Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sailing Toward Armageddon: The Voyage of the Psychonauts

April 29, 2017 - the 119th day of the year.

Donald = 119 JG
The End of Days = 119 JR
Maltese Falcon = 119

From the March 8, 2017 collapse of the Azure Window on Malta, until today is 52 days.

The Daily Mail is reporting that The USS Carl Vinson attack group was spotted off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan.  That's a provocative fact when one considers that Nagasaki is the second city that the United States military nuked  at the end end of World War II.

Let's start with the some date numerology

4 + 2 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 25
4 + 29 + 2 + 0+ 1 + 7 = 43
4 + 29 + 20 + 17 = 70

Let's start with a sync on 25 and 43.

March = 25 ER / 43 ER

I know I keep referring back to the collapse of the Azure Window, but it's relevance s apparent here as well. It happened on March 8, 2017. From that day until today is a span of 52 days. 52 is the reverse of 25. 25, 43, and 52 are all "dice numbers," connecting them to Saturn's Cube. We've explored this topic in several blog posts, linked here, and in the video below.

There's no question that Trump is a high-stakes gambler and a showman, talking about a "major, major" conflict with North Korea being "absolutely possible."  Frankly, Trump, Kin Jong Un, the banksters and military industrialists who stand to profit from this mess, the military contractors, the generals and mind-controlled minions on both sides are the Psychonauts on a voyage to drag the world into hell on Earth.

Trump = 25 ER |  Earth = 25 ER  |  All = 25 EO  |  Rite = 25 ER / 52 EO

Nagasaki = 25 Septenary Gematria

Although, it doesn't get a  lot of attention, Septenary gematria, which was leaked by Marty Leads a few years ago, appears to be relevant in this segment.

Today is also the day that Donald Trump has officially declared May 1st  to be Loyalty Day.

Loyalty Day = 25  Septenary Gematria

I had never heard of the Psychonauts video game before I came up with the title. I was thinking more of a parody on Jason and the Argonauts combined with the psychotic nature of nuclear war, itself.

Psychonauts = 43 SG
Nuclear = 25 JR / 70  JO

I find it significant that the date numerology is reflected in the gematria of these terms. I scanned the Wikipedia article on the game Psychonauts and predictably enough the game involves a secret government project and the mocking and trivialization of "conspiracy theories."  The main character is Raz, a boy with psychic powers who runs away from the circus to the join his future comrades at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. I'll have to explore that strand more later.

The Bockscar's tail markings have an N inside a triangle.
Three = 29 ER. The 77 is significant as well. 
The Enola Gay is well-known as the plane the dropped the Hiroshima bomb. However the Nagasaki mission was piloted from the B-29 Bockscar.

Bockscar = 25 SG

Nuclear = 29 ER

Like everyone, I really hope everything that's going on in the Korean escalation will eventually blow over- that it's yet another distraction. Chances are, it is. However, I still think it's necessary to look at these matters symbolically when the signals point in their present direction. I've included an excerpt below from a previous article that recaps what we've uncovered about 29.

This blog is a supplement to the last article, "Lapis Lazuli, Yeats, and Donald Trump: On all the tragic scene they stare."

I just read +Dezy XI 's article, CNN - removing Assad from power is a priority - 911/227 Nikki Haley connections and I noticed something important in the numerical symbolism. He mentioned that Nikki Haley is the 29th United Nations Ambassador representing the United States.

29 is one the main numbers that comes through in the symbolism of the Azure Window-Syria connection. It was 29 days from 3/8 the date of the Azure Window's collapse  4/6, the stage-managed "symbolic" Tomahawk missile attack on the Syrian airfields. 

In recap,

If we bring things up to now, we'll see a few more relationships that seem to be taking shape. From March 8th  to April 6, the day of the recent bombing of the Syrian airfields, there is a span of 29 days. Reports say the attack was carried out with 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles. 

Kronos = 29 ER  |  April = 29 ER |  Tomahawk = 29 ER |  Trump = 29 Rev. Red.  | Aurora = 29 ER  | Melanija =29  |  Melanija is Melania Trump's first name in Slovenian, her native language. Blue Tie = 29 ER

Other terms with 29 gematria uncovered in the article are,

Grail = 29 ER  |  Nuclear = 29  |  Collapse = 29 ER  |  Aurora = 29 ER |  Fire 29 ER  |  Light = 29  |  White = 29 ER  |  Violet = 29 ER  |  Black = 29 EO
Three = 29 ER  

I explain the significance of these terms more fully in the last article.

Here's something I missed. And thanks to +rob miles for calling my attention to it. When I analyzed the collapse of the Azure Window,  I didn't get into the word window, and its gematria. Here's what I found out.

Window = 34 ER |  88 EO  |  29 Rev. Red. |  74  Rev. Or. 
Trump  =   25 ER |  88 EO  |  29 Rev. Red  |  47  Rev. Or.
Yeats = 25 -S Ex  |  70 EO  |  29 Rev. Red. |  65 Rev.  Or.

Once again, the number 29 binds all three through Reverse Reduction gematria.

Apparently, there is a "reset" going on that dovetails with the "natural" disaster of the symbolic collapse of the Azure Window.