Sunday, January 1, 2017

Part 3.5 The Leaked 2017 Economist Cover - "Push Button" Prophecies of Globalist Propaganda

In yesterday's post, I didn't have enough time to write everything I wanted to about The Magician card of the 2017 Economist Tarot spread. So, let's review something covered then for a moment.

The basic gematria values for The Magician are, 54 ER /90 EO /333 EG.

As far as 54 goes there are several other images on The Economist card that link to that number, as well. For instance, behind The Magician is a sunk disk halo.

Sun in English Ordinal = 54 (19+21+14)

In Tarot, The Magician holds his staff, or wand up high with his right hand as a symbol of pulling down energy from above to manifest what his left hand brings forth into the world. The archetype is corrupted with the "push button" solution of the VR Magician.

Push the Button in English Reduction = 54 (7+3+1+8   2+8+5   2+3+2+2+6+5)

I also noticed that the phrase "push button" matches with the spread's  title Planet Trump.

Push Button in English Reduction  with the -s exception = 48 (7+3+1+8   2+3+2+2+6+5)
Planet Trump in English Reduction = 48 (7+3+1+5+5+2   2+9+3+4+7)

IllUMINATI  in English Reduction = 48 (9+3+3+3+4+9+5+1+2+9)

The number 54 has 8 divisors and there are eight cards in The Economist spread.  The sum of 54's divisors is 120, which is the other Illuminati number.

ILLUMINATI in English Ordinal = 120 (9+12+12+21+13+9+14+1+20+9)

The prime factorization of 54 is  2 x 3 cubed or 2 x 3 x 3 x 3 

As can be seen in the prime numbers related to 54, the trinity pattern is repeated and multiplied.

The Magician in English Gematria = 333 (200+8+5   40+1+7+9+3+9+1+50)

In the Economist cover Tarot spread, The Magician is the sixth card. This is significant because 6 x 9 = 54. This fits well with the reduced gematria of Sun, which is 9.

Sun in English Reduction =  9 (1+3+5)

I highlighted the 1 - 3 - 5 sequence of the reduced code for Sun because it parallels the pattern for a triad chord in music, such as A - C - E, the pattern for A minor. The emphasis of the trinity archetype in this propaganda piece can be seen in the 3D stamped on the VR Magician's cube the use of only the primary colors of red, blue and yellow and the triangular stance of the Magician.

Three D in English Reduction = 33 (2+8+9+5+5+  4)
Ninety in English Reduction = 33 (5+9+5+5+2+7)

The Magician in English Ordinal = 90 (20+8+5  13+1+7+9+3+9+1+14)

I think with what's been covered up to this point with the triad motif , The Magician and the global scale of the portent of these elitist prognostications makes the following gematrical correlations even more relevant.

Triad  in English Ordinal = 52 (20+18+9+1+4)
Triad  in English Reduction = 25 (2+9+9+1+4)

Earth in English Ordinal = 52 (5+1+18+20+8)
Earth in English Reduction =  25 (5+1+9+2+8)

Rite in English Ordinal = 52 (18+9+20+5)
Rite in English Reduction = 25 (9+9+2+5)

As can be seen the above decoding, triad breaks down to 25/52 reflections in both the reduced and ordinal methods as do the words Earth and rite.  This may be a good point for reflection on what's been decoded so far.

I'm not a person who likes to make predictions and I'm not doing that here. I'm merely following what the symbolism of the cards tells me, along with what the numbers and the state of the world have to say. In other words, I strive to be a diligent messenger.

I can see from the symbols being employed and the gematria behind them that The Economist is evoking the concept of prophecy. Above the head The Magician is a the universal symbol of Infinity., a sideways-8 that loops back upon itself.  The gematria of Infinity lines up with that of prophecy and The Hermit, another Tarot archetype that turns up in the Economist spread.

Infinity in the English Reduction = 52 (9+5+6+9+5+9+2+7)
Infinity in the English Ordinal =106 (9+14+6+9+14+9+20+25)

Prophecy in  English Reduction = 52 (7+9+6+7+8+5+3+7)
Prophecy in English Ordinal = 106 (16+18+15+16+8+5+3+25)

The Hermit in English Reduction =  52 (2+8+5   8+5+9+4+9+2)
The Hermit in English Ordinal = 106 (20+8+5   8+5+18+13+9+20)

As far as what the Oracle of The Economist may yet reveal will have to be covered in the next article dealing with this topic.I'll also share many thoughts of what readers of The DeepZone have had to say about their interpretations of the cards and the inset for "Planet Trump."