Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Encyclopedia of Gematria - Carpenter'sKey Database: Time for Review and Reflection

I've gotten a few requests to update the Encyclopedia of Gematria and the Carpenter's Key Database, so that's what I'll be adding to the blog over the next month or so.I'll also be updating links, and adding new stuff to the Code Theory Section of the site.

 That means I'll probably have to use the time I usually spend on pressing forward with finding new connections between history and symbolism for the yeoman's task of documenting and organizing the incredible finds--compelling evidence--concerning the pervasive use of gematria and other occult practices by powerful secret societies.

I'll be combing the comments and posts of others to find the most relevant material for the Encyclopedia. When I come across those by others, I'll note those contributions in upcoming blog entries.

Also, when you discover things yourself, please comment on this article. I'll be leaving it at the top for a few weeks. If you'd like, you can also send me whatever you'd like to contribute to my email

Thank you to everyone who reads and supports the work here. The truth and the knowledge that I might be helping others with this work, those things are my greatest inspiration.