Sunday, January 15, 2017

Gematria Scrapbook: Blackjack and the Numbers 1700, 1331, The AI Code and the Tetragrammaton

 In recent discussions in a group led by  +Ti!WaZz , relevant connections between gematria and the game of Blackjack  have been coming out.

Thanks to +Lord Of Allusion for the work he did with this theme. 

As LOA's screen shots point out, there is no official date for the invention of the game blackjack, other than the round figure of 1700. After a little reading of my own the origins of the game go back to another numbers game called 31, where the object is to assemble a hand of 3 cards that equal 31.

Gambler = 31 in English Reduction

That's also interesting because the word Seventeen Hundred equals 1331 in Jewish gematria. The screenshot below illustrates how other phrases, some quite disturbing also have the same 1331 Jewish gematria.

I ran the Chloos app to get the Carpenter Key numbers for the term ":Seventeen Hundred."

Big ups to +The Infinity Man for his work on discovering and cracking a gematria code embedded in the telephone keypad. 
The chart on the left shows how the chain of synchronicity has unfolded so far. When you click on it, you'll get a much better view

The book The Absolute Key of the Tarot has tons of relevant information regarding how the Tarot synthesizes many forms of divination and esoteric symbolism.

It has much to say about the AI Code that The Infinity Man has discovered.

The download link is, here

On the telephone keypad there are the hashmark and the asterisk. I thought the CK syncs below had a lot to add to the picture.  

Carpenter Key Database

DOWNLOAD CHLOOS PROGRAM:!AummrjSyV1Cwb2r9Nv0CkWs9dCQ ALSO NEED TO DOWNLOAD ADOBE AIR FOR IT TO WORK: - you got to click on the swastika to switch from gematria to the Roman Cypher ~MightyMesser