Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Couple of Old but Great Books on Atlantis and Lemuria

Atlantis: The Antediluvian World  by Ignatius Donnelly. 

I like Donnelly's books because they are based on extensive literary, historical and scientific research. He misses on the Landa alphabet and some other things due to other discoveries since his time. However, his evidence for the existence of Atlantis, based on comparative mythology  and folklore is compelling. His tome is that of a pragmatic investigator. 

The Sacred Symbols of Mu by James Churchward 

This book is a ripping read! James Churchward can spin a yarn like no other. He meets a secret order of monks in India that tell him of the sacred Nagas left behind from the land of Mu, before the flood, before Adam, before Atlantis, before everything else. You get the gist. Most would laugh off Churchward's story as a bunch of cock and bull. But when you read what he has to say about ancient Mexico, you'll see what I mean about the possibility of some truth in what he says. The tablets he records did actually exist and they were supposedly stolen while on a train from Mexico to America. Whether or not they actually recorded the story of the refugees from the cataclysm that destroyed Mu is another matter.