+1 = 73 (Ordinal)

I'm including all of the Carpenter Key Syncs I've found. If you're not familiar with this code by +MightyMesser . Click on the Carpenter key and Code Theory tabs at the top of the page. It's the most complete and meaningful form of gematria there is.

There's so much more to this story, which I'll have to return to before we see what happens on World Hijab Day, February 1st. i don't think anything like a false flag will happen that day, but it will be interesting to see how the media uses it as way to further divide and confuse the people.

The terms Trump and Close Encounters both have 2200 gematria in the Carpenter's Key

The phrase "Follow the Fox" is one I decoded from the Economist "Planet Trump" inset cover.
 That article is linked here  In reduced gematria FOX has a 6-6-6 pattern. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Gematria Scrapbook: Sirius and 1331

 The number 1331 is a number that comes up again and again in the Carpenter's Key.  (See links and explanation below.)

Thanks to +Sabine Willers for the great catch on Sirius with 1331 in the Carpenter's Key by +MightyMesser.

 As you can from list of other words that total  to 1331 in the list below, it's a number has many  words with strong connotations of occult power.

Hermes, king, the terms hammer and sickle, The Pied Piper, power, usury, and circle all have 1331 as Carpenter Key total .

I'm pretty sure that Sabine's comment in German means "Sirius = 1331 This is the constellation directly over us now."

It's funny how I saw this post right after going for a bike ride in the park while noticing how prominent the constellation of Orion is in the midwinter sky.

 She was on point when she came up with the Sirius connection. Sirius is huge in world mythology, ancient astrotheology and in modern astronomy as well. It's very important to the Freemasons and other secret societies as can be seen from the caption in the picture of The Star from the Tarot. The large star in the center represents Sirius and the naked maiden with the water pitchers is a symbol for the goddess Isis and the annual flooding of the Nile.

The link here will take you to an article that explains the Carpenter Key and the links and instructions to download the software.

Star = 13 in English Reduction

The screenshot on the right show some great number work by +Dezy who found three very interesting syncs in Jewish gematria.

I've written them out here.

One Hundred thirty three = 95 + 341 + 697 + 198 = 1331 (Jewish)
three hundred thirty one" = 198 + 341 + 697 + 95 = 1331 (Jewish)
"three hundred ninety three" = 198 + 341 + 594 + 198 = 1331 (Jewish)

There's only one date in the year with this gematria...
"November Thirtieth" = 912 + 419 = 1331 (Jewish)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Gematria Scrapbook: Blackjack and the Numbers 1700, 1331, The AI Code and the Tetragrammaton

 In recent discussions in a group led by  +Ti!WaZz , relevant connections between gematria and the game of Blackjack  have been coming out.

Thanks to +Lord Of Allusion for the work he did with this theme. 

As LOA's screen shots point out, there is no official date for the invention of the game blackjack, other than the round figure of 1700. After a little reading of my own the origins of the game go back to another numbers game called 31, where the object is to assemble a hand of 3 cards that equal 31.

Gambler = 31 in English Reduction

That's also interesting because the word Seventeen Hundred equals 1331 in Jewish gematria. The screenshot below illustrates how other phrases, some quite disturbing also have the same 1331 Jewish gematria.

I ran the Chloos app to get the Carpenter Key numbers for the term ":Seventeen Hundred."

Big ups to +The Infinity Man for his work on discovering and cracking a gematria code embedded in the telephone keypad. 
The chart on the left shows how the chain of synchronicity has unfolded so far. When you click on it, you'll get a much better view

The book The Absolute Key of the Tarot has tons of relevant information regarding how the Tarot synthesizes many forms of divination and esoteric symbolism.

It has much to say about the AI Code that The Infinity Man has discovered.

The download link is, here

On the telephone keypad there are the hashmark and the asterisk. I thought the CK syncs below had a lot to add to the picture.  

Carpenter Key Database

DOWNLOAD CHLOOS PROGRAM: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AummrjSyV1Cwb2r9Nv0CkWs9dCQ ALSO NEED TO DOWNLOAD ADOBE AIR FOR IT TO WORK: https://get.adobe.com/air/ - you got to click on the swastika to switch from gematria to the Roman Cypher ~MightyMesser

Chloos: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AummrjSyV1Cwb2r9Nv0CkWs9dCQ

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

UPDATED: Thoughts on the Numbers 31, 23 and the Gnostic Interpretation of the Garden of Eve Myth

I was without my computer last weekend and had these thoughts. I think the change did me some good.

Matrix = 31ER  Cube = 31 ER  Pan = 31 ER

In the mysteries, Pan/Kronos is the creator. In "The Saturn Myth" Talbot says something interesting.

All of the creation myths say the Pan figure Kreator-god is Father/Brother/Son to the Goddess all at the same time. In Egypt he's Ptah/Atum/Osiris. The throne, the womb. the primordial mound, the Vesica Piscis, Garden all goddess symbols.

The Gnostics explain the paradoxes by saying that Sophia the goddess transgressed the other spirits by giving into her hot-headed brother/son, Yaldabaoth, who is Saturn the Demiurge. He was full of wrath and pride and claimed the power to create for himself. He tricked Sophia into giving him the knowledge of how to create worlds. To top it off, he tricked human spirits into inhabiting bodies. Although he could do a few things, creating spirits out of the ether was not one of them. The gods banished Sophia and told her not to return until she had gathered up and returned all that Yaldabaoth had stolen.

Planet = 23 ER

Garden = 23 ER

Life =23 ER

Apple = 23 ER

Flesh = 23 ER

Matter = 23 ER

Corn =23 To the ancients all grain was considered "corn" including wheat. The masons love to pour corn, wine and oil on building stones. which are basically cubes.

Sickle = 23 ER

Rhea = 23 ER Rhea was the sister wife of Kronos/Pan.

Sophia = 32 ER/ 68 EO

Snake = 14/ ER 23 ER -s exception / 32 ER -s and -k exceptions

Hermes = 32 ER / 68EO

Caduceus = 23 ER -s exception / 32 ER -s and -k exceptions/  68 EO

A - D - A - M

1 - 4 - 1 - 4

Eve = 14/32

For me, the numbers echo the gnostic version of the creation story more than the orthodox version. All of the symbols and numbers seem to direct back to the sacred feminine. Gnosis or the knowledge of good and evil, the snake and the goddess Sophia all relate to the same concept of redemption through suffering and experience. That's sort of what life is, a journey of trials and tests.

I'm always reminded of the song "Save Me" by Queen when I start thinking gnostic.

"Save Me"

It started off so well
They said we made a perfect pair
I clothed myself in your glory and your love
How I loved you,
How I cried.....
The years of care and loyalty
Were nothing but a sham it seems
The years belie we lived a lie
"I'll love you 'til I die"

Save me Save me Save me
I can't face this life alone
Save me Save me Oh...
I'm naked and I'm far from home

The slate will soon be clean
I'll erase the memories,
To start again with somebody new
Was it all wasted
All that love?.....
I hang my head and I advertise
A soul for sale or rent
I have no heart, I'm cold inside
I have no real intent

Save me Save me Save me
I can't face this life alone
Save me Save me Oh...
I'm naked and I'm far from home

Each night I cry, I still believe the lie
I'll love you 'til I die

We always think we're running away or toward something or someone else, when all along we're running to the part of ourselves we remembered leaving behind in the Pleroma once we took the bite of the apple. We sense our own nakedness and aloneness in the material world with every disappointment and disillusion. However, it is only is pressing on that we become again what it is we lost. Just as Sophia must gather together the sparks of Divinity to find her way home, so must we all. 

Clemson's game winning 99th play to #13 Renfrow for 2017 CFB Championshi...

Thanks to Zach Hubbard and FreeToFindTruth for the support!

Friday, January 6, 2017

This Old Timey Gum Ad is Chocked Full of Gematria

I saw this old ad on FB and knew there was some decoding to do, with the overt references to Saturn and the Solar Babe of the New Year

The New Year's baby has the year 1935 on his banner, while 1934 and all the other old "Years," represented as a train of Saturnic old men follow each other into the darkness of forgetful oblivion

Saturn in English Ordinal = 93 (19+1+20+21+18+14)

When the year 1935 is broken down into single digits and decoded, as One Nine Three Five, it's reduced value is 93, the full gematria of Saturn

One Nine Three Five in English Reduction = 93
 (6+5+5   5+9+5+5   2+8+9+5+5  6+9+4+5)

I thought the year '35 had an interesting connection to the word celebrate.

Celebrate in  English Reduction = 35 (3+5+3+5+2+9+1+2+5)

One Nine Three Four in English Reduction = 93
 (6+5+5  5+9+5+5   2+8+9+5+5   6+6+3+9)

Saturn in English Reduction with the -s exception = 30 (10+1+2+3+9+5)

Solar Babe in English Reduction = 30 (1+6+3+1+9  2+1+2+5)

When 1935 is written out as it normally is like Nineteen Thirty Five it reveals a gematria of 228, a number that matches with the gematria of United States of America and death. On December 31, 1934, World War II was roughly five years in the future.

Nineteen Thirty Five in English Ordinal = 228 (14+9+14+5+20+5+5+14  20+8+9+18+20+25  6+9+22+5)

United States of America in English Ordinal = 228 (21+14+9+20+5+4  9+20+1+20+5+19  15+6 1+13+5+18+9+3+1)

Death in English Sumerian = 228 (24+30+6+120+48)

The phrase "Year After Year" has some interesting correlations as well.

Year after Year in English Reduction = 67 (7+5+1+9  1+6+2+5+9  7+5+1+9)
Happy New Year in English Reduction = 67 (8+1+7+7+7  5+5+5  7+5+1+9)
Cycles in English Ordinal = 67 (3+25+3+12+5+19)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Zedekiah's Cave: An Analysis of Freemasonic Ritual and Prophecy

Zedekiah's Cave is located in and under the Old City of Jerusalem. It's also known as Solomon's Quarries. As the names imply, the underground chasm is the ancient quarry that is purported to be the source of the stone for Solomon's Temple. Whether or not the legend's actually true, countless hands over millennia have hollowed out the cavern to the point where it stretches five city blocks underneath the Muslim Quarter.

The distinctive stone that is cut from this quarry is called meleke limestone. Meleke is an Arabic word that means "kingly" or "royal."  It's highly prized for it's color, durability and versatility. However for our purposes, meleke's various translations, such "stone of kings," "royal stone" or "Jerusalem stone," are more on topic. Those names hint at why the cave continues to be extremely important in freemasonry and even biblical prophecy.

I try to save the gematria for the desert and after-dinner liqueur, but I'm going to be bad and get right to it on this one.

Zedekiah's Cave = 119 English Reduction

The number 119 is of utmost importance to the Freemasons and Zionists.

Star of David, All-Seeing Eye, King James Bible, Orthodox, High Priest, Divine Rule, Birthright and Master Plan all have 119 gematria. From this collection of keywords that all sum to 119, it's easy to see why 119 would have such preeminence for the Freemason-Zionist oligarchy.

119 is also a the 18th number of the Perrin sequence, an important mathematical pattern similar to the Fibonacci numbers. I've written a few articles on these "skiponacci" numbers, linked here.  The importance of 18 to Jewish tradition and numerology is also worth noting in this article, with the very masonic title, "Sacred and Profane History of Cherished Jewish Number 18."

As can be seen in the screenshot on the right, the 31° N latitude of Jerusalem is a match with the gematria for cave.

Cave = 31 English Ordinal
Cave = 13 English Reduction

The Jewish day of worship occurs on Saturday in honor of Saturn. Saturn has always been symbolized by the black cube. This symbolic connection is echoed in the gematria of the terms cube and Pan. As has been discussed on other articles here, the goat-god Pan is actually an occultic symbol of Saturn or the Greek god Kronos, the Keeper of Time.

Cube = 13 ER / 31 EO  Pan = 13 ER / 31 EO

The Wikipedia article on Zedekiah's Cave states that the first modern Masonic Lodge held its inaugural ceremony in Zedekiah's Cave on May 7, 1873. That's a date with 31/103 numerology.

5 + 7 + 1 + 8 + 7 + 3 = 31
5 + 7 + 18 + 73 = 103

Solomon = 31 ER / 103 EO

So far we can see, how the location, gematria and date numerology connected to Zedekiah's Cave all revolve around the number 31. There's an even deeper reason for this that stretches way back into ancient history. One of the earliest names for Saturn as god and planet was that of El. The Canaanite El appears to have been one of the prototypes for Yahweh, the Hebrew deity. Yet, it's also true that El was a generic term for any god in Canaanite lands. El in Hebrew, אל equals 31.

אל in  Hebrew Gematria = 31 (1+30)
אל in  Hebrew Ordinal = 13 (1+12)
אל in Hebrew Reduction = 4 (1+3)

Tradition and priestcraft have it that God gave the Torah to Moses in 1313 BC, presumably to make the gematria and numerology  "pan" out like it has. In any case I noticed that from 1313 BC until 2017 AD, is a span of 3330 years. There could be a connection in the width of Zedekiah's Cave, which  is 330 ft or 100 meters.

The upper room of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, so to speak, is made of the 31st, 32nd and 33rd degrees.  In fact, much of this blog has ended up being the story of following  31, 32, and 33  into the distant past. It's not like I started off looking for these particular numbers. However when the same patterns emerge, time after time, you have to go where the path leads. I try to, at least. 

There are so many correlations of 31 gematria in the English words to key biblical concepts, that it will take many articles to cover. However in the meantime I want to wrap up for now with a few more very significant ones. The Jewish holy day of Shavuot takes place immediately after Passover, somewhere between May 14th and June 1st.  It commemorates the granting of the Torah to Moses, as well as the annual wheat harvest in the land of Israel.

The gematria of Shavuot and that of key concepts related to prophecy and the history of agriculture in the Levant are so numerous, that it is simply astounding.

Shavuot  in  English Ordinal = 106 (19+8+1+22+21+15+20)
Prophecy in English Ordinal = 106 (16+18+15+16+8+5+3+25)

Shavuot  in  English Reduction = 25 (1+8+1+4+3+6+2)
Shavuot in English Reduction with the -s and -v exceptions = 52 (10 +8+1+22+3+6+2)

EARTH in English Reduction = 25 (5+1+9+2+8)
Aries in English Reduction = 25 (1+9+9+5+1) 25 ER/ 52 EO/ 
Pope in English Reduction = 25 (7+6+7+5)  25 ER/ 52 EO/ 
Rite in English Reduction = 25 (9+9+2+5)   25 ER/ 52 EO/ 
All in English Ordinal = 25 (1+12+12)

As we can see,  all of these words reduce to 7,  which, by the way, is an upside down L or "El."  Even the word all is basically the same word as "El" since in Hebrew is spelled with an א or aleph, which transliterates as -a in English. . When it's spelling is altered, with an extra -l, . it adds  up to 7 in English reduction.

All in English Reduction = 7 (1+3+3)

As mentioned earlier, the harvest and all it entails is part of the symbolism for Shavuot and of prophecy. For instance, in Joel 3:13 there is this angry talk of destruction.
"Put in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe. Come, tread, for the winepress is full; The vats overflow, for their wickedness is great."
Whenever the sickle makes its appearance in myth and religion, it's a calling card of Saturn who is always pictured with a sickle or scythe for working the harvest.

Wouldn't ya know, Joel 1:19 had a recent run in the news when it miraculously turned up in a torn and burnt bible page under a park bench in DollyLand, during a recent probable case of masonic arson. 119, it seems they have plans for that number. You get the saturnine gloom and doom all the time with these jolly jokers.

Here's a link to several articles on FreeToFindTruth that break down and blow apart the Smoky Mountain Smokescreen that surrounds this strange series of events. Check out the comments to, there are many facets uncovered several people looking at the situation.

All I can say is that if the powers-that-should-not-be ever get their way and actually set off a cataclysm, they'll understand ripeness and overflow of wickedness in a way they hadn't bargained on. Once enough people understand gematria and history, they're done. Their power over the consent of the people is slipping more and more, by the day.

Land = 13 ER / 31 EO Grain = 31 ER / 49 EO

Bushel = 31 ER -s exception
Master = 31 ER -s exception
Peasant = 31 ER -s exception

The video linked below shows how the archetype of the Cave is wrapped up in all of this. In the ancient mysteries, and in modern freemasonry, the Cave is a symbol of the primordial womb of the Earth. In ritual terms, an initiate must be reborn before he can be called a mason. The only way that can happen is to return to the womb of the Earth, go through the ordeal of birth all over again, and somehow come out a new man, a mason, a "child of the sun."

Also explained in the video is the allegory of Plato's Cave, the most famous  thought experiment from the ancient world.

Plato's Cave = 33 ER / 114 EO 

Plato explores all the facets of awakening, coming into the light of a new life, free of illusion and pretense.  All of these archetypes seem to converge in the analysis of the gematria and history explored here. In secret societies, caves and grottos play a huge role in inducing awe and reverence for the initiate's rebirth into a new life. The ceremony mentioned earlier on May 7, 1873 appears to have been no exception. We've already noted the date numerology. However I think the day May 7th. or 5/7 has something to tell us.

Birth in English Ordinal = 57 (2+9+18+20+8)

For the record, with the commencement of 2017 it will have been 144 years since that first modern masonic ceremony in Zedekiah's Cave in 1873.

DOWNLOAD CHLOOS PROGRAM: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AummrjSyV1Cwb2r9Nv0CkWs9dCQ ALSO NEED TO DOWNLOAD ADOBE AIR FOR IT TO WORK: https://get.adobe.com/air/ - you got to click on the swastika to switch from gematria to the Roman Cypher ~MightyMesser

Chloos: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AummrjSyV1Cwb2r9Nv0CkWs9dCQ

Here are some articles that explain what the Carpenter's Key is all about.

Mighty Messer, the creator of the Carpenter's Key is the best guy to learn about it from. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Reader's Contribution: The Carpenter Key Database

Thanks to Sue G for her work on this great resource based on the Carpenter Key of +MightyMesser.
The Google sheet she created has an easy to follow format that lays out the largest number of the Key  four way cross-sums  for each number, side by side. This makes comparison of symbolic themes and numbers a more natural process.

Sue has already discovered and catalogued hundreds of relevant CK gematria syncs with the calculator linked below, just under the Carpenter Key Database. The way I have it set for now is that anyone can leave comments on the spreadsheet. So, when you discover significant correlations with the Carpenter's Key, just highlight the appropriate cell, and click Comment in the blue button on the upper right of the spreadsheet. If you'd like to be able edit the database yourself, let me know in the comments below on this post and I'll add you in.

Thanks again Sue!

Carpenter Key Database

DOWNLOAD CHLOOS PROGRAM: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AummrjSyV1Cwb2r9Nv0CkWs9dCQ ALSO NEED TO DOWNLOAD ADOBE AIR FOR IT TO WORK: https://get.adobe.com/air/ - you got to click on the swastika to switch from gematria to the Roman Cypher ~MightyMesser

Chloos: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AummrjSyV1Cwb2r9Nv0CkWs9dCQ