Gematria Primer

 Gematria is literally the geometry of speech and language and has been an integral part of the Hebrew language, and the Bible from the beginning. The Hebrews based their own alphabet on the earlier languages from Phoenicia and Babylon which were also based on the principles of geometry and number. The fourth book of the Torah is called Numbers.

This video by Zach Hubbard shows you how to use gematria. You will learn about the systems of gematria and how to apply them.

This video by Marty Leeds discusses a system of gematria that he re-discovered in his research.  I call it "primitive gematria" not because it's rudimentary, but because it uses the human hands as a guide for coding and decoding. It only makes sense that this method would be a very early version of gematria. It's correlation to the Bible, especially Genesis and Revelation. I've been experimenting with it and I've found some remarkable things that are revealed through using it.