Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Response To A Reader's Question

A reader of the blog, Rick, had a great question about gematria and the process of self-analysis that goes hand in hand with learning about how the numbers fit into the big picture. I thought the discussion might be helpful to others who might be experiencing the uncertainty he speaks of. I know I have, and I think any person who is brave enough to be honest with themselves has also. . I hope I understood Rick's question as he meant it. I did my best to answer it. 

For those who haven't heard of +MightyMesser. He is the author/discoverer/teacher of a form of gematria he calls the Carpenter Keychain, also known as the Carpenter's Key or the Roman Key. I've written several articles about it that's I've linked, here.

Mighty is a great guy and has also posted many helpful comments on the articles I've written here. The Carpenter's Key is complex and intricate as it is beautiful and sublime in its evocative power.