Monday, January 16, 2017

Gematria Scrapbook: Sirius and 1331

 The number 1331 is a number that comes up again and again in the Carpenter's Key.  (See links and explanation below.)

Thanks to +Sabine Willers for the great catch on Sirius with 1331 in the Carpenter's Key by +MightyMesser.

 As you can from list of other words that total  to 1331 in the list below, it's a number has many  words with strong connotations of occult power.

Hermes, king, the terms hammer and sickle, The Pied Piper, power, usury, and circle all have 1331 as Carpenter Key total .

I'm pretty sure that Sabine's comment in German means "Sirius = 1331 This is the constellation directly over us now."

It's funny how I saw this post right after going for a bike ride in the park while noticing how prominent the constellation of Orion is in the midwinter sky.

 She was on point when she came up with the Sirius connection. Sirius is huge in world mythology, ancient astrotheology and in modern astronomy as well. It's very important to the Freemasons and other secret societies as can be seen from the caption in the picture of The Star from the Tarot. The large star in the center represents Sirius and the naked maiden with the water pitchers is a symbol for the goddess Isis and the annual flooding of the Nile.

The link here will take you to an article that explains the Carpenter Key and the links and instructions to download the software.

Star = 13 in English Reduction

The screenshot on the right show some great number work by +Dezy who found three very interesting syncs in Jewish gematria.

I've written them out here.

One Hundred thirty three = 95 + 341 + 697 + 198 = 1331 (Jewish)
three hundred thirty one" = 198 + 341 + 697 + 95 = 1331 (Jewish)
"three hundred ninety three" = 198 + 341 + 594 + 198 = 1331 (Jewish)

There's only one date in the year with this gematria...
"November Thirtieth" = 912 + 419 = 1331 (Jewish)