Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Flight of Lady GaGa and the Ghosts of Venice

On Super Bowl night 2017, Lady Gaga had the entire world right where she wanted it - watching her pay homage to her masters, the global elite. The visual "Illuminati" symbolism was much more subdued than it was in past Super Bowls. However, the context that brings the subliminal message into better focus is Venice, the city and the legend.

This is a shot of Lady Gaga with her
friend, Serbian "artist"Marina
 Abramović tasting the chocolate
sauce of a mock cannibalism
ritual disguised as art called
"spirit cooking."  
The name of Venice conjurers up  images of la Carnival, and gondolas on the Grand Canal. That's the Brave New World party side of Venice. However, there's another legacy of The Most Serene Republic that's more like the novel 1984.

From the Middle Ages until the conquest of Venice by Napoleon in 1797, Venice made up for its lack of size through espionage, bribery, torture and sabotage. The city had agents and assassins all over Europe. The state police had spies in every nook and cranny of the Venice. Nothing happened without them knowing about it. Their poisoners made monarchs tremble. Their banking practices were and negotiating tactics must have inspired the Cosa Nostra.  The debtor's prison of the Venetians was probably the last place where anybody wanted to be.

Venetian diplomats encouraged and instigated long, costly wars between their rivals without compunction. That's so they would all be killing each other and staying out of their way while they sailed the seas and made money. The Hundred Years War between England and France devastated both countries and the Thirty Years War tore apart Germany in the early 1600's.In short, Venice was an patrician oligarchy somewhat like the old Roman Republic before Augustus Caesar, a gang of mob bosses with degrees.

The influence of Venice is still felt through the maritime empire template they imposed on Western Civilization, first through the Dutch, and then the English and American empires commercial empires. The Club of Rome can also be seen as a product of their legacy of domination through stealth.

I don't really have time to go into the details of Venetian history but I'll include some links at the end of the article for those who want to check out the evidence for themselves.

In the 21st century, Venice can be seen as a symbol of decadence, malice and trickery with a sweet facade. If one goes over her songs and the way she actually behaves, that description fits Lady Gaga to a tee. She may speak peace and harmony but her antics such as wearing a meat dress and spirit cooking with the Serbian "artist" Marina Abramović should cause one to ask some unsettling questions. The grandees of the global elite would have also fit in Venice. That's the point that Stanley Kubrick is letting us in on in the movie that did him in Eyes Wide Shut. 
Eyes Wide Shut can be viewed as an allegory of  the "dead cold hand" of  Venice transplanted in  America. 
In any case, the propaganda of the 51st Super Bowl has some significant Venetian symbolism and allusions.

First off is the gematria sync between Lady Gaga and Venice.

Lady Gaga = 3+1+4+7 + 7+1+7+1 = 31 (Reduced)
Lady Gaga = 12+1+4+25 + 7+1+7+1 = 58 (Ordinal)

Venice = 4+5+5+9+3+5 = 31 (Reduced)
Venice = 22+5+14+9+3+5 = 58 (Ordinal)

Those two numbers, 31 and 58 are significant for other reasons, which I'll return to later in the article.

It's important to remember that Venice has been the city of masques for over 1,000 years. The Republic was founded in 697, or 1320 years ago. It has been 220 years since its days of political independence were ended by Napoleon in 1797.

There is a strong symmetry in the 22 of 220 with the gematria of the words masque, water and master.

Masque = 4+1+1+8+3+5 = 22 (Reduced)
Master = 4+1+1+2+5+9 = 22 (Reduced)
Water = 5+1+2+5+9 = 22 (Reduced)

In the early days of the Republic, everyone wore masks in public at times for protection and concealment. In the 18th century, masques were banned except for the time span between Christmas and Shrove Tuesday.
Venice's mastery of the seas was the key to her success.  So, we see how the gematria has a certain poetry to it. Even the date numerology has a story to tell in this regard.

2 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 17
2 + 5 + 20 + 27 = 44

Poker Face = 7+6+2+5+9 + 6+1+3+5 = 44 (Reduced)
Poker Face = 60+50+10+5+80 + 6+1+3+5 = 220 (Jewish)

Columbina Mask = 3+6+3+3+4+2+9+5+1 + 4+1+1+2 44 (Reduced)

"Poker Face" was the first song that Lady Gaga sang after she appeared to fly down the rooftop of the stadium. This stunt takes us right back to Venice. In the tradition of the Carnival season there is the annual custom called the Flight of the Lady.

This is where a young damsel dressed as Columbina rides the ropes from the top of the bell tower of San Marco cathedral. The purpose of the flight is to bring a symbolic token of tribute to the Doge of Venice.

He was the puppet figurehead of state that was pretty much the equivalent of the American president in our world.

To show how tightly this is choreographed, the ritual was originally known as the Flight of the Turk.

This bit of history dovetails with the somewhat unusual and mildly controversial Turkish Airlines ads that ran throughout the day on Super Bowl Sunday.

The carnival season of Venice is the ancient precursor of what we called Mardi Gras in America. For her admirers, the masque has also been part of Lady Gaga's mystique from the beginning of her career. Appropriately, she paid homage to herself when she came on as a space-age Columbina, the masked maiden of the commedia dell'arte. The type of mask that Lady Gaga wears most of the time is called a Columbina mask after the character's name.

She's usually portrayed as a married servant who is also the mistress of another servant Arlecchino, or Harlequin. As a stock character she is a sensuous vivacious young lady, who's also busy body. She skillfully manipulates everyone around her, including the the master of the house, Pantalone. She often plays a tasseled tambourine to ward off his advances. ...

...Wow I just watched a video from the National Theater on YouTube that explains the structure of the commedia dell'arte with the metaphor of the Tree of Life from the Jewish kabbalah.  The sixth sefira or sphere is occupied by Columbina which is the position of the attribute of Tyfereth .I'll have to find out more about  this metaphor of the Tree of Life  for the commedia dell'arte. The YouTube video is linked at the end of the article.

Returning to the number 31, we will recall that Lady Gaga and Venice both have 31 reduced gematria. Lady Gaga will turn 31 years old this year on March 28, 2017. However this is far from being only association that that Lady Gaga has with 31.  The city that hosted this year's Super Bowl was Houston. Houston has gematria of 31.

Houston = 8+6+3+1+2+6+5 = 31 (Reduced)

Lady Gaga's full "real" name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. The gematria of all these parts together is 130 ER /310 EO. The 31 of her stage name is simply a more condensed version of her real world name gematria of 310.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta = 19+20+5+6+1+14+9 + 10+15+1+14+14+5 + 1+14+7+5+12+9+14+1 + 7+5+18+13+1+14+15+20+20+1 = 310 (Ordinal)

The reduced gematria of her name reflects the 310 in full gematria with 130 in the reduced method.
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta = 1+2+5+6+1+5+9 + 1+6+1+5+5+5 + 1+5+7+5+3+9+5+1 + 7+5+9+4+1+5+6+2+2+1 = 130 (Reduced)

There's that 13/31 pattern that comes up in with the gang, time after time. I'll elaborate on that a bit more at the close.

From the date of her Super Bowl Performance on 2/5/2017 until the first date of her Joanne World Tour on 8/1/2017 there is a span of 127 days. 127 is the 31st prime number.

Another thing I noticed about her performance is that the stage had a grid of 25 squares with 3 more on two sides making a total; of 31 squares. Adding up the divisors of 25 -- 1, 5, and 25 yields 31. The number of 25 reflects many things covered in this article, the date 2/5 being the most obvious.  

31 days before the Super Bowl,  Lady Gaga appeared on NFL Sunday to promote her upcoming half time show. She had this promoted through one of her Twitter accounts as well. The screenshot is just below. 

We've gone over Houston and the name Lady Gaga and how those relate to 31. All I can is that whoever came up with her gagamonster96 handle knew what they were doing when it comes to gematria. 

gagamonster ninetysix = 7+1+7+1+4+6+5+1+2+5+9 + 5+9+5+5+2+7+1+9+6 = 97 (Reduced)

97 is the 25th prime number, so the handle also echoes the 2/5 Super Bowl date. Furthermore, 96 is a freemasonic marker because the word Freemason has 96 gematria.  

Freemason = 6+18+5+5+13+1+19+15+14 = 96 (Ordinal)

When 96 is written out as ninety-six it has similar gematria to the word, Freemasonry -- 58/139. As reminder, the number 58 is the sum for the full gematria of Lady Gaga.

Freemasonry = 6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5+9+7 = 58 (Reduced)
Freemasonry = 6+18+5+5+13+1+19+15+14+18+25 = 139 (Ordinal)

Ninety-six = 5+9+5+5+2+7 + 10+9+6 = 58 (S Exception)
Ninety-six = 14+9+14+5+20+25+19+9+24 = 139 (Ordinal)

In the picture on the right, we see a recent ad that Lady Gaga did for the computer giant Intel. The theme of the cube figures very prominently in this. Lady Gaga's use of cube symbolism is very prevalent, as can be seen in some of the pictures below.

As I have been showing in several articles cube has a gematria of 13 ER /31 EO. As stated earlier, Lady Gaga's full "real" name beams in the same pattern with 130 ER/ 310 EO.

How obvious it is in the light of the numbers.
Cube = 3+3+2+5 = 13 (Reduced)
Cube = 3+21+2+5 = 31 (Ordinal)
Cube = 3+300+2+5 = 310 (English)
Lady Gaga = 3+1+4+7 + 7+1+7+1 = 31 (Reduced)
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta = 1+2+5+6+1+5+9 + 1+6+1+5+5+5 + 1+5+7+5+3+9+5+1 + 7+5+9+4+1+5+6+2+2+1 = 130 (Reduced)

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta = 19+20+5+6+1+14+9 + 10+15+1+14+14+5 + 1+14+7+5+12+9+14+1 + 7+5+18+13+1+14+15+20+20+1 = 310 (Ordinal)

As can be seen in the table above, there is a span of 51 days from Super Bowl day 2/5/2017 and Lady Gaga's birthday on 2/28/2017. 

Here is the video from the National Theater that features the use of kabbalistic philosophy in the commedia dell'arte.  

Here are some links that contain information about Venice and it's legacy of corruption and double dealing.