Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Gematria Scrapbook: Venice's Connections to Ancient World through Gematria and Symbolism

Thanks again to +Ti!WaZz for the eagle eye on the symbolism and the history of Venice. Venice was stamped in the image of the Phoenicians.'s always been there in front of us but academic scholars are sometimes too smart for their own good, when they fail to point out the obvious connections. 
As TiWaZz shows us, there's a lot to consider with ancient Egypt as well. It would seem that the cult of Aten, the tyrannical sun-god of the Hyksos Pharaohs has much in common with Yahweh, the Hebrew version of Aten. The Venetians used religion as a weapon through the Reformation, Counter-Reformation and the Wars of Religion that reminds us of the dogmatism and repression of the" Heretic Pharaoh," Akhenaten

Many think he was the last of the Hyksos kings, and the basis for the story of Moses. In any case the similarities between the Venetian gondola and the Egyptian Nile river boat are undeniable. The slender hull with the stylized bow and stern are also virtually the same. 

The Internet occult propaganda animation short called I Pet Goat II employs this symbolism as well. 

Solar boat = 31 English Reduction | Venice = 31 ER 
I just started using the Gematrinator site for reverse gematria otherwise known as the Atbash cipher, which reveals a lot of hidden connections missed by other forms of gematria. For instance,

Gondola = 32 English Reduction / 31 Atbash  |  Venice = 31 ER / 32 Atbash

The type of vessel that most Venetian cargo was transported on for much of its long history was called an argosy. 

Argosy = 31 ER / 32 Atbash