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Hermes is the messenger of the gods. He is considered the god of communication and writing. His gematria is a master archetype for the English language, as can be seen above. America = 32 UK = 32. and so on.

It’s also important to keep this in mind. No matter what system one uses, the final sum will always reduce to the same single number, even across different systems of gematria. This shows that the various systems are interrelated and not scattered about to snatch numbers out of nowhere. There are discernible patterns that emerge in the way numbers fit together. Experience over time, will make this clear to the watchful observer.

The Carpenter Keychain by Mighty Messer

The central number, 1776, is the point of convergence and the main number of the calculations.

Reader's Contribution: The Carpenter Key Database

Thanks to Sue G for her work on this great resource based on the Carpenter Key of +MightyMesser.
The Google sheet she created has an easy to follow format that lays out the largest number of the Key  four way cross-sums  for each number, side by side. This makes comparison of symbolic themes and numbers a more natural process.

Sue has already discovered and catalogued hundreds of relevant CK gematria syncs with the calculator linked below, just under the Carpenter Key Database. The way I have it set for now is that anyone can leave comments on the spreadsheet. So, when you discover significant correlations with the Carpenter's Key, just highlight the appropriate cell, and click Comment in the blue button on the upper right of the spreadsheet. If you'd like to be able edit the database yourself, let me know in the comments below on this post and I'll add you in.

Thanks again Sue!

Carpenter Key Database

DOWNLOAD CHLOOS PROGRAM: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AummrjSyV1Cwb2r9Nv0CkWs9dCQ ALSO NEED TO DOWNLOAD ADOBE AIR FOR IT TO WORK: https://get.adobe.com/air/ - you got to click on the swastika to switch from gematria to the Roman Cypher ~MightyMesser

Chloos: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AummrjSyV1Cwb2r9Nv0CkWs9dCQ
There are many forms of gematria and some have their merits, but as Mighty Messer explained to me,
As far as the code goes.  It comes from the air itself which is, All Ways Light.  It was given to me on J Day 2013, 10-31-13.  It started to come out of me soon after that,  Before it came out I sought through all the different gematria systems in use and found none of them to be doing anything close to what the numbers should be doing.....working all ways.
 I found every gematria system in the world to be just as linear as the Dragon Light that [covers] up this world right now.  Incomplete and misleading, blocking the air in all the possible ways.  Then the word came out... to unlock all the secrets, and to take all words and numbers out of the Linear Dragon forms people have been taught to use...[ in order to speak and form thoughts.]
 There is nothing like this system in this world, there are no other sources for it besides the air, but where it comes from is always everywhere. "Lift up a rock and there I am.  Split a piece of wood and there I am." {Bracketed text and emphasis, mine]
It takes a lot of courage to venture out on a leap of faith like Mighty Messer has. Some might discount his message because "it has no other sources...besides the air."  Well, I've been working with it for almost a month and even I can see that the "Carpenter Key Chain" has much to reveal and meditate on. Besides, if we're ever to go beyond the scripted reality that's been put before us, we have start listening to our own hearts and intuition. Start thinking outside the Cube! In many ways, the Carpenter's Key is an important step in that process.

There's a paradox in the mythology that's come down to us concerning Kronos/Saturn and Hermes/Mercury. The ancient Greeks equated Pan with Kronos, but there are many stories which say Pan was the son of Hermes. On first glance, that seems to contradict the fact that Zeus was the son of Kronos. One way out starts with the realization that Kronos/Saturn represents physical limitations and spiritual bondage. Hermes, is the messenger of the gods and inventor of language.

Here's screenshot of more of the story behind the  Key.