Wednesday, February 1, 2017

UPDATED: The Number 25 and the Date February 5th in History

Big ups to +Lord Of Allusion for calling attention to the date February Fifth or 2/5, the date of this year's
Super Bowl. As you can see from his post below, there are a number of important historical events that have occurred on that date.

As LOA said, February Fifth or 2/5 is a day that has a story to tell.

In 62 AD there was an earthquake that occurred in Pompeii. 17 years later on August 24 in 79 AD, the top blew off Mount Vesuvius and the town was no more.

The word "Earth" has gematria involving the numbers 25 and 52.
Earth = 5+1+9+2+8 = 25 (Reduced)
Earth = 5+1+18+20+8 = 52 (Ordinal)

Te = 20+5 = 25 (Ordinal)
Te = 2+5 = 7 (Reduced)

Te is the abbreviation for terrilium on the Periodic table. The name terillium derives from the Latin word for earth. In English Reduction T =2 and E=5. Here's another fact that dashes chance and mathematical probability on the rock of reality, the atomic number for terrilium is 52. 
The correspondences between the numbers, dates and symbols don't stop there either. The 25/52 symbolism carries the archetypes of totality and the universe.

All in English Ordinal = 25 (1+12+12)

VATICAN in English Reduction  = 25 (4+1+2+9+3+1+5)
Rome has never abandoned its claim to world dominion. With Vatican, Pope, Roman, and all also equalling 25, the subliminal message is clear enough.

Pope in English Reduction = 25 (7+6+7+5)
  25 ER/ 52 EO/ 205 EG
Rite in English Reduction = 25 (9+9+2+5)
   25 ER/ 52 EO/ 304 EG

As LOA pointed out, February fifth leaves 329 days left in the year. Between the day 2/5 and 3/29, March 29, there is a span of 52 days. Something else that is significant is that by moving the 3 behind the 2, the number comes out to 239. 239 is the 52nd prime number.

Both the words March and month have reduced gematria of 25.
March = 4+1+9+3+8 = 25 (Reduced)
Month = 4+6+5+2+8 = 25 (Reduced)

During the pope's visit to America, his first full day in the US took place on 9/23 or 23/9 in most countries. With all that's been stated here, it's safe to say that date was probably done for the sake of numerical design. Pope Francis met with Obama that morning.

9  + 2 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 22

September 23 was a day with 22 numerology. The words master and stream both have the same letters, and therefore the same gematria, which is 22. On the eve of his meeting with Obama on 9/22 , Pope Francis crossed over the Gulf Stream from Santiago de Cuba. 
This map shows the course of the Gulf Stream. Pope Francis,
the master of the Roman Catholic church flew over the
  Gulf Stream on 9/22. Both master and stream share the
 same letters and the same gematria of 22.  

If I might, I need to leave off of 25/52 for a moment to show the skeptics, who I love because they make me work that much harder.

Here's the real deal of how the global elite, including the blasted pope plan EVERYTHING by the numbers. It also gives us a glimpse into who is really in charge of the agenda.

Pope Francis = 16+15+16+5 + 6+18+1+14+3+9+19 = 122 (Ordinal

Gulf Stream = 7+21+12+6 + 19+20+18+5+1+13 = 122 (Ordinal)

Santiago de Cuba = 19+1+14+20+9+1+7+15 + 4+5 + 3+21+2+1 = 122 (Ordinal)

The Vatican, the Papacy and the Jesuits run the show. The Catholic Church is a window dressing and a host organism for these people. 

Roman = 9+6+4+1+5 = 25 (Reduced)

Italia = 9+2+1+3+9+1 = 25 (Reduced)
Italia = 9+20+1+12+9+1 = 52 (Ordinal)

Pope Francis is a figurehead just like the current President and most of the other heads of state. The oligarchy behind him is the same one behind the Pope.  
Trump in English Reduction = 25 (2+9+3+4+7)

There's more numerological connections to the Papal visit, but I want to get to some of the other February fifth events that LOA discussed in his post. 

It's kinda weird what I'm about to show, but here goes. On February 5, 1783 another string of earthquakes rocked Italy. This time it was in Calabria. 

As you can see from the picture on the left, the coastline of Calabria forms the famous boot of Italy. In ancient times, Calabria was called Italia, which became the name of the entire peninsula when Italy was unified on March 17, 1861.

Boot = 2+15+15+2052 (Ordinal)

Italia = 9+2+1+3+9+1 = 25 (Reduced)
Italia = 9+20+1+12+9+1 = 52 (Ordinal)

I have no idea how or why the numbers and significant words and  themes popped up in the case of the earthquakes in Italy from pre-modern times, and I'm not going with any theories. I'm just an observer on this one.

But consider this, 1783 was also the year that saw the end of the American Revolutionary War and the signing of the Treaty of Paris. That was almost 234 years ago on September 3, 1783. 234 is an important number because 234 + 432 = 666.

The first English settlers came ashore 432 years ago in 1585, on Roanoke Island or Roanoke Colony. I have no idea what it could mean, but it seems strange how the years of those very significant events in American history line up so strongly in 2017.

On 2-5-1918. The troop transport carrier Tuscania was sunk by German U-boats off  the coast of Ireland. It was the first American transport ship sunk in WWI. The official count of lives lost at sea is 210, a figure that highly suspicious in light of the connotations of 21 explored in the last article. This is especially troubling considering that the gematria for Tuscania matches the date of the attack, 2/5. 

Tuscania = 2+3+1+3+1+5+9+1 = 25 (Reduced)
The name of the vessel is a take on the word Tuscany, a region in northern Italy. 

Perhaps the most relevant past February Fifth occurred in 1917. That was the year that the Immigration Act of 1917 was passed into law. It put severe restrictions on immigration. The Wikipedia article states,
 One section of the law designated an "Asiatic Barred Zone", from which people could not immigrate, and included much of Asia and the Pacific Islands. The zone was described on longitudinal and latitudinal lines, excluding immigrants from Afghanistan, the Arabian Peninsula, Asiatic Russia, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, and the Polynesian Islands. Neither Japan nor the Philippines were included in the banned zone.
All of that sounds eerily familiar to what's going on in the world today with Trump's "Make America Great Again" theme.  

Trump = 2+9+3+4+7 = 25 (Reduced)
Pope = 7+6+7+5 = 25 (Reduced)

2 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 7 = 25

As you can see from the numerology above, that it matches the month and day, 2/5, February Fifth 

Here in 2017 - 100 years later, the mood of the country toward immigration has swung the same way but for different reasons.  We're not in a war yet, but it appears to be merely a matter of time before Iran gets back on the front burner, so to speak. How appropriate for Groundhog Day... today! 

The news site screenshot above is from this article.

 Opposite = 6+7+7+6+10+9+2+5 = 52 (S Exception)

The first Super Bowl ever played on the date 2/5, was played in Detroit's Ford Field

Ford = 6+6+9+4 = 25 (Reduced)
Ford Field = 6+6+9+4 + 6+9+5+3+4 = 52 (S Exception)