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Part 1: Citizen Kane and William Randolph Hearst - The Gematria Connection

Citizen Kane is considered by most critics to be one of the greatest films of all time. The  feud between its creator, Orson Welles and William Randolph Hearst, the real world inspiration  for the film's protagonist, Charles Foster Kane, makes the backstory just as interesting.

This is especially true when viewed through the lens of gematria. As we'll see, there's ample evidence that both Welles and Hearst practiced it themselves. According to the official story, Welles made himself the enemy of Hearst for producing a film about what most everyone knew about him, already. It's also said that Welles' penetrating psychological profile of Charles Kane, which the public equated with Hearst, is what angered him the most about the young theatrical upstart.

However, it's not so cut and dry as that. For instance, Orson Welles' infamous radio broadcast of War of the Worlds was underwritten by the Rockefeller Foundation through the Princeton Radio Research Project. There was even a major book that came out of it from the project's assistant director Hadley Cantril, called The Invasion From Mars - A Study In The Psychology Of Panic. Cantril writes,
A panic occurs when some highly cherished, rather commonly accepted value is threatened and when no certain elimination of the threat is in sight. The individual feels that he will be ruined, physically, financially, or socially. The invasion of the Martians was a direct threat to life, to other lives that one loved, as well as to all other cherished values. 
Somehow, history has given these cynical manipulators a pass. Yet, the theme of an alien invasion as a catalyst for world government has been lurking about for quite awhile. John Dewey, a top early 20th century social engineer for the elite, is reported to have said in a speech from 1917 that, "...the best way to unite all the nations on this globe would be an attack from some other planet. In the face of such an alien enemy, people would respond with a sense of their unity of interest and purpose."

Rockefeller even sent his four sons to Dewey's progressive Lincoln School. More recently, Clinton and Reagan are on record making very similar statements.

This article, from GlobalResearch goes into more detail about the Rockefeller family's funding of and engagement in psychological warfare projects against the world.

The important thing is that all of these men were into systematic top-down control of the masses, through weaponized propaganda.  To quote a line from Citizen Kane, "The people will think what I tell them to think!" -- was, for them, all in a day's work. H.G. Wells, the original author of War of the Worlds, and Orson Wells, (no relation, but with the same last name, and an extra -e) were the artists and Hearst, Rockefeller and other oligarchs were their patrons and supporters. While the official view of the adversarial relationship between Welles and Hearst makes for a great story, behind the scenes they were on the same team, the world-government gang.

I've posted some links at the end of post that demonstrate this, for those who care to delve deeper.

The place to start to show why I'm skeptical about the cover story is how and when the hatchet was buried, 71 years after Citizen Kane's released in 1941. The screenshot below is taken from an article in The Guardian. It's significant that this cycle of forgiveness coincides with the gematria for Hearst.
from the The Guardian
Hearst = 71 EO (8+5+1+18+19+20)

The numerical correspondence continues in the date numerology of 17 for the historic screening.

3 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = 17  Seventeen is, of course, the inverse of 71.

The strongest reason for March 9th as the date for the viewing of CK at the Hearst Castle seems to be in the gematria of March Ninth and the title Citizen Kane.

Citizen Kane = 54 ER | March Ninth = 54 ER/ 54 RR

Citizen Kane has  English Reduction gematria of 54, while March Ninth equals 54 for both English and Reverse Reduction. This fact leads us to another correlation in the calendar. The 54th day of the of the year is February 23, 2/23. It's the day that leaves 311 days in the year. When the acronym CK is used, one can see the 3-11 pattern with -C, being the third letter, and -K the eleventh letter.

Within the film, at minute 2:23 we see this scene below.

The minute mark of 322 is a reverse of 223, discussed above. The scene is an allusion to the Hearst Castle being a modern version of Xanadu, the mythical palace from the first line of  "Kubla Khan," a poem  by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Citizen Kane = 54 ER | Kubla Khan = 54 RR

"Kubla Khan" has a Reversed Reduction value of 54, which reflects the English Reduction of Citizen Kane. 

If we bear in mind that it was in the newspaper printing business where Hearst made his name, the 2/23/1455 date for the Gutenberg Bible, the first book printed in Europe, the date carries even more significance.

The date March 9th is also significant, since the first documented discovery of gold in California occurred on that day. The Hearst family fortune was built on California gold, which is also reflected in Citizen Kane's screenplay. In the film, it's Colorado where the gold rush occurs.

Something else to consider is that the film has Charles Kane building his mansion paradise "Xanadu" in Florida, which parallels the famous Hearst castle estate in San Simeon, California  "La Cuesta Encantada, " or "The Enchanted Hill" In the grouping of the following words, we can see some interesting relationships through gematria.

Xanadu = 20 ER | Gold = 20 ER

Xanadu = 65 ER | Florida = 65 ER

Gold =  38 EO | Colorado =  38 ER | Florida = 38 ER | Enchanted = 38 ER Colorado also happens to be the 38th state.

When 38 is written out as thirty-eight, it has a value of 68 in English Reduction.

Thirty-eight = 68 ER

I realize that Latin has 24 letters compared to the Modern Latin alphabet of 26 letters, but I found something interesting in the Latin inscription of the Colorado state seal. Nil Sine Numine = 68 ER. That's a bit of a digression, but the seal 's imagery with the All-Seeing Eye over the fasces is yet another demonstration of the many masks of power.

Citizen Kane was released to theaters on September 5, 1941. 9/5 is the 248th day of the year, which leaves 117 days in the year.

Citizen Kane =  117 EO

When September 5th is written out, it's reduced gematria echoes the full gematria of Hearst.
September Fifth =  71 ER | Hearst = 71 EO

William Randolph Hearst was also a member of Bohemian Grove.
Bohemian Grove = 71 ER

There's a lot more to go into, which I'll have leave for next time.

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