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I like the way Ti!WaZz put this together. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I've met when it comes to gematria and occult lore. His enthusiasm for decoding and learning is very inspiring.

Lord of Allusion also brought up the connection between Saturn and the primary cycle of civilization, sowing and reaping, as in growing and harvesting crops. Saturn is usually pictured with his sickle or scythe, an ancient implement used to cut stalks of wheat.

Reap and sow = 44 ER Whoa! the kill number.
Reap and sow = 116 EO, 696 ES, 881, EG.

I had already heard of the connection of the square and compass with the magic square of Saturn, a  grid where all of the sums in any direction equal 15. Each side of the square will have a row of 3 -15's. which makes every side equal to 45.

Also, when you connect the areas in numeric order, it traces out a square and compass pattern.

I had never heard of the Jupiter's magic square, where all of the vertical, horizontal and diagonal numeric sequences add up to 34.  The inner square also adds up to 34.

When considering this, I remembered that the temple of Zeus in Olympia, Greece was built with 34 outer Doric columns, as shown in the diagram above.

Now, depending if you start from 0 or 1, 34 is either the 9th or 10th Fibonacci number. After 34, the next Fibonacci number is 55.

0+1 = |1+1=2|1+2=3|2+3=5|3+5=8|5+8=13|

With 34 as the 9th Fibonacci number and 55 as the 10th, there's an interesting sync when one considers that  sum of all the numbers from 1 to 10 adds up to 55.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 = 55

Doric column = 55 ER
Temple of Zeus = 55 ER
Cycles of Saturn = 55 ER

Thirty-four Doric Columns = 117...Hey, today 11/7. Coincidences!

The Walking Dead = 61 ER/ 124 EO / 844 EG / 1114 JG

"A Future To Believe In" = 84 ER/ 210 EO/ 1677 EG/ 1537 JG

More numbers from CBS, numbers that are very interesting.

Conspiracy = 51
Kill = 44

Hillary Clinton has an edge = 110

President = 110

"Fifteen Electoral Votes" = 93/237

Propaganda = 93

237 in Roman numerals = CCXXXVII

CCXXXVII = 46, 64, 118

Today is 11/8.

from FreeToFindTruth: November 15, 2016

The most infamous quote of Aleister Crowley is his "commandment" for the what he foresaw as the coming "Age of Horus." In this epoch man would achieve godhood.

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law," in English Ordinal = 444
(4+15   23+8+1+20   20+8+15+21   23+9+12+20   19+8+1+12+12   2+5   20+8+5   23+8+15)

The center of Crowley's world was his estate at Boleskine on the banks of Loch Ness in Scotland.
His followers in Thelema have designated Boleskine to be the hermetic Mecca.

There's even a prescription within occultism  to face Boleskine when performing rituals and the like, in imitation of the Muslim practice of facing Mecca, Saudi Arabia during prayer.

Crowley in English Reduction = 38 (3+9+6+5+3+5+7)
Boleskine in the English Reduction = 38 (2+6+3+5+1+2+9+5+5)

"Do what thou wilt" in English Ordinal = 199 (4+15   23+8+1+20  20+8+15+21   23+9+12+20)
Loch Ness Monster  in English Ordinal = 199 (12+15+3+8  14+5+19+19   13+15+14+19+20+5+18)

In this photo Crowley displays two masonic gestures that I believe can be interpreted as having a gematrical level of symbolism.

For instance, Crowley's rightt hand is close to his face where he's pointing in a general direction toward his mouth with his index finger on his chin. Even his gaze has the "Listen to me," look about it. The only thing is that his lips are sealed.

His left hand is clutching his lapel in the "lion's paw" salute with his hand close to his heart. The grip of the lion's paw is how the master mason is raised up into the craft after his symbolic murder at the hands of the three ruffians.

As Manly P. wrote in The Secret Teachings of all the Agesthe initiate is raised by the Master Mason with the "strong grip of a Lion's Paw."

Finger on chin in English Reduction = 77 (6+9+5+7+5+9   6+5   3+8+9+5)
Power in English Ordinal =77 (16+15+23+5+18)
Power in English Reduction = 32 (7+6+5+5+9

Caduceus  in English Ordinal = 77 (3+1+4+21+3+5+21+19)
Caduceus in English Reduction with the -s exception = 32 (3+1+4+3+3+5+3+10)
The caduceus is also known as the Staff of Hermes, a central rod entwined with two serpents, terminating in a sun-disk. The caduceus also represents the phallus of Baphomet, the goat-demon worshipped by satanists.

New Aeon in  English Ordinal =77 (14+5+23   1+5+15+14)
New Aeon in English Reduction =  32 (5+5+5   1+5+6+5)
Crowley prophesied a coming New Age, a return of the Golden Age of Kronos. The next article covers the mythology and background of that part of the story. He called it the New Aeon or the Aeon/Age of Horus.

The number 1897 came up a lot today. Nor sure what it means, but it looks important.

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The shortened version of Crowley's most in famous quotation is "Do what thou wilt."

As stated before, many believers of Thelema pray toward Crowley's estate of Boleskine, just as Muslims pray toward Mecca.
he visions of Crowley's Book of the Law center around the cryptic symbolism of the Stele of Revealing. 

It needs to be emphasized that the symbolism of the Demiurge as the Great Architect of the Universe is a symbol that's revered in freemasonry and despised in most forms of Gnosticism. Just by looking at the gematria, the Gnostics were trying to tell us something. His Greek name rendered in English as Demiurgos.

Demiurgos in English Ordinal = 111 (4+5+13+9+21+18+7+15+19)
Demiurgos in English Sumerian = 666 (24+30+78+54+126+108+42+90+114)

The English reduction and English ordinal sums for  The Age of Aquarius 75/174 match with New World Order 75/174

The symmetry is self-evident

In Hamlet's Mill, de Santillana tells us that Frodhi's mill is called " the Crusher" or Grotte.

Grotte in English Reduction = 31 (7+9+6+2+2+5)

Williams Blake's watercolor painting Ancient of Days is clearly a figure representing the Demiurge.

 Blake's "Ancient of Days"
Ancient of Days in English Reduction = 55 (1+5+3+9+5+5+2   6+6   4+1+7+1)
Satan in English Ordinal = 55 (19+1+20+1+14)
Emperor Yu in  English Reduction = 55 (5+4+7+5+9+6+9+0+7+3)

Hesiod tells us that Kronos/Saturn ruled over the Golden Age

Hesiod in English Ordinal = 60 (8+5+19+9+15+4)
Hesiod in English Reduction = 33 (8+5+1+9+6+4)

Berlin in English Ordinal = 60 (2+5+18+12+9+14)
Berlin in English Reduction = 33 (2+5+9+3+9+5)

See this article of more 1897 syncs.

Sue G helped us out with these thoughts. There's some really profound number work in her comment. Thanks, Sue!

Here's the link to the PDF of Hamlet's Mill.