Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Berkeley Riots and the Collapse of Free Speech - Ugly Gematria

On April 25, 2017, the administration of UC Berkeley cancelled the speaking event of Ann Coulter. One might call this latest incident in the propaganda war against the America and the world, an eitist metaphor for the collapse of free speech. The tragic irony is a that free speech was billed as the driving force for the protests against the Vietnam War that started at the university in 1964-65.

The collapse of the Azure Window on Malta happening on March 8. 2017. The symbolism is becoming clearer. The day and the manner of the natural arch collapse is just too emblematic and seemingly synced with other collapses in the works to be a coincidence. Whether or not it's by human intervention, or by blind chance, the prophetic markers are there to see. The last few articles show the depth and scope of the Azure Window collapse symbolism.

Berkeley = 38 ER / 83 EO
Collapse = 38 -S EX / 83 EO
Evil Eye = 38 ER / 83 EO