Sunday, February 19, 2017

Encyclopedia of Gematria: The Number 69 and the Fire Bombing of Dresden - Reader Contribution

Some numbers and terms seem to have strong connections to fire, satanic rituals, and burnt offerings. I recognized the number 69 in some of these events.

I tend to say these holocausts, which actually means “burnt sacrifice” are for Baal, which equals 96 in English Gematria. What is more likely and more troubling is how the words “Jehovah” and ” Yahveh” have 69 gematria.

Jehovah is a medieval corruption of the Hebrew word transliterated usually as “Yahweh.” However, since Hebrew uses -v or vau in place of the -w, it might be more accurate to transliterate “Yahweh” as “Yaveh.” When this correction is taken into account, the relationship to gematria and history comes through clearer.

Jehovah in English Ordinal = 69 (10+5+8+15+22+1+8) 33 ER / 69 EO / 51 -v except. / 95 Francis Bacon
Yahveh in English ordinal = 69 (25+1+8+22+5+8 ) 33 ER / 69 EO / 51 -v except. / 95 Francis Bacon

Dresden in English Ordinal = 69 (4+18+5+19+4+5+14) 33 ER / 69 EO / 95 Francis Bacon
The very similar gematria for Jehovah, Yahveh and Dresden should tell us that there is more than meets the eye in the brutally unnecessary, and horrific bombing of Dresden.

The article linked here shows that there was no strategic reason for the attack, which claimed the lives of an estimated 37,000 civilians. The wind and the wood construction of the old town created a fire storm that sealed the fate of the city's people. As the article admits, "not even the passage of time can make it right."

Remembering the Dresden Holocaust, February 13-15, 1945, it's necessary to mention that it happened during the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia on Feb. 15.

Lupercus is a Roman fertility god who is identified with Pan
Lupercus in English Sumerian = 690 (72+126+96+30+108+18+126+114)

There definitely appears to be a connection between the Judaism and Rome when comes to the numbers and the date of the bombings.

The date February 13, when of the bombings of Dresden began, is the where the Roman calendar marks the Ides, which is essentially the full moon in the middle of the month. The Ides were marked on the 15th day for March, May, July, and October , the months with 31 days. The 13th day marked the Ides in the other months. by +Ti!WaZz